Title: Class S1.E04 “Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart”
Released: 2017
Series:  Class

Previously, on ClassDead loved ones return to “make peace” with the living, but they’re merely figments created by an entity who needs human grief to power itself.

Class is in Session

In the Shadow Kin realm, one of Corakinus’s minion’s tries to anchor Corakinus’s heart in his chest, stopping it from traveling back and forth from him to April. Thankfully for her, it doesn’t work. On Earth, April finds herself in possession of a Shadow Kin blade and some pretty impressive (and unexpected) healing powers.

Charlie reveals the truth of the Cabinet of Souls to Matteusz after finding him snooping around. Matteusz is rightfully worried, particularly about the whole “using it as a weapon” bit. And he particularly doesn’t love the other use: killing an entire species to bring the Rhodians back to life.

At school, Ms. Anes, the new head teacher, approaches Miss Quill and says that the governors are impressed with her. Later, Miss Quill goes to talk with her, and Anes has a lot more information about both she and Charlie than she should have. Anes asks Quill for help with the mysterious carnivorous blossoms, in exchange for removing the ahn from her head.

April’s connection with Corakinus continues to grow stronger, and begins to affect her personality. She and Ram discuss it, and decide to bring in the rest of the crew. But then her father, having just gotten out of prison, appears. He tries to make amends, but he frightens her—and the Shadow Kin blades appear. April threatens him to get him to go away, and he runs.

Ram and April head back to April’s house, and one thing leads to sexy times. April’s racing heart affects Corakinus, and he can’t resist having some sexy times himself. As Ram and April are about to call the rest of the group to fill them in, April’s mother walks into her room. After her mom grills the two of them about what happened, Ram spills the beans about April’s dad. Ram leaves, and April tries to go after him, but her dad’s right outside the gate.

At the same time, Kharrus tries another anchor on Corakinus, and it brings the two closer, but seemingly still doesn’t work. April’s dad shows up, and she attacks him, drunk on Corakinus’s power. Corakinus kills Kharrus, but April is merciful with her dad. The two quickly realize that Kharrus actually succeeded, and Corakinus makes plans to go to Earth. But April decides to take the fight to him, and she and Ram slip through a crack straight into the Shadow Kin realm.

Pop Quiz!

  • When April stabbed her hands into her mom’s chest, I definitely wasn’t expecting that to heal her.

  • April and Ram taking the fight to the Shadow Kin!

Open Your Textbooks

We didn’t learn much about the carnivorous blossoms, other than that Ms. Anes thinks they’re all doomed because of them. Also: they’re hungry

Most Likely/Least Likely to Succeed

Winner: April. I’m really impressed at how believably she’s gone from somewhat milquetoast at the start of the series to total badass. She’s no Octavia Blake, but she’s certainly making strides.

Loser: Charlie. He just doesn’t see how he’s being problematic—both with the Cabinet of Souls and his treatment of Miss Quill—even though Matteusz and Tanya are trying to get him to see. It can be hard to overcome hardwired beliefs, but he maybe should try a little harder to see others’ valid viewpoints?

Take Notes

Ram’s dad: “I don’t like the thought of you facing anything alone. We’ll always fight for you, and with you, if you’ll let us.”

Ram: “The Shadow Kin wants your heart, and that’s one battleground where I can guarantee you he’s gonna lose.”

April: “That’s so cheesy.”

Corakinus: “I don’t suppose … we could have a moment of cuddling?”

Do Your Homework

  • What’s Anes’s angle? Why are the Governors so interested in Miss Quill?

  • How will Miss Quill be able to battle the blooms?

  • Will April and Ram be able to survive in the Shadow Kin realm?

  • Will April really be able to hold her own against Corakinus?

  • Was this moment between Matteusz and Tanya not the cutest thing ever?

Now that we’re halfway through the series, I’m still not sold on if I actually like this show or not. Are you watching? Should I keep recapping? Let me know in the comments!


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