Title: Orphan Black S2.E03 “Mingling Its Own Nature With It”
Released: 2014
Series:  Orphan Black

Previously: Mrs. S is Mrs. Secrets, the Proletheans have taken Helena, and Sarah, Felix, and Kira are going on the run. 

Well, y’all, it’s finally happened: the arrival of Skeevy Liam from Nashville, who plays Cal here. Fortch, he’s nowhere as smarmy on this show, so here’s hoping he’ll stay that way. And on the topic of Sarah’s love interests: I might be in a minority that cares about this, but WHITHER PAUL?

Clone Club Chronicles

After a night of roughing it and a bit of petty shoplifting, Sarah, Felix, Kira break into a seemingly empty cabin. But OH SNAP the first: the owner comes back home! And OH SNAP the second: Sarah totally picked the place on purpose because she knows the owner, Cal! And OH SNAP the threequel: in a completely unsurprising development, he’s Kira’s father! (BTW, does Kira just go around asking her mother’s male associates if they’re her father? Or maybe there’s something to commenter Margaret’s theory about her preternatural truth-knowing ability…) 

You see, Cal had been a wealthy mark for Sarah eight years ago, but she developed actual feelings for him. So instead of conning him out of all his money, she only took $10K and his car. Noble! Cal’s still miffed by that, but he’s not about to kick a kid out onto the street. And he becomes a lot more amiable towards Sarah after they sleep together. (Or maybe it’s because of the weed patch he’s growing in his backyard.) Although: your child Kira is right upstairs and she has a knack for wandering off to where she shouldn’t go! Couldn’t y’all have given into your urges in a room with a lockable door? 

Anyhoo, the three of them are having some family bonding time, when they’re found by Daniel. After a tussle with him (and a dead police officer as collateral damage), Sarah turns herself over, leaving Kira in Cal’s care. Daniel and Sarah are on their way back to the Dyad, but then BAM ALIAS-ED their car gets t-boned! (Er, spoiler alert for Alias. But that show has conditioned me to expect a car crash whenever the camera angle switches to the interior of the car like that.)

OH HAI, new clone Jennifer Fitzsimmons, high school teacher and swim coach! But, uh, bye, Jennifer, seeing as you only appear on your vlogs that Delphine shows to Cosima, and as a corpse that the two of them autopsy. Although Cosima’s finest moment has to be her Leekie impression.

Speaking of finest moments, Alison’s musical is fast approaching. But she’s been hitting the tiny liquor bottles over monitor paranoia, and the constant reminders of Aynsley do not help. So on opening night of Blood Ties aka Dexter: The Musical, Alison’s pretty wasted and she falls right off the stage. 

Helena’s still on bed rest at the Prolethean farm, where they insist on her becoming a part of their family, whether or not redheaded skeptic Gracie (and Pastor Henrik’s firstborn) likes it or not. And that means some sort of binding ceremony in front of everyone in their Sunday whites, ending with Henrik carrying the Shakira-haired lookalike (TM Angie Deangie) in a manner reminiscent of a groom carrying his bride over the threshold. NOOOO, NOT CREEPY AT ALL. 

Felix Felicis

Ooh, rough episode for our beloved foster bro. He steps into a pile of manure, then he realizes the whole running away schtick was really about bringing Kira to meet Cal. Which is when this happened:

Felix: “There’s no place for me here.”

AWW, FELIX — THERE’S ALWAYS A PLACE FOR YOU HERE AT FYA. (No, seriously. Come by anytime!) Obvs, there’s a shortage of that trademark Felix wit this week, but I love seeing the sibling dynamic between him and Sarah (her teasing him about the manure, him calling her out on her load of manure), as well as him being a good friend to Alison by hitching a ride back to see her musical.

Mrs. S’s Home for Peculiar Children

Mrs. S is still missing and her true intentions still unknown. And Kira’s into defending Mrs. S now, despite being suspicious of S a scant few hours ago. Clearly, saving someone’s life does miracles for erasing their short term memory.

They Fought the Law

Angie Deangie still hasn’t given up the ghost (or Beth’s, to be precise), and she even tries to guilt trip Art into joining her crusade. Ignoring Art’s countless warnings, Angie attempts to weasel her way into Alison’s life. But being mistaken as a second Dyad monitor by Alison, Angie gets SHUT DOWN. (And then shut down again after she drops her cover.)

Art might be leaving the clones alone, but he hasn’t stopped looking into the Proletheans. When we last see him, he’s taking surveillance photos of their farm.

Neolution News

Daniel arrives at the safe house, just in time to see the Proletheans torch the place. And his photo of Kira looks a lot like the one Ben took of her, so it looks like Mrs. S has REALLY poor judgment in friends. Daniel alerts the higher ups of the Project LEDA photo that he finds on Sarah mere seconds before the truck crashes into their car.

Purely Proletheans

BLECH, I feel like I need a shower after every time I see these peeps. After failing to apprehend Sarah and Kira, the Pros’ efforts are now entirely focused on assimilating Helena into their creeptastic family. Mark talks about God making Helena fertile and omg this does nothing to assuage my fear that Mark will impregnate her, one way or another.

Stick to the Science, Geek Monkey

Jennifer started showing symptoms of the respiratory illness — not including hair loss and lip sores, which were caused by the Dyad’s treatment — six months before Katja did, so there should be plenty of time for Cos to find a cure for herself. (RIGHT?!) Jennifer’s autopsy reveals a pronounced growth in her uterus, which could be the cause of the clones’ infertility.

Next episode: Alison demands an audience with Dr. Leekie, Art tangles with the Proletheans, and the mystery surrounding Mrs. S deepens!


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