About the Book

Title: Unmade (Entangled #2) 
Published: 2015
Series: Entangled
Swoonworthy Scale: 10

Cover Story: Stellar
BFF Charm: Platinum Edition
Talky Talk: Don’t Panic!
Bonus Factors: Fenchurch & Arthur Dent
Anti-Bonus Factor: The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
Relationship Status: And Another Thing…

Cover Story: Stellar
Yes, this cover is awesome. I like it even more than I liked the last one – this one’s trippy, unusual, and kinda pretty. It looks like the cover of a sci-fi book that could possibly be YA. NAILED IT!

The Deal:

Spoiler alert warning: if you haven’t read Entangled, a) you should! b) I’m about to reveal some stuff, so you’ve been warned!

Cade and the whole gang are back – well, almost all of them, because Xan didn’t make it. Cade is determined to leave Xan and his choice to die behind her, and focus on what she now knows is important: her own life, her friends, and the fate of the human race.

Cade, Lee, Ayumi, & Rennick are in a race across the galaxy to save Cade’s mother, but it quickly becomes apparent that unless they do something – and fast – the entire human race is going to be exterminated by the Unmakers. Cade has to choose between the safety of her best friends and the fate of all the humans in the universe – but with her new-found musical abilities to reach out and connect, she just might be able to save them all…if she doesn’t get everyone killed first, of course.

BFF Charm: Platinum Edition

BFF platinum charm

Ohhhh guys. Guys. I love these characters. I just…I love them. I’m doing that thing where you are sad that they aren’t real. First of all, Cade has actually come a really long way. She’s still the Cade we know and love from Entangled – she’s gritty, she’s take-no-prisoners, and most of all, she’s funny. But now, instead of doing that whole Tough Girl don’t-let-people-in-because-it-hurts act, she’s making a conscious effort to open up her heart and take care of her friends. It feels real, and it makes me want to hug her. You also get a chance to see Cade’s friendships with Lee the spunky Outlaw and soft-hearted, history-loving Ayumi grow and deepen into something that feels really real, with both ups and downs and then more downs and then impossible ups. Ugh. I love these guys.

Swoonworthy Scale: 10

UM. YOU GUYS. So much swoonage!

First of all, Cade and Rennick. Holy cow. What started as a sweet, shy, maybe-maybe-not romance has, shall we say, DEVELOPED. And now, Cade loves Rennick, Rennick is still really good at hiding his feelings (because let’s face it, he’s Rennick, it’s what he does), but they emerge through each and every adventure together, and caring about each other more and more. And Cade is like my romantic hero – no waiting around to be kissed for her! No sir! She thinks there should be some kissing? She will instigate the kissing! And it is H – O – T. And also? Really, really sweet. This is Twue Wove, guys. Lovely.

And then! Lee and Ayumi! I love it when two of my favorite characters get together – especially when you are left breathless at their adorable, overwhelming love for each other. These two are funny, sweet, and will make you believe in Love – anywhere in the Universe. And the swoon is, shall we say, nothing to sneeze at.

Happy sigh.

Talky Talk: Don’t Panic!

I will be honest – this book does not have the same beautiful, lyrical language of the first book – but you know what? It’s appropriate – because where the last book was about growing and developing, this book is about ACTION. Cade and her friends are racing across the universe to save what’s left of humanity, and fighting a war in the middle of everything – a war where they’re hopelessly outgunned, outmanned, and outplanned. Yikes. This is an action book, make no mistake, but I loved every minute of it. And don’t worry, Amy Rose Capetta still had plenty of writing moments that left you feeling punched in the gut with the truth of something (even if that something was occurring on a spaceship light years away).

Bonus Factors: Fenchurch & Arthur Dent

Wesley and Buttercup kissing on horseback from The Princess Bride

I love happy couples – I loved the ups and downs of Cade & Rennick, and I loved the sweet sincerity of Lee & Ayumi. True love, when you come across it, is so uplifting. It’s part of what makes me love these books – a reminder that in the face of total obliteration, humans (and maybe some aliens!) are capable of something truly beautiful.

But even more than that, I love the friendships that we get to see in this book. This time, Cade and the gang face every possible challenge – no easy friendship could withstand these trials, and every time they proved that they could handle it, I cheered.

Which got me some funny looks from my dogs.

Anti-Bonus Factors: The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (i.e., TEABS)

Painting of a woman holding a book lying on a green couch. Called "Decadent young woman. After the dance" by Ramon Casas i Carbó

Goodreads says this is the “page-turning conclusion,” and now I am RACKED with a serious case of the TEABS. NO! IT CAN’T BE OVER! I NEED MORE! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE!!!! [sobbing].

Ok. I’m going to pick up the pieces and get my life together…probably by re-reading.

Relationship Status: And Another Thing…

Book, what can I say. I’m pretty sure we were made for each other. Whether you were making me laugh out loud or getting me teary eyed over the beauty that humans are capable of, I was with you to the end. And now I’m going to try my damndest to make sure everyone reads you.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received my review copy from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I received neither money nor a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster for this review, unfortunately. Unmade is available now. 

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