Title: Outlander S1.E07 “The Wedding”
Released: 2014
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 3, Hallelujah

Previously on Outlander: Claire encountered a truly terrifying garrison commander. Dougal suggested she’d be safe if she became a Scottish citizen. Now she’s stuck marrying the unspeakably hot dude. Poor Claire.

YOU GUYS. I know we’ve been waiting forever, and all, but WOWZA. I might still be blushing.

We open on Claire remembering her impetuous courthouse wedding to Frank. He spontaneously proposes, while on the way to meet his parents for dinner. Then we immediately jump to the end of Claire and Jamie’s vows. Claire promptly gets to drinking, despite Jamie’s promise that he will not be forcing himself on her.

In order to distract Jamie, from other things in their bridal suite, Claire asks why he married her. We see Dougal making some crass Dougal-like arguments, but also reminding Jamie that it’s necessary to keep her safe from Black Jack Randall. She obviously appreciates the sacrifice. She then asks about his family, and they spend several hours, sharing family histories, and drinking God knows how much wine.

Finally, finally, hot foreplay leads to a really awkward first time. But it’s not long before Claire starts to get uncomfortable with the sort-of adultery she’s just committed. She rushes out of the room, in her see-through shift. Girl. What? The inn common room is full of drunken MacKenzies. Jamie goes down in her stead, to grab them some food, and take all the good-natured, and dirty ribbing, along with some unsolicited advice from Dougal.

After sharing a snack, Jamie rhapsodizes about Claire’s brown hair, and we find out his three conditions for marrying her. He insisted on a church wedding before a priest (whom Dougal enlisted at swordpoint), a ring for the bride (made from a key, and commissioned by Rupert), and a wedding dress (procured by Ned, at a bordello). Knowing Claire? He should have demanded a winery.

After more consummating (like whoa), Claire makes her way downstairs, only slightly more covered up, and gets hit on by an intense (and likely drunk) Dougal, despite the fact that it’s still her wedding night. In-laws. Am I right?

The next morning, the newlyweds are markedly more comfortable with each other. But once alone, Claire is gazing at the two wedding rings on her hands, representing her very unique dilemma.

Kilt Drops: 3, Hallelujah

Although, technically, once Jamie drops his kilt, he never does put it back on. This was some really excellent quid pro quo, as far as televised nudity. Well done, show!


  • I know it’s a borrowed dress, but that dress did not fit. I was afraid her bosom was going to heave out right in the middle of the wedding vows.

  • The threat of Rupert and Angus bursting into your bedroom would be enough to keep anyone from wanting to consummate.

  • “Where did you learn to kiss like that?”  “I said I was a virgin, not a monk.”

That was one seriously naked hour of television. Not that anyone is complaining. Let’s celebrate the happy couple in the comments!

Next week: Claire still wants to get back to her own time. Or does she?


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