Title: Doctor Who S9.E07 “The Zygon Invasion”
Released: 2015
Series:  Doctor Who

Previously on Doctor WhoThe Doctor meets up with Ashildr, centuries after saving her life, and finds her to be a much-changed woman—one who wants so badly to escape it that she’s willing to believe the sob story of an alien from another dimension and forget she ever felt compassion.

The world is in peril yet again, but Osgood is back, y’all! So things are definitely looking up.

Here We Go Again

Thanks to the actions of the Tenth, Eleventh, and, uh, Eight and a Halfth Doctors, 20 million Zygons have been living “peacefully” among us for a few years. But a certain faction decided that they’re tired of living concealed, and would rather kill all humans and have the world for themselves. The Doctor can’t have that, of course, and so makes his way to save Osgood (one of a hybrid Zygon-Human duo, it turns out, the other having been killed by Missy) and negotiate a new cease-fire. But the Zygons’ plan is far more advanced than anyone suspected, and even Clara and Kate Stewart aren’t immune from their wiles.


Well, I certainly didn’t see Doppleganger!Clara/Bonnie coming.

(If you did, please just pretend like I wasn’t paying as good of attention as I should have been, rather than that I am just oblivious.)

Don’t Blink or We’ll Exterminate

Out of the myriad of Doctor Who villains, I think the Zygons scare me the most. (Yes, even more so than the Angels or the Silence, who are both terrifying.) It’s not that they’re more violent or more frightening than others, it’s that they can so easily look like us; the fact that people we know and love could be preparing to kill us off at any moment.

(I know from much crime procedural-watching experience that, apparently, our friends and loved ones could be preparing to kill us off at any moment, Zygon or not. But I think you know what I mean.)

We’re All Stories

Winner: Osgood. Hurrah for bringing the fan avatar back! Hurrah for her getting to have a stronger personality, too.

Loser: Humanity. We’re constantly getting invaded … but we’re kind of jerks, so maybe we deserve some of it?

Words from the Madman

Doctor: “Hey Monster High and Cinderella. Down off the monkey bars. We’ve got to talk.”

Doctor: “You operate it by titivating the fronds.”
Clara: “Are you enjoying that?”
Doctor: “I snogged a Zygon once. Old habits.”

Clara: “I thought you didn’t like being President of the World?”
Doctor: “No, but I like poncing about on a big plane.”

Doctor: “I’m the President of the World. I’m here to rescue people, and generally establish happiness all over the place.”

Doctor: “I’ve got question mark underpants.”
Osgood: “Makes one wonder what the question is.”

Keep Moving

I feel like this episode went by in a hurry. Lots happened, but none of it was exactly mind-blowing, up until the end. (Which seems like the general M.O. of this series, truthfully.) I’m very interested to see what happens next week, however, particularly what comes of Bonnie’s bazooka-ing.

But, what did you think of “The Zygon Invasion”? Let’s discuss in the comments.


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