Title: Star Trek: Voyager (Seasons #1-7)
Released: 1995

Fix: Space Travel and Adventures, Futuristic Feminism
Platform: Paramount+

Netflix Summary:

While pursuing the trail of Maquis rebels, a newly commissioned Starfleet ship gets pulled to the far side of the galaxy.

FYA Summary:

Led by Captain Kathryn Janeway, a crew of both rebels and Starfleet officers find themselves in the Delta Quadrant, a very, very long way from home. They must overcome their differences and work together to find their way home, making connections with alien races and escaping dire situations along the way.

Familiar Faces and Voices:

Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway

As Captain Janeway, the first woman to command a Star Trek series’ titular ship, Kate breathed new life into the franchise. Janeway is a caring and compassionate leader who can also be a stone-cold badass when the situation calls for it. She’s Voyager’s top brass, but is also totally willing to get her hands dirty if necessary. Had I been a member of her crew, it would have been easy to put all trust in her ability to get us home.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine is an odd mix of unfeeling character in an supermodel’s body, but Jeri did an excellent job of growing the character, making her more human without losing the Borg influences that made her unique, over the seasons she was on the show.

Robert Picardo as the Doctor

The Doctor is an interesting character, and likely the one who undergoes the most personal growth from the start of the series to the end. Robert plays him well, and turns him from a robotic, impersonal holograph into a full-fledged and essential member of the crew.

Majel Barrett as the voice of the computer

If you’ve seen any Star Trek series or movie (aside from the latest, alternate universe films), you’re likely familiar with Majel’s voice. For someone like me, who grew up watching this franchise, her voice is a comfort and a constant. (I really wish Apple would have used her as the voice of Siri.)

Couch-Sharing Capability: Call the Crew

Much like the other shows in the Star Trek franchise, Voyager covers a wide range of topics wrapped in a science fiction shell. On their trek home, the crew of Voyager have to deal with all sorts of situations, from romantic to political to medical to cultural to ethical and nearly everything in between. The lessons they learn are important for people of all ages and all backgrounds to think about, so I think the more the merrier applies to watching this show.

(All of the universal life lessons the franchise provides is one of my favorite parts of Star Trek in general.)

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Viewer’s Choise

Although Janeway and her subordinates have to be strict with their replicator use due to power concerns, you and your friends don’t have those restrictions. There’s no better time to break out the synthehol* … or that bottle of Romulan ale you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

*A chemical variant of alcohol that has no side effects, fun or otherwise.

Use of Your Netflix Subscription: Binge-Worthy

A recent accident has my husband near-confined to the couch for at least 6 weeks, so we needed something to watch while at home. (I quickly grew tired of the repetitive nature of ESPN.) Prior to the accident, we had started watching Voyager on BBC America each Monday, but decided that now was as good of a time as any to start over from the beginning. I’ve seen every episode at least once, either when it first aired or in the two decades since the show’s original run, but I’d forgotten how much I love this series until we watched it all over again.

It’s a show that has (for the most part) stood up surprisingly well to the ravages of time/technological advances. And although it’s a show set in the far future, which implies that it might be more escapism than timely, Captain Janeway is exactly the kind of role model we all—but particularly we ladies—need with our current political climate. (Seriously, I need a #WhatWouldJanewayDo bracelet, stat.)


Mandy (she/her) is a manager at a tech company who lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, son, and dogs. She loves superheroes and pretty much any show or movie with “Star” in the name.