Title: Game of Thrones S2.E06 “The Old Gods and the New”
Released: 2012
Series:  Game of Thrones

Number of Times Mom Would Have TOTALLY Made Me Stop Watching: 1

Happy Monday afternoon!  You are officially halfway through your Monday!  Congratulations! And now it’s time for a coffee break and Game of Thrones reaction post to get you through the rest of the day!  After last weeks revelation of Gendry’s abs other things that weren’t Gendry’s abs, I think the number of ladies talking about this show tripled.  So hurray for the ladies!

Below are my thoughts about last night’s episode, and I can’t wait to hear your opinions in the comments.

What Happened

“Prince” Theon Greyjoy storms Winterfell?  And stomps around like the petulant little brother we know him to be.  Sir Rodrick calls him the twat that he’s become, and he beheads him.  To prove a point.  And despite pleas from Bran.  Jon Snow is rangering, and it would appear that Ghost is on to something.  Arya is almost having fun with Tywin’s war council, but then Littlefinger visits, and she’s so nervous she spills wine on him.  Silly Arya, Littlefinger won’t just expose you right then and there!  He’ll hold on to that information until he thinks it can benefit him the most.  Jon Snow and the rangers come upon a group of Wildlings, and make short work of them, except for a girl names Ygritte, and it’s Gwen!  I thought she left Downton to become a secretary, not a Wildling.  Jon Snow has a hard time killing her, and she gets away, leading him away from the rest of the rangers!  Joffrey is walking around being a twerp, and the people of King’s Landing riot!  Tyrion tries to make sure that Sansa is saved, but Joffrey is too busy throwing a temper tantrum.  Tyrion slaps him, and there is great rejoicing in the land.  But Sandor Clegane saves Sansa from being raped.  Arya almost has a heart to heart with Tywin, but she steals a scroll with Our Robb’s name on it, and gets caught with it!  She names the man who caught her to Jaqen H’ghar, who kills him for her before he can report her to Tywin.  Our Robb is boosting morale in his camp, but he’s really looking for the lady medic.  They flirt a bit, but are interrupted by Catelyn’s return.  Mooooommm!  Then they get the note from Winterfell.  Jon Snow and Gwen have to huddle together for warmth come nightfall, and she wiggles her ass to try to, er, get a rise out of him.  Our Robb is distressed about Theon’s twatdom, and wants to rush to Winterfell, but one of his advisors suggests that he send someone else.  Meanwhile Theon gets it on with Tonks, who then slits his guard’s throat and escapes with Bran and the other little Stark.  Go Tonks!  Daenerys is frustrated that no one in Quarth is taking her seriously, but that pales in comparison to her discovering that someone has killed all of her people and stolen her dragons!

12-Year-Old Jenny

General Impressions

I totally high-fived myself when Tyrion smacked Joffrey!  Ugh!  This episode was full of brats.  I can’t believe I ever liked that Theon Greyjoy.  So now what’s going to happen to Jon Snow?!!!!  I mean, maybe he’ll end up JOINING the Wildlings, and becoming their king, and leading them against the White Walkers or something, or at least saving everyone else south of the Wall when the White Walkers attack.  That would be SO cool!  He could ride in at the last minute, with like the music from The Man From Snowy River playing in the background. *Sigh*  That would be awesome.  Also I’m worried about the baby dragons.

Number of times Mom would have TOTALLY made me stop watching: 1, definitely, with a probability of at least three times that she would have at least yelled at me to close my eyes.

Adult Jenny

General Impressions

I totally high-fived my husband when Tyrion smacked Joffrey.  And Tonks has pretty much slapped Twat Greyjoy in the face by sneaking away with the little Starks, so I’m pleased about that.  It was also nice to see Tyrion’s girlfriend being smart for once.  I don’t know when she and Sansa became friendly, but I approve.  Sansa needs someone she can complain to.  Arya was kiling it tonight.  Killing. It.  And while I keenly felt the absence of Gendry, I was very pleased that we got so much of Our Robb being Our Robb and of Jon Snow in his new romantic comedy, It’s Cold Up Here!

Best Scene

I kind of feel like it was a tie, because Tyrion’s whole scene berating Joffrey for being cruel and an idiot, culminating in the slap cheered ’round the world was beautiful, as always.  But then EVERY scene Arya was in was amazing, with her interaction with Jaqen H’ghar — where he tells her that he cannot kill the man until it’s time, and then the man knocks on Tywin’s door, only to fall through it, a poisoned dart in his neck — ranking at the top.


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