Title: Gregory’s Girl
Released: 1981

Fix: Quirky Teen Comedy
Platform: Netflix

Happy Thursday everyone! How is your day going? Mine is a complete disaster, because I’m moving to Scotland next week and have to pack ALL the things, but instead I’ve been watching Scottish movies on Netflix to prepare myself for my future inability to understand anything anyone around me is saying. And while I cannot warn against The Decoy Bride strongly enough (don’t let David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald’s charm fool you), there are some gems in there, too. So welcome back to our newest feature: Stream It. Last week, Sarah told us all about Just Peck, and indie teen comedy about an awkward teenage boy who has a crush on a much hotter, unattainable teenage girl. And this week, I’m here to tell you about Gregory’s Girl, an indie teen comedy about an awkward teenage boy who has a crush on a much hotter, unattainable teenage girl! Bad timing, I know. But really, you should watch this! Let me tell you why.

Netflix Summary:

This coming-of-age tale centers on an awkward Scottish teenager who becomes infatuated with a pretty tomboy who plays on his football team.

FYA Summary:

Gregory is a awkward Scottish teenager who’s completely rubbish at football. When his coach decides to replace his position with the significantly more talented Dorothy, he falls in insta-love with her. His adorable little sister, Madeleine, tries to help him woo Dorothy, while his friends offer their own brand of advice. Hijinx ensue. If you’re British, then you have probably already seen (and loved, I hope!) this movie. Danny Boyle even used a clip from it in his weird, time-traveling, cell-phone fueled, youth-of-today-inspired club scene at the Olympics opening ceremony. Apparently it’s a classic! Also a random kid in a penguin suit wanders around in the background of a bunch of scenes and it’s hilarious.

Familiar Faces:

John Gordon Sinclair as Gregory

This is a stretch but you miiiight have seen John Gordon Sinclair in some other Bill Forsyth movies, such as Local Hero. On the whole, though, I didn’t recognize most of the actors in this movie.

Except! Except except except!

Clare Grogan as Susan

Clare Grogan is in this! Who is Clare Grogan, you ask? Well, you might have seen her in some other random shit, like playing Mini’s mom in the third generation of Skins or from that one episode of Father Ted. But more importantly, she was the lead singer of Altered Images, creators of MY FAVORITE BIRTHDAY SONG OF ALL TIME:

You have no idea how excited I was to discover this obscure piece of trivia.

Couch-Sharing Capability: Maximum

I watched this with my mom, dad, and a friend from high school, and everyone loved it. In fact, if you watch this with someone and they don’t love it, you should probably stop being their friend immediately. This is a legitimately good movie, and EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO.

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Irrelevant

You can enjoy this movie whether you are stone-cold sober or have just downed an entire box of champ cans by yourself.

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Excellent

We watch a lot of cheesy things around here and enjoy them for all their campy goodness, but this is not one of those things! This is a legitimately sweet, funny, and wonderful movie, with just the right balance silliness. It doesn’t take itself seriously, yet is completely sincere in a way that anyone who has ever been a teenager can relate to. So get ready to spend your Thursday night with Gregory’s Girl. You can thank me later.


Alix is a writer and illustrator who spends way too much time reading Jane Austen retellings of varying quality.