Title: Outlander S3.E01 “The Battle Joined”
Released: 2017
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 0

Previously on Outlander: Jamie and Claire were separated by the Battle of Culloden, and time and space constraints. Twenty years later, their daughter, Brianna, informs Claire that Jamie survived the battle and may still be alive.

Our show is finally back! I’m thrilled to be back with Jennie, sharing our love of history, hot men in kilts, and exceptional period attire.

And we have updated the FYA Outlander drinking game!

The Official FYA Outlander Season 3 Drinking Game

Take a sip when:

  • Claire espouses progressive viewpoints at odds with her time period
  • Someone on the show drinks
  • Claire and Frank make each other miserable
  • You don’t even know what year it’s supposed to be anymore

Take a shot when:

  • Everything is the worst (war, famine, prison – dealer’s choice)
  • Jamie refers to Claire as “Sassenach”
  • Claire disregards common sense and gets herself into big(ger) trouble
  • You just can’t with Brianna

Chug your entire drink when:

  • it gets rapey

Claire: “Bottoms up!”

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We open upon the body-strewn field of Culloden Moor. The redcoats go through, stabbing survivors with bayonets, and collecting weapons. A gravely injured Jamie, lays on the field, under the body of a dead Black Jack Randall, remembering the horrors of the battle. But hey! At least he got to finally kill that bastard. Rupert finds him and sneaks him off the field and to a barn where the surviving soldiers are hiding out. Come morning, the British find them and announce they’ll all be shot for treason. Rupert pleads for the lives of the young Scots boys in their group, but a sympathetic Lord Melton has been directed by the Duke of Cumberland to show no mercy. When it comes Jamie’s turn to be shot, Lord Melton realizes that Jamie is the man who spared his brother’s life in the woods, and his family owes Jamie a debt of honor. Despite Jamie’s insistence that they could just shoot him anyway, the Greys take that shit very seriously. Lord Melton has Jamie sent home in a haywagon, doubting he’ll even survive the journey. Jenny is thrilled to have Jamie back at Lallybroch, but he’s a bit disappointed, since he really tried to be dead.

In 1948, Claire and Frank are settling into their new home in Boston, though Claire was maybe not cut out to be the happy homemaker. She can barely make it through a cocktail party with Frank’s sexist Harvard boss and colleagues without revealing her independent views and sharp tongue. Frank is trying to make their marriage work, but Claire is having trouble letting go of the past and won’t let him get close to her. Frank is writing to Reverend Wakefield asking him to research a certain 18th century Highlander when Claire goes into labor. Frank is very sweet and supportive, and Claire, coasting on post-natal endorphins, feels guilty and wants to commit to their new start.

Kilt Drops: 0

War remains unsexy af.

Wit and Wordplay

Dean Jackson: “A column in the Globe. Professor Randall, you’re gonna have to pay closer attention to your wife’s reading habits. She keeps reading The Globe, next thing you know, she’ll be trying to get women into Harvard Law.”

It’s no wonder Claire starts throwing dishes.

Rupert: “I’m glad you’re awake. I did no want to say farewell while you snored and farted in your sleep.”

Pour one out for Rupert, y’all.

Dr. Thorne: “The father’s waiting room is down the hall and to the left. Just follow the smell of cigarettes and flop sweat.”

Just throw in a keg and it’s every terrible college party.


  • Claire cooking in the fireplace when she can’t get the stove to work? You can take the girl out of the eighteenth century…

  • The talk about President Truman almost sounded like they were talking about someone else. I just can’t think who.

  • What on earth made Claire think she could handle being with a man who looks like Jack Randall? I mean, sure, Frank was fine before the whole time-traveling. But now, I’d think he gives her the heebie jeebies.

  • Could you imagine waking up after giving birth, while anesthetized against your will, and not knowing if your baby was alive? The 20th century was barbaric, too.

  • “Where did the red hair come from?” How many times are they going to hear that one?

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