Title: To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys #2)
Released: 2020

Two years ago, the highly scientific community was abuzz with excitement over the discovery of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before adaptation as an instant teen rom-com Hall of Famer. But has the long-anticipated sequel lived up to the lofty expectations set by the original? To answer that, we’ll have to step into the FYA laboratory for a highly scientific analysis! (Spoilers ahead, obvi.)

The Official FYA To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Drinking Game

Take a drink whenever:

  • You die of cute because of Lara Jean and Peter
  • You die of cute because of Lara Jean and John Ambrose
    • Make it a double when it’s a flashback
  • Lara Jean is annoyed at Kitty
  • Lara Jean’s dad is terrible at flirting
  • You want to live at Belleview

Take a shot whenever:

  • Lara Jean and Peter are being knuckleheads with each other
  • You change your allegiances between Team Peter and Team John
  • Stormy wonders why anyone would form a club over an activity that you do alone and you think of your book club, LOL
  • You wonder why an expert baker like Lara Jean always ends up with flour on her face

Raise your glass to toast:

  • JENNY HAN SIGHTING (she’s the teacher consoling a student during the Valentine’s Day cafeteria scene)
  • These movies continuing to promote sexual health and awareness (this time, with Chris’ engine-revving talk)

P.S. I Still Love the Cast

Lana Condor as Lara Jean

Lovely as ever, of course. She also has such a soothing voice for the voiceovers; someone should really try to get her for an audiobook or more voice work. (Lana Condor for all the things!)

Noah Centineo as Peter

A decided lack of “whoa whoa whoa”, and I think the He-Man physique is starting to show? Anyway, Peter is so good at doing the right thing at the right time (e.g., the first date), and a lot of that has to be credited to Noah Centineo’s charm (as we’re all well aware of).

Jordan Fisher as John Ambrose McClaren

As we speculated when his casting was first announced, Jordan Fisher was PERFECT. And he played the piano! John Ambrose McClaren IS Mr. Steal Your Girl — but in a respectful, non-fuckboi way. (That dreamy smile, UGH SWOON.)

Sarayu Blue as Mrs. Rothschild Trina

I’ve seen her as a breezy lady with a dad love interest so often lately (I Feel BadThe Unicorn, and this), which seems to be her current brand — and she does it very well.

Holland Taylor as Stormy

She’s not quite how I imagined (i.e., even more of a mouthy broad), but I’m growing to like her more upon rewatch. Although how she rolls her eyes at political correctness makes me feel like I wouldn’t be happy about her voting record.

Ross Butler as Trevor

Trevor didn’t make much of an impression on me in the books, but I will always welcome more screen time with Original Reggie.

P.S. I Still Love Observations

  • Lara Jean’s love of ’80s movies is alive and well with the homage to Adventures in Babysitting (which I had to be clued into since I’ve never seen it, so thanks for that, Kitty).

  • LARA JEAN AND KITTY IN HANBOKS. And also a Blackpink song! (“Kill This Love”, when LJ is gearing up for Peter’s game, although edited down to one line in Korean.) Love the nods to Korean culture!

  • And actually, I totally forgot to mention it in the first go-around, but all the music choices in these movies are A+++.


  • HOLY SHIZZ, Belleview is fancy af. It’s a swanky old folks’ home with an Instagram aesthetic and bottomless Bloody Marys. What’s not to love?!?!?

  • Related: the sets are exquisite, especially in the hallway scene with the butterflies when LJ tells Peter about John Ambrose’s letter, and obvi the Belleview Star Ball.

  • Cry count upon first viewing: SEVERAL times each, in my sample size of two emotionally fragile women in their thirties. (The scenes that really got me were Stormy and Lara Jean at the Star Ball, and the “Break my heart, Covey” speech.)

  • Chris and Trevor’s flirtation/burgeoning romance is super cute. I initially assumed that Peter sent Trevor the BSB singing Valentine — to add insult to injury that Peter didn’t send one to LJ, because I’m apparently very cynical — but my friend thought it was from Chris? Although Chris said she was purposely avoiding a cappella by eating in woodshop. (Where Trevor did show up, so the Chris theory still has legs.)

  • Not that everyone must have a high school relationship, BUT: Lucas totally needs a boyfriend! Ugh, I hope these movies don’t end without him finding a cute boy to feed him ice cream sandwiches. (It’s what he deserves!!!)

P.S. I Still Love Adaptations

  • As with the first movie, the sequel nails it in adapting the book — right down to the frustration with Lara Jean and Peter, and also the perfect amount of John Ambrose McClaren that leaves you wanting MORE MORE MORE. (I keep on using ‘perfect’ in relation to JAM, but he really is. And he has to be, in order to peel off members from Team Peter.)

  • Although I’m a little bummed that the Belleview party wasn’t USO themed, thereby depriving us all of Jordan Fisher wearing a soldier’s uniform and driving a red Mustang. And also Lana Condor in victory rolls, which you know she’d rock. (Just look at how much she’s working those headbands!)

  • I deliberately don’t reread books before watching adaptations (I’m not a stickler for exact replications), so I forgot about the Assassins game with the middle school crew, which admittedly might have been too much to fit in. But I’m glad there was room for the time capsule and the Gen reconciliation, because I always loved how their subplot was about way more than Peter drama.

  • Also in understandable streamlining changes: John Ambrose’s connection to Belleview is no longer his step-great-grandmother Stormy, but just a big ol’ coincidence of how much he and Lara Jean have in common.

  • Speaking of letter recipients: JOSH WHO LOL. I completely forgot about his existence until Fakesgiving and OH YEAH, he was definitely more around in the books.

P.S. I Still Love Conclusions

Obviously YES I LOVED IT. Honestly, this team really gets these books and how to bring them to life. I don’t know if I’ve gained any clarity re: Peter vs. John Ambrose; I’ve always felt that I love John Ambrose, but Lara Jean loves Peter and that’s why he’s the right choice, and the movie hasn’t dissuade me from that. Hearts are messy and irrational, so it doesn’t matter if someone is perfect if they’re not perfect for you. (Is she going to look back on it one day and wonder what could have been? Maybe, but that’s perhaps veering a little too jaded for a teen rom-com.)

What did y’all think of P.S. I Still Love You? Team Peter or Team John? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

P.S. I Still Love You is now streaming on Netflix.

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