Title: Nate & Margaret
Released: 2012

Fix: Zigazig-Ha
Platform: Prime Video

Netflix Summary:

In this quirky comedy, the odd-couple friendship between Nate, a young, gay film student, and Margaret, a 50-something eccentric, takes center stage. Trouble arrives in the form of Nate’s first lover, who doesn’t quite “get” Margaret.

FYA Summary:

Nate and Margaret’s friendship may baffle everyone they know, but it works for them. Nate is super supportive of Margaret’s dream of being a stand-up comedian, and she’s just as encouraging of his filmmaking aspirations. And you know how one of the cardinal rules of BFFdom is “if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends”? Nate’s new boyfriend def. didn’t get the memo, and the comfy dynamic between the besties gets flipped-turned upside down.

Familiar Faces:

Tyler Ross as Nate

I’d invite Nate into my pants, if only he didn’t share my interest in boys. Nate’s earnest adorableness almost made me overlook how he’s actually a pretty shitty BFF for most of the movie. It’s too bad that Tyler Ross missed the wave of Michael Cera-ish roles in the late ’00s, because dude would have CLEANED UP. (Case in point: he played the Jesse Eisenberg character in the Zombieland TV pilot.)

Natalie West as Margaret

At first, Margaret kind of annoyed me. She just seemed so clueless and dependent and clingy. But Natalie West (Crystal on Roseanne) makes her so endearing. Margaret doesn’t let cringeworthy setbacks hold her down, and I was fistpumping for her by the end. 

Gaby Hoffman as Darla

Contrary to what Now and Then told me, Gaby Hoffman did not grow up to be Demi Moore. She is, however, Nate’s film school friend whose apparent goal in life is to throw ragers.

Couch-Sharing Capability: VIP

I’m not talking about the Pamela Anderson syndicated series (which omg is available on Netflix Canada, btw). But if you’re watching with company, they should really be your BFFs and vice versa, so that this movie won’t be an awkward catalyst for y’all to DTR your BFF status. Plus, you’ll want to hug your best friend immediately afterwards, so it’d be handy if they’re right there with you (as opposed to sending weepy, cross-country “I MISS YOU” texts, like I did).

Recommended Level of Inebriation: It Depends

Alcohol isn’t required to enjoy this movie, although you might want some if you start wondering, “Holy shizz. Am I the Sad Sack Margaret of my friendship?!” (But even if you are, it’s never too late to embrace your inner Kickass Margaret!)

Use of Your Streaming Subscription: Good

Nate & Margaret is a cute love letter to best friends everywhere: those amazing people that love you unconditionally and will forever reside in your heart. In other words, friendship never ends! 

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