Title: Orphan Black S2.E04 “Governed As It Were By Chance”
Released: 2014
Series:  Orphan Black

Previously: Sarah’s babydaddy arrives on the scene, shortly before she’s found by Daniel and a truck crashes into their car, NO BIG DEAL.

Real talk, y’all: how are we ever going to survive the next six weeks? Because we’re not even at the midway point of this season, and there’s already been SO MUCH SHIZZ.

Clone Club Chronicles

So that crash at the end of last episode? Cal totally caused it to get Sarah away from Daniel! Sarah swipes presumed dead Daniel’s phone to keep Rachel at bay, while she and Cal find Kira and new transpo in the form of Cal’s RV. OK, so even though Cal appears to be a good guy (or, at least, an outsider-to-all-this-cray guy), he owns a vehicle that can’t be traced back to him, and he used to design micro-optics that are now used by the military to kill people. I feel like Cal can be trusted when it comes to Kira — and so does Sarah, since she leaves Kira with him while she goes back to The City — but beyond that, I’m unsure.

Sarah goes snooping in Mrs. S’s house, only to be found by Felix, who reprimands her for being a shite burglar (and we all know he’s an expert in that field). The two of ’em make up in that non making up way, which feels genuine and true to their relationship. But they’re not alone; someone’s been creeping on them in the house… 

Taking advantage of Rachel being out of town, Sarah goes to the former’s place for more breaking and entering. She finds and watches Rachel’s old family tapes, because Rachel still has a VCR player in this day and age (lol digitalize that shizz!). But Rachel’s boytoy aka Daniel comes home, very much not dead! Although that’s about to change, since Daniel’s torture session of Sarah is interrupted by… 

… Helena! Who wakes up, post creep show ceremony, to see that the Proletheans liked it so they put a ring one it. Well, all of them except Crazy Gracie, who will henceforth be known as Crazy Gracie because she tries to smother Helena with a pillow! But as we’ve already seen so far, Helena is much harder to kill than that. She takes Crazy Gracie down with a sleeper hold — NOT killing her, so progress! — and has flashbacks of being poked and prodded by the Pros. 

As messed up and murderous as Helena is, I do feel bad that she’s essentially been in captivity for all her life. Not that the abuse she’s endured exonerates her from her actions, but WHOA has she been dealt a shit hand. I mean, Sarah could have very easily been put in Helena’s situation, and who knows how the two of them would have ended up if that had been the case. 

Anyway, Helena escapes from the Pros and saves Sarah from Daniel, as predicted by Kira’s precocious-ism of Sarah having a guardian angel watching over her. Sarah’s pretty freaked to see the twin she thought to be dead at her own hands back from the dead, but Helena just wants to hug it out. 

Also waking up groggy is Alison, who’s not at the Dyad, but the New Path Wellness Centre. In the aftermath of her wiping out in the middle of her musical, they tried to make her go to rehab, but she said, “No, no… OK.” The break from her life — and husband-monitor Donnie — will do her some good. More importantly, Donnie will lawyer up to take their kids away if she doesn’t complete her program. COLD! 

Over at Cosima’s refurnished Dyad lab, complete with her requisite chill zone and Persian rug, our resident scientist continues to watch Jennifer’s videos for a glimpse of what she has to look forward to, as her own health keeps declining. On the plus side, she’s rocking a Professor X aesthetic with the blanket draped over her lap and the braininess. Yay?

Felix Felicis

Felix’s streak as Best Brother/Friend/Person Ever remains intact (as if it’d ever be in doubt). He’s so supportive of the people he loves, even if his word choices don’t always quite match his good intentions.

Mrs. S’s Home for Peculiar Children

Mrs. S’s scrapbook contains a newspaper clipping of her former acquaintance (and LOVAH) Carlton’s fifteen-year imprisonment for human smuggling, some time after he brought Sarah to Mrs. S. There’s also an article on a lab explosion that killed six scientists on a project led by Drs. Susan and Ethan Duncan — as in, Rachel Duncan, as well as the lab coats in the Project LEDA photo. 

Clearly, Mrs. S knows SOMETHING, but it certainly isn’t why Carlton brought Sarah to her in the first place. What is clear, though, is Mrs. S having no qualms re: public secksin’, in which she partakes when she meets up with Carlton* (YEAH, GIRL). She also needs Carlton to take her to someone named Kassov (“the ferryman”), for what sounds like Sarah’s safety. I so hope you’re a good guy, Mrs. S. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

*As set up by Grim Reaper Ben, whom I’m still suspicious of because of him taking that photo of Kira

They Fought the Law

Art’s continuing to monitor (HA!) the Proletheans, when he encounters Helena fleeing from the farm. And he buys extra time for her getaway by stalling the Mark-led search party. 

Neolution News

Contrary to Cosima’s theory of Rachel being raised without emotional attachments, the Duncans’ home videos actually show fun family fall frolicking. So maybe Rachel’s parents had a change of heart and deviated from their original plan? Drs. Susan and Ethan were British geneticists who disappeared from the public eye around the start of Project LEDA, only resurfacing when the lab explosion occurs. No one explicitly states that the Duncans were among the six who perished in that incident, so is it safe to assume they’re still alive? Then again, is it ever safe to assume ANYTHING on this show?!

Purely Proletheans

BLECH, the Proletheans may have lost Helena, but they’ve fulfilled their manifest destiny of colonizing her eggs. Yep, we have petri dish fertilization, although whose XY chromosomes were involved remains to be seen. In keeping with narcissistic cult leaders, it’s gotta be Henrik, right? Is he the one who ‘marries’ her, too? 

And as much as the Pros have been a typical menacing cult, I really do love how religion and science aren’t mutually exclusive for them, even if they are the villains. 

Stick to the Science Scientists, Geek Monkey

Cosima picks up on the Zeus and Leda reference in Project LEDA (other than the rape part, I mean). She makes note of their demigod children — and y’all know how much I love Greek demigods. Cos also thinks the project nomenclature is straight up military; perhaps a future player to join the Game of Clones? 

Next episode: Cal clues in on the clones, Paul becomes Rachel’s new coerced boytoy, and Cosima will suffer if Sarah doesn’t do what Rachel says! 


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