3 women from the show smile at the viewer on a light blue background


Title: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (Season #1)
Released: 2014

Fix: Female Friendships, The Indignities of Dating, Fabulous Wardrobes
Platforms: AppleTV (buy)

Official Summary:

When her love life falls apart, both her public persona and business model need a major makeover.

FYA Summary:

Abby is a self-help writer in LA who has made a nice living from selling her Girlfriends’ Guide series, tackling topics from marriage to child rearing. On the surface, she’s got it all, but behind the scenes, her marriage is falling apart. Somehow, with the help of some new friends at her childrens’ school, she’s got to navigate a pending divorce, the small (or big) humiliations of dating after marriage, and repair her tattered reputation.

Along for the ride are Lyla, a brusque attorney who only likes her own children, Phoebe, a former model whose ex-husband still wants to sleep with her, Delia, an unmarried lawyer and Lyla’s work rival, and Jo, a bakery owner with a mouth bigger than she is tall.

It totally works for this YA-loving audience, though, because even though almost every character has a kid and a career, they’re still suffering through the same high school crap that dogs us all.

Familiar Faces:

Lisa Edelstein as Abby

Anyone here watch House? Dr. Cuddy is a far cry from Abby.

Janeane Garafolo as Lyla

Paul Adelstein as Jake

Did you know this Private Practice/Scandal alum is married to Paris, aka Liza Weil? I did not! Thanks, IMDB.

Couch-Sharing Capability: Grab Your Bestie

My mom actually got me started on this show, and I can attest that it does make for some good shared TV time (especially with champagne). I had brushed it off during commercials as silly, thinking it was an “omg shoes and yogurt, amirite girlfriend?!” sort of deal, but when I sat down with her to actually watch it, I was hooked. It’s funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes sexy, and the dating/friendship situations ring true at any age or marital status. Plus, I’m all for women in their forties and beyond being shown as career women and objects of desire. It reminds me of Younger in that sexy wish-fulfillment sort of way, although with a distinctly West Coast feeling and far less deception.

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Medium

It seems like the ladies of this show are constantly at some sort of fancy party (they’re all basically rich and have enviable closets, too), so I see no reason for you to abstain.

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Do It!

Netflix exists for you to take a chance on shows like this — and then binge watch if you end up liking it. With only 13 episodes in the first season, and the second currently airing, it’s low-commitment. Every character has their chance at being horrible and annoying, but they always redeem themselves eventually, and the relationship issues are never presented as one-sided. Go on now, your couch is singing its siren song…