Title: Outlander S1.E10 “By the Pricking of My Thumbs”
Released: 2015
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 1

Previously on Outlander: Claire knows that Black Jack Randall is protected by a powerful man, the Duke of Sandringham. Geillis Duncan likes to poison her husband for fun. Claire discovered an ill-wish left by Laoghaire.

Hello, my fellow kilt appreciators! I’m thrilled to be back with Jennie, talking 18th century shenanigans, and pretty, pretty Jamie.

We rejoin the show with Claire still topless. Jamie is giving her quite the erotic wake up call, and they wisely ignore the banging at their bedroom door. Eventually, they allow Murtagh to deliver the news that the Duke of Sandringham is in the area and Jamie thinks this is an opportunity to rid himself of the price on his head, since the Duke has always been partial to him. But really, who isn’t? Claire tells him that the Duke is an ally of Jack Randall’s and is not to be trusted. But he remains optimistic that he could be pardoned and return to his rightful place as Laird of Lallybroch. Ned the lawyer is less optimistic, but is willing to argue the case.

Claire confronts Laoghaire over the ill-wish left under her bed. Claire is condescending, Laoghaire is rude and juvenile, there’s slapping, and Laoghaire remains in denial about Jamie being hers. She also let’s Claire know that her pal, Geillis, sold Laoghaire the ill-wish.

When Claire goes to the village to see Geillis, she finds Arthur Duncan suffering from some serious gastric distress and wishing his wife was there to medicate it. Yes, I’m sure that would help so much. Claire chooses something from Geillis’ supply to give Arthur some temporary relief. One of the servants whispers to Claire that Geillis will be in the woods that night, since it’s the full moon. Sure enough, that’s where Claire finds her, doing the same type of druid dance ritual that Claire witnessed at Craigh na Dun before she time travelled. In the midst of Geillis’ topless trance dancing, Claire spies that Geillis is pregnant. She confesses to Claire that it’s not her husband’s, but Dougal MacKenzie’s, and she asks that Claire keep her secrets.

Claire hears a baby crying in the woods, and wants to go investigate, but Geillis warns her that it’s a sick child, left on the fairy hill, by parents who believe it’s a changeling. Geillis warns her not to interfere, but Claire won’t listen to anyone, ever. When she arrives, it’s too late, and the infant has died. She’s cradling it when Jamie finds her. He tells her she has a kind heart, but has no idea what she’s dealing with. Truer words, dude.

Jamie has Claire sign a petition of complaint against Jack Randall. She goes for a private audience with the Duke of Sandringham, but the Duke isn’t very interested in the complaint, despite his “fondness” for Jamie. Claire outright asks him how much Jacobite gold Dougal Mackenzie gave him. That seems ill-mannered, Claire. The Duke makes obligatory threats, but seems somewhat more inclined to hear Jamie’s grievances.

At Castle Leoch, Dougal has received word that his wife has died, and has gone destructively mad. Claire is expected to soothe the savage beast with one of her herbal concoctions. Who even knew Dougal liked his wife that much? Claire drugs his booze, and once Dougal passes out, Collum has him hauled off and swears to deal with him later.

That night, at the castle banquet to honor Sandringham, Arthur Duncan collapses in a frothing heap on the floor of the banquet hall. Geillis takes a moment to meet Dougal’s eyes in a conspiratorial manner before putting on her grieving widow performance. It is the least discreet thing anyone has ever witnessed.

Jamie is drafted to stand as second for the duel that Sandringham has been challenged to as part of his “you scratch my back…” agreement. The duel ends without bloodshed, but Jamie can’t help getting in a name-calling fight with the MacDonalds, and pretty much everyone ends up stabbed. Claire is pissed to be stitching Jamie’s dumb ass up again. Oh girl, might as well get used to it.

Collum exiles Dougal until he comes to his senses. He disapproves of Dougal’s affair with Geillis and doesn’t care that she’s pregnant with Dougal’s child. While Jamie is sent off to escort Dougal, he advises Claire to stay away from Geillis. I feel certain she’ll listen, as usual.

Claire receives a letter from the village, that Geillis needs her right away. So, of course she heads there immediately, to find that Geillis never summoned her. Claire urges Geillis to leave the area, since she’s not the only one who knows Geillis poisoned her husband. Geillis doesn’t think she has anything to worry about, since Dougal promised to take care of her. While they’re arguing over it, the warden arrives at the door. Both of them find themselves arrested for witchcraft and tossed in the Thieves’ Hole. Laoghaire looks on, properly pleased with herself. UGH, that girl.

Kilt Drops: 1

  • The show opens with kilts having been discarded. As usual, we see far more of Claire than Jamie. C’mon show, it’s called nudity equality. I feel certain that you can do better.


  • “Has anyone ever told you, you have the most gorgeous neck, to hold your head so prettily. I’d hate to seem them parted.” Ha! It’s a shame gallows jokes are no longer in fashion, isn’t it?

  • Why would Dougal need to be exiled over his affair with Geillis? The MacKenzies hardly seem like the type to be overly concerned with public appearances.

  • Hey, remember Frank? It’s been so long since he was even mentioned, I almost forgot he was part of the show.

Next episode: The witchcraft trial commences, and no one seems inclined to save Claire and Geillis.


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