Title: Outlander S2.E03 “Useful Occupations and Deceptions”
Released: 2016
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 1

Previously on Outlander: Black Jack Randall is alive, and Sandringham is quite pleased to drop that knowledge bomb. We meet Duverney, Minister of Finance. Murtagh can’t stop staring at boobs. Charles Stuart is a buffoon. Claire befriends an apothecary.

Damn, that is a beautiful dress and cloak, and I have to hand it to the costume designer who is able to make Claire stand out so well while mostly looking period appropriate.

Claire is bored. Bored with her husband coming in from brothels and political chess matches, bored with running a house, and bored with all the trappings of being a woman in the 18th century. Her solution: volunteer her services at the charity hospital, and attempting to win over Mother Hildegarde, a musical prodigy and formidable woman in her own right. However, because her husband is a product of his environment, he finds this absolutely unacceptable: what is she doing, not waiting for his arrival?!

Meanwhile, Claire and Murtagh are keeping the secret of Black Jack’s survival from Jamie, because he will run straight back to Scotland and murder him—not that anyone can blame him, but they can’t afford it right now. So while Jamie hires a young thief to intercept letters from Charles’ conspirators to see if he really has the money to finance a war, puzzling out coded letters with the help of Mother Hildegarde, Claire and Murtagh are exchanging worried looks.

Claire finds out that her new acquaintance, Mary Hawkins, not only is completely ignorant of what the marital bed entails, but in a brief flashback (flash forward?), she realizes that this is the woman who will wed Black Jack and produce Frank’s ancestor. Which means—oh shit—they have to make sure Black Jack stays alive for another year or so. This is all complicated by the fact that the Duke of Sandringham is discovered to be a supporter (maybe) of Charles, and will surely tell Jamie the unhappy news.

Well, I’m sure everything will be fine, right?

Kilt Drops: 1

  • Way to go, Murtagh!

Wit & Wordplay

Mary Hawkins: “I can’t marry a Frenchman!”

Poor Mary Hawkins is under the impression only French men have sex, and she cannot imagine an Englishman or Scot subjecting his wife to such torture.

Murtagh: “Since when did you become such a priggish scold when it comes to frolicking between the sheets?”

Way to call her out, Murtagh!

Fergus: “You have beautiful breasts, Madame.”

Murtagh: “He just said the same thing to Suzette!”

Claire: “Well, that doesn’t make me feel special.”

Fergus: “The ladies at Maison Elise were always very generous when I gave them compliments.”

Well, Claudel/Fergus is certainly a scrapper. Speaking of…

Jamie: “He’s a pickpocket. His name is Fergus. Well, actually, it’s Claudel, but we agreed that wasn’t very manly.”


  • The number one rule of books, TV, and movies is: DO NOT KEEP SECRETS FROM YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Please, Claire, tell me you understand this and you’ll be fixing things next week.

  • Who else, besides Sandringham (and Duverney, of course), is a financer of Charles’ rebellion? And is Sandringham really playing both sides? S is for Slimy.

  • I got a good laugh out of Mother Hildegarde chumming it up with Johann Sebastian Bach.

Next week: Subversive dinner party!