Title: Outlander S3.E13 “Eye Of The Storm”
Released: 2017
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 1

Previously on Outlander: Jamie swore never to return to Scotland without Young Ian. Ian was being held by crazypants Geillis, who noticed her treasure box was missing a sapphire, that is now in the possession of the Governor of Jamaica. Archie Campbell and his seer sister are also in Jamaica, providing Geillis with convoluted prophecies. Jamie is arrested for murder!

It’s finale time! We really hope you made [responsible] use of our drinking game.

Oh hey, I didn’t really miss Claire voiceovers. We see her sinking to the bottom of the ocean, telling us she’s free from this earthly plane. Then we join her in the rocking carriage, post-Jamie’s arrest on the Jamaican highway. Escaped slaves from other estates (which I gather from having read the book – the show doesn’t make this super clear) walk past the carriage with torches, in a seeming trance. Claire goes to Rose Hall, in search of Ian, and answers. She wanders amongst the huts softly calling Ian’s name, like WTF plan is this, girl? She shoos away a dog that’s nosing at a dead body. Luckily, it turns out to not be Ian, but then she’s suddenly grabbed from behind.

Geillis is menacing Young Ian, and she’s pretty pissy that he neglected to mention his Auntie Claire. Pretty quickly thereafter, Geillis’ servant, Hercules, arrives with Claire. Geillis pretends to make her welcome, but of course, neither trusts the other. Geillis assumes Claire is there because of the prophecy, because she believes they share a bond. But she cares way more about her crazy Scottish king prophecies. This forces a confession out of Claire about having traveled back to her own time because of her pregnancy. Claire shows Geillis her photographs as proof of her repeated time-traveling. Claire admits that Brianna and Geillis met before Geillis went through the stones. Geillis hides one of the photos into her dress, after hearing Claire’s theory that focusing on a person makes the time-travel work without a sacrifice.

Poor young Captain Leonard is intercepted by the governor’s guards and is ordered to hand over his prisoner to the Governor of Jamaica. Weird. I wonder what his interest would be? When Captain Leonard appears before him to contest, John Grey is adorably high-handed, while also managing to disparage the Navy. He gets Jamie free, and they wish each other good luck, as Jamie heads after Claire.

Claire spies Ian out the window, but finds she’s been locked in her room. Jamie comes to free her, saying that Fergus got word to John Grey, and they rush off to save Ian. They spy some type of ritual being performed by Geillis’ servants. They’re quickly discovered, because they’re less than stealthy, hiding behind a single stalk of something. But Mr. Willoughby gets them off the hook, as he’s there with Margaret Campbell, as in with her, and she’s well-respected there for her abilities. Margaret is much more present when she talks to Claire, but then has one of her freak visions when she touches them. She seems to give them a message from Brianna, which sends them off to the Abandawe cave to stop Geillis. When Archie Campbell goes to beat his sister into following him back to Mistress Abernathy, Mr. Willoughby intervenes and saves her. When Claire and Jamie head get to the cave, she can hear the hum of the time portal. Jamie makes her promise to go through and save Brianna, even if it means she can’t come back to him. Geillis is preparing some witchy spell for her travel, with a trussed up Young Ian as her sacrifice. There’s a fight, in which Jamie is able to disarm Hercules, and Claire accidentally kills Geillis, before she can travel through to kill Brianna. Claire is understandably in a bit of shock afterwards. Jamie assures them that Fergus and Marsali will collect their belongings, so they can head straight for the ship, and get the eff out of there.

Once they’re all safely aboard the ship, and escaping Jamaica, what should they encounter but deadly storms? Crazy ass Claire ventures on deck to “help”.The storm is harrowing, and the ship mast cracks, with Claire being knocked overboard. We return to the peaceful monologue of death we began with. Jamie jumps overboard after her, and untangles her from the ship’s rigging. The two wash ashore in the American Colonies in 1767. They’re either cursed, or blessed. You decide!

Kilt Drops: 1

Claire and Jamie reunite aboard the Artemis in the most Claire and Jamie kind of way – including verbose odes to round arses and squeaking.

Wit and Wordplay

Ian: “I’m tired of your blathering!”

Jamie: “If you die here now, I swear I’ll kill you.”


  • I have done zero research into the matter, but I hope to god the show did, and thus portrayed a realistic ritual and not some offensive stereotype of voodoo or something.

  • That cave spring is the most LOL CGI thing I’ve ever seen. Although it’s still not as baffling as Claire’s ever-changing hair-length.

  • YAY! Young Ian is saved Annnnd, I guess we now know whose bones Joe and Claire were examining in 1968?

  • Oh bless you, Starz, for those last shirtless shots of Jamie. Way to make sure we’ll be back next season. Hilariously, this last love scene aboard the ship only illustrates how young these two unlined “middle-aged” folks continue to look. We should all be so perky at 48.

  • Was that finale everything you hoped it would be? Join us in the comments!

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