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Title: In Your Eyes
Released: 2014

Fix: Magical Realism Romance
Platforms: Not currently available for streaming (as of 2022)

Official Summary:

Two strangers on opposite ends of the country have a telepathic bond that lets each one see what the other sees, a deep connection that leads to love.

FYA Summary:

Rebecca and Dylan live thousands of miles apart, but that doesn’t stop them from making a deep connection—through a unexplained telepathic bond. At first, the two seem like they’re from two different worlds, but they forge a bond that goes beyond just being able to hear each other inside their heads.

Life’s not always easy when you’re watching someone else live it, however, especially when you want nothing more to be there for the other person, but it’s practically impossible to do so.

Familiar Faces:

Michael Stahl-David as Dylan Kershaw

I’m not really familiar with Michael’s other roles, but I did watch Cloverfield again lately, and so his face is fresh in my mind. According to these two roles, he plays a really good “regular guy” and more than decent boyfriend.

Steve Harris as Giddons

Steve plays a parole officer in In Your Eyes. It seems like he frequently plays this sort of role, so perhaps it’s typecasting, but I really like him as the stern authority figure.

Mark Feuerstein as Phillip Porter

I’m sure I’ve seen Mark in loads of other things before, but—to be quite honest—he’s not that memorable. Also, I kind of feel bad for Phillip, but Mark plays him in a way that made me dislike him from the start, so I don’t mind that he kind of gets screwed over in the end.

Steve Howey as Bo Soames

It seems like Steve always plays the kind of stupid, kind of douchey character, and Bo is no exception. I would like to see him in a different role. (Has he ever played a different role?)

David Gallagher as Lyle Soames

It took me until the end credits to realize that Lyle was played by David. So I suppose that means he plays the quasi-redneck, white-trashy younger brother role really well.

Jennifer Grey as Diane

Jennifer’s not in the movie very long, but I can say that the role of Diane—an older, wealthy woman who enjoys snarky gossip—is a far cry from Dirty Dancing’s Baby Houseman and Ferris’ sister.

Nikki Reed as Donna

The character of Donna is a sweet girl, and Nikki plays her well. Her attempt at a southern-ish accent leaves something to be desired, however.

Cress Williams as Jake

I saw you Cress! You thought you’d just sneak by in your tiny role as Dylan’s boss at the car wash, but I spotted you. Don’t be such a jerk next time, though.

Richard Riehle as Mr. Padgham

Richard was in the movie for all of a minute, so there’s not much to compare to his other roles. But he’s definitely a familiar face.

Couch-Sharing Capability: Medium

In Your Eyes is a quiet, sweet movie, but it never lost my attention. There’s also a really hot, really swoony scene, so I’d suggest watching this with people you’re comfortable watching that sort of scene around (i.e., not your parents or your children).

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Bring Out the Champ Cans

In Your Eyes would be a great movie to watch during a girl’s night in. It’s not one to get sloshed to, but would be great paired with a few cans of champers and a cheese plate. (I did not have either of those things while I was watching, but I now wish I had.)

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Great

Honestly, the main reason I keep my Netflix account is to find movies like this one, movies I might never have heard of otherwise. In Your Eyes has a really unique—if a little morally questionable—story, and two leads who aren’t well known, but really do their roles justice. They also have fabulous chemistry, even though they spend most of the movie in two different states. In Your Eyes made my heart happy.


Mandy (she/her) is a manager at a tech company who lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, son, and dogs. She loves superheroes and pretty much any show or movie with “Star” in the name.