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Felicity S1.E01 “Pilot” + S1.E02 “The Last Stand”
Felicity S1.E03 “Hot Objects” + S1.E04 “Boggled”
Felicity S1.E05 “Spooked” + S1.E06 “Cheating”
Felicity S1.E07 “Drawing the Line: Part 1” + S1.E08 “Drawing the Line: Part 2”
Felicity S1.E09 “Thanksgiving” + S1.E10 “Finally”
Felicity S1.E13 “Todd Mulcahy: Part 1” + S1.E14 “Todd Mulcahy: Part 2”
Felicity S1.E15 “Love and Marriage” + S1.E16 “The Fugue”
Felicity S1.E17 “Assassins” + S1.E18 “Happy Birthday”
Felicity S1.E19 “Docuventary” + S1.E20 “Connections”
Felicity S1.E21 “The Force” + S1.E22 “Felicity Was Here”
Felicity S2.E01 “Sophomoric” + S2.E02 “The List”
Felicity S2.E03 “Ancient History” + S2.E04 “The Depths”
Felicity S2.E05 “Crash” + S2.E06 “The Love Bug”
Felicity S2.E07 “Getting Lucky” + S2.E08 “Family Affairs”
Felicity S2.E09 “Portraits” + S2.E10 “Great Expectations”
Felicity S2.E11 “Help for the Lovelorn” + S2.E12 “The Slump”
Felicity S2.E13 “Truth or Consequences” + S2.E14 “True Colors”
Felicity S2.E15 “Things Change” + S2.E16 “Revolutions”
Felicity S2.E17 “Docuventary II” + S2.E18 “Party Lines”
Felicity S2.E21 “The Aretha Theory” + S2.E22 “Final Answer”
Felicity S2.E22 “The Biggest Deal There Is”
Felicity S3.E01 “The Christening”
Felicity S3.E02 “The Anti-Natalie Intervention” + S3.E03 “Hello, I Must Be Going”
Felicity S3.E04 “Greeks and Geeks” + S3.E05 “Surprise”
Felicity S3.E06 “One Ball, Two Strikes” + S3.E07 “Kissing Mr. Covington”
Felicity S3.E08 “A Good Egg” + S3.E09 “James and the Giant Piece”
Felicity S3.E10 “Final Touches” + S3.E11 “And To All A Good Night”
Felicity S3.E12 “Girlfight” + S3.E13 “Blackout”
Felicity S3.E14 “The Break-Up Kit” + S3.E15 “Senioritis”
Felicity S4.E01 “The Declaration” + S4.E02 “My Best Friend’s Wedding”
Felicity S4.E03 “Your Money or Your Wife” + S4.E04 “Miss Conception”
Felicity S4.E05 “Boooz” + S4.E06 “Oops…Noel Did It Again”
Felicity S4.E07 “The Storm” + S4.E08 “The Last Thanksgiving”
Felicity S4.E09 “Moving On” + S4.E10 “Fire”
Felicity S4.E11 “A Perfect Match” + S4.E12 “Future Shock”
Felicity S4.E13 “Kiss And Tell” + S4.E14 “Raising Arizona”
Felicity S4.E15 “The Paper Chase” + S4.E16 “Ben Don’t Leave”
Felicity S4.E17 “The Graduate” + S4.E18 “Time Will Tell”
Felicity S4.E19 “The Power of the Ex” + S4.E20 “Spin the Bottle”
Felicity S4.E21 “Felicity Interrupted” + S4.E22 “Back to the Future”
A Highly Scientific Analysis of Ben vs. Noel