The main characters in multi-colored boxes


Title: Girl Most Likely
Released: 2012

Fix: Quirky Comedies, Weird Families, Much Younger Love Interest Bearing Strikingly Defined Abs
Platforms: AppleTV (Rent), Roku (stream)

Official Summary:

After staging an unsuccessful suicide to get her boyfriend’s attention, a struggling playwright moves back home to live with her mother and two men.

FYA Summary:

Imogene’s totally in love with her Dutch boyfriend; in fact, he says their souls are bonded. So when he unceremoniously dumps her at a restaurant, she can’t believe it’s over. What’s a girl to do, except put on her prettiest nightgown, do her hair and makeup, and stage her own suicide?

Only, whoops – her boyfriend doesn’t show up to save her and profess his love. Instead, a girlfriend shows up and calls 911, then runs away. Imogene is okay, but then she released from the hospital into her mother’s care, loses her apartment, her mother is dating a buffoon who claims to be CIA, and her childhood bedroom is being rented out to some strange guy.

The movie is character-driven for the most part – it’s basically Imogene’s journey off her high horse, going from big city playwright to realizing that her Ocean City, NJ roots aren’t quite so humiliating after all.


Familiar Faces:

Kristen Wiig as Imogene

Annette Bening as Zelda, Imogene’s mother

Matt Dillon as Zelda’s CIA boyfriend

Darren Criss as Lee, the hot love interest

Natasha Lyonne as Imogene’s brother’s love interest

Couch-Sharing Capability: Decent

This movie doesn’t possess the laugh-out-loud comedy that something like, say, Easy A provides – but it’s still pretty funny. 

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Medium

Again, the humor isn’t terribly overt, and half the genius consists of watching Annette Bening and Kristen Wiig use their facial expressions to react to each other. A glass or two of wine will put you in the giggle zone without causing you to miss anything.

I will say, though, that there is one laugh-out-loud, groan-inducing, watch-through-your-fingers moment when Darren Criss’ character gets on stage to perform. Save some wine for that.

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Good

Case closed.

This one isn’t for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Near the end, the plot veers off into some amazing levels of absurdity, yet remains pretty charming. I have to say that while Darren Criss never did anything for me before, watching him in this movie (the hair! The twinkly eyes! The abs!) made me IMDB him as soon as it was over. Definitely check it out if you need something quirky, with eye candy, and a family that would make anyone’s look functional.