Title: Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong
Released: 2015

Fix: Hopeful Romantics who are the Right People at the Wrong Time
Platforms: fuboTV, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount+, EPIX, Roku, Hoopla, VUDU, Tubi TV, Redbox

Netflix Summary:

A Chinese American visitor and an American expat who spent a night together in Hong Kong reconnect a year later and start falling for each other.

FYA Summary:

Sometimes meet-cutes don’t end on a cute note. Such is the case of Josh and Ruby, a New Yorker living in Hong Kong and a Los Angelean on a business trip, respectively. But when fate leads them together a year later, they decide to give each other another chance.

Familiar Faces:

Bryan Greenberg as Josh

I’ve had a little crush on Bryan since we first met in One Tree Hill, on which he played the adorable and soulful Jake Jaglieski. (Jake made more of an impression on me in his 26 episodes than any of the other dudes with their 150+.) Josh isn’t nearly as adorable or sweet as Jake, but I could see Jake growing up, getting a little jaded and more cynical, and becoming someone very much like Josh.

And, sadly, for anyone who’s a fan of Bryan’s musical prowess (like I am), Josh does no singing whatsoever in this movie.

Jamie Chung as Ruby

Jamie Chung can be a total badass (see: Once Upon a Time’s Mulan) and a really strong character, personality-wise. Unfortunately Ruby is neither. When she’s not being snarky in a mean way, she just seems bored with everything (even when we’re supposed to believe she’s falling head over heels).

Couch-Sharing Capability: Low

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong is, well, not a great movie. It tries to refresh some well-worn romance tropes without actually bringing anything new to the table, and ends abruptly without a severe lack of resolution. (I’m sure the filmmakers were trying to leave it open-ended so that we viewers could make up our own ending however we saw fit, but when a movie ends and your first thought is, “wait, that’s really it?”, it’s probably not a good thing.) I wouldn’t recommend this to bring life to your next party or even to bring life to a typical Tuesday night.

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Break Out the Bottles

A theme of Josh and Ruby’s meetings seems to be getting drinks, so you should totally follow their formula and get a few drinks of your own. You’re going to need ‘em.

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Do Not Add to List

It can be hard to carry a movie by yourself (or with only the help of one other person), and it’s even more difficult to carry a romantic movie when you have little chemistry with said one other person. Such is the sad case of Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. Add to the lack of chemistry the loose plot, somewhat boring characters, awkward music choices and that super abrupt ending, and you’re much better off skipping this one.


Mandy (she/her) is a manager at a tech company who lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, son, and dogs. She loves superheroes and pretty much any show or movie with “Star” in the name.