buffy the vampire slayer

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Buffy S1.E01 “Welcome to the Hellmouth” + S1.E02 “The Harvest”
Buffy S1.E03 “Witch” + S1.E04 “Teacher’s Pet”
Buffy S1.E05 “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date” + S1.E06 “The Pack”
Buffy S1.E07 “Angel” + S1.E08 “I, Robot… You, Jane.”
Buffy S1.E09 “The Puppet Show” + S1.E10 “Nightmares”
Buffy S1.E11 “Out of Mind…Out of Sight” + S1.12 “Prophecy Girl”
Buffy S2.E01 “When She Was Bad” + S2.E02 “Some Assembly Required”
Buffy S2.E03 “School Hard” + S2.E04 “Inca Mummy Girl”
Buffy S2.E05 “Reptile Boy” + S2.E06 “Halloween”
Buffy S2.E07 “Lie to Me” + S2.E08 “The Dark Age”
Buffy S2.E09 “What’s My Line?: Part 1” + S2.E10 “What’s My Line?: Part 2”
Buffy S2.E11 “Ted” + S2.E12 “Bad Eggs”
Buffy S2.E13 “Surprise” + S2.E14 “Innocence”
Buffy S2.E15 “Phases” + S2.E16 “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”
Buffy S2.E17 “Passion” + S2.E18 “Killed by Death”
Buffy S2.E19 “I Only Have Eyes For You” + S2.E20 “Go Fish”
Buffy S2.E21 “Becoming, Part I” + Buffy S2.E22 “Becoming, Part II”
Buffy S3.E01 “Anne” + S3.E02 “Dead Man’s Party”
Buffy S3.E03 “Faith, Hope & Trick” + S3.E04 “Beauty and the Beasts”
Buffy S3.E05 “Homecoming” + S3.06 “Band Candy”
Buffy S3.E07 “Revelations” + S3.E08 “Lovers Walk”
Buffy S3.E09 “The Wish” + S3.E10 “Amends”
Buffy S3.E11 “Gingerbread” + S3.E12 “Helpless”
Buffy S3.E13 “The Zeppo” + S3.E14 “Bad Girls”
Buffy S3.E15 “Consequences” + S3.E16 “Doppelgangland
Buffy S3.E17 “Enemies” + S3.E18 “Earshot”
Buffy S3.E19 “Choices” + S3.E20 “The Prom”
Buffy S3.E21 “Graduation Day, Part 1” + S3.E22 “Graduation Day, Part 2”
Buffy S4.E01 “The Freshman” + S4.E02 “Living Conditions”
Buffy S4.E03 “The Harsh Light of Day” + S4.E04 “Fear Itself”
Buffy S4.E05 “Beer Bad” + S4.E06 “Wild at Heart”
Buffy S4.E07 “The Initiative” + S4.E08 “Pangs”
Buffy S4.E09 “Something Blue” + Buffy S4.E10 “Hush”
Buffy S4.E11 “Doomed” + S4.E12 “A New Man”
Buffy S4.E13 “The I in Team” + S4.E14 “Goodbye Iowa”
Buffy S4.E15 “This Year’s Girl” + S4.E16 “Who Am I?”
Buffy S4.E17 “Superstar” + Buffy S4.E18 “Where the Wild Things Are”
Buffy S4.E19 “New Moon Rising” + S4.E20 “The Yoko Factor”
Buffy S4.E21 “Primeval” + S4.E22 “Restless”
Buffy S5.E01 “Buffy Vs. Dracula” + Buffy S5.E02 “Real Me”
Buffy S5.E03 “The Replacement” + Buffy S5.E04 “Out of My Mind
Buffy S5.E05 “No Place Like Home” + S5.E06 “Family”
Buffy S5.E07 “Fool for Love” + S5.E08 “Shadow”
Buffy S5.E09 “Listening To Fear” + S5.E10 “Into The Woods”
Buffy S5.E11 “Triangle” + Buffy S5.12 “Checkpoint”
Buffy S5.E13 “Blood Ties” + S5.E14 “Crush”
Buffy S5.E15 “I Was Made to Love You” + S5.E16 “The Body”
Buffy S5.E17 “Forever” + Buffy S5.E18 “Intervention”
Buffy S5.E19 “Tough Love” + Buffy S5.E20 “Spiral”
Buffy S5.E21 “The Weight of the World” + S5.E22 “The Gift”
Buffy S6.E01 “Bargaining: Part 1” + S6.E02 “Bargaining: Part 2”
Buffy S6.E03 “After Life” + S6.E04 “Flooded”
Buffy S6.E05 “Life Serial” + Buffy S6.E06 “All the Way”
Buffy S6.E07 “Once More, With Feeling” + S6.E08 “Tabula Rasa”
Buffy S6.E09 “Smashed” + S6.E10 “Wrecked”
Buffy S6.E11 “Gone” + Buffy S6.E12 “Doublemeat Palace”
Buffy S6.E13 “Dead Things” + Buffy S6.E14 “Older and Far Away”
Buffy S6.E15 “As You Were” + S6.E16 “Hell’s Bells”
Buffy S6.E17 “Normal Again” + S6.E18 “Entropy”
Buffy S6.E19 “Seeing Red” + Buffy S6E20 “Villains”
Buffy S6.E21 “Two to Go” + Buffy S6E22 “Grave”
Buffy S7.E01 “Lessons” + S7.E02 “Beneath You”
Buffy S7.E03 “Same Time, Same Place” + S7.E04 “Help”
Buffy S7.E05 “Selfless” + Buffy S7.E06 “Him”
Buffy S7.E07 “Conversations with Dead People” + Buffy S7.E08 “Sleeper”
Buffy S7.E09 “Never Leave Me” + S7.E10 “Bring on the Night”
Buffy S7.E11 “Showtime” + S7.E12 “Potential”
Buffy S7.E13 “The Killer In Me” + Buffy S7.E14 “First Date”
Buffy S7.E15 “Get It Done” + Buffy S7.E16 “Storyteller”
Buffy S7.E17 “Lies My Parents Told Me” + S7.E18 “Dirty Girls”
Buffy S7.E19 “Empty Places” + S7.E20 “Touched”
Buffy S7.E21 “End Of Days” + S7.E22 “Chosen”
A Highly Scientific Analysis of Angel vs. Riley vs. Spike