Title: Class S1.E03 “Nightvisiting”
Released: 2017
Series:  Class

Previously, on ClassThe kids battle a dragon, who just so happens to be the mate of the dragon tattoo (?) on Ram’s football coach; Miss Quill makes a move on a guy, who just so happens to be a robot belonging to a mysterious organization called The Governors.

Class is in Session

A flashback shows the good times with Tanya’s family, which end with her father dying from a stroke. Two years later (and in the present), the family honors their missing loved one. As she’s crying, alone in her room … her father appears. He tries to get her to believe it’s really him, but she thinks he’s a figment of her grief. As she leaves the room, she doesn’t notice the creepy umbilical cord connecting him to the temporal rip back at Coal Hill. She goes to talk with her mom and thinks she’s sleeping, but she’s actually wrapped up in a separate bit of the cord.

Matteusz shows up at Charlie’s, looking for a place to crash because his parents kicked him out. A knock on the door disturbs Miss Quill’s reading time, but when she opens the door, no one’s there. Until, that is, she turns around and sees someone from her past—someone who is dead—sitting at the kitchen table. Ram experiences something similar when Rachel shows up in his room.

Tanya’s dad and Miss Quill’s sister explain that they’re the Lan Kin, creatures who supposedly look after and shepherd souls, getting energy in return. They try to talk Tanya and Miss Quill into taking their hands, thereby ensuring that their souls will be able to find each other later, but the ladies are rightly skeptical. Outside of his house, Ram sees the cords running all throughout the city. He cuts one, and it heals immediately. He then discovers that a lot of people have been attacked by the cords, and goes to April for help.

When Charlie and Matteusz come down from his room, Miss Quill’s finally able to attack. Together, they figure out that Miss Quill’s sister is just an appendage of a larger creature, the main appendage of which is going after Tanya. Ram and April show up at Tanya’s in the nick of time, but the creature knocks them down and wraps them tight. Miss Quill, Charlie and Matteusz arrive, and attempt to hack their way in. Tanya tricks the creature, making it think she’s giving in, and instead poisons it with her anger. And when Miss Quill hurts it even further by ramming it with a bus, it retreats back through the crack.

Pop Quiz!

  • Fake Rachel moves like something out of a horror film!

  • April’s father was terrible!

  • Ram didn’t get someone’s blood and guts all over him this episode!

Open Your Textbooks

I can see how the Lan Kin would make seriously tempting arguments. If the person I missed most in life, who meant the most to me in life, showed up offering me solace, I might be hard pressed to say no.

Most Likely/Least Likely to Succeed

Winner: Tanya. Not only is she smarter than all of her friends, she’s smarter than aliens who are obviously used to getting their way.

Loser: Miss Quill. I know she got herself into the mess she’s in, but Charlie’s parents weren’t all that nice (it seems), and I’m not so sure she wasn’t fighting for a worthy cause. Plus, she’s super helpful to those kids, and they totally take her for granted.

Take Notes

Ram: “That’s not even the third weirdest thing I’ve seen this month.”

Matteusz: “Do you often see your parents after sex?”

Miss Quill: “Get a very big knife. No, wait. Get two.”

Miss Quill: “No one disgraces the memory of my sister by making her nice.”
Charlie: “By the way, Matteusz lives with us now.”
Miss Quill: “Whatever.”

Do Your Homework

  • Is Matteusz and Charlie’s relationship feeling a bit too insta-love for anyone else? (That aside, I’m impressed that the BBC has sex scenes between a gay couple on a teen show. You go, BBC. America should really take some cues from you.)

  • Are Ram and April a thing now?

  • Will we see more from The Governors soon?

Let’s take it to the comments.


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