Title: Outlander S3.E02 “Surrender”
Released: 2017
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 3

Previously on Outlander: Jamie sent Fergus away before Culloden, with the deed to Lallybroch. Claire kept Frank at at distance during her pregnancy, but was ready to make a fresh start once the baby arrived.

And don’t forget about our updated drinking game!

Claire: “Cheers.”

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1752 Scotland. Six years have passed, and teenage Fergus boasts to a couple friends about his glory days at the Battle of Prestonpans, and bemoans missing out on Culloden. The Redcoats arrive at Lallybroch, looking for the outlaw known as the Dunbonnet (who bares a striking resemblance to the traitor, Red Jamie). Ian and a heavily pregnant Jenny assure the soldiers that they haven’t seen Jamie, but they drag Ian off to jail anyway. A shaggy haired and bearded Jamie has been living in a cave in the woods, attempting to hide his distinctive red curls under a brown hat. Jenny worries that the silent and lonely Jamie hasn’t been himself for a very long time.

Fergus wants to learn to use the gun he found in the dovecote, but guns are outlawed in the Highlands, and Jamie wants no more fighting. When the superstitious lads spot a raven near the house while Jenny is in labor, Fergus decides to shoot it, so it doesn’t bring bad luck. But the shot attracts the attention of the Redcoats, and they storm the house while Jamie is there visiting his new nephew. He hides with the baby, while Jenny and her servant, Mary MacNab, distract the soldiers, but it’s a near miss. The next time Fergus sneaks off to visit Jamie in his cave, the suspicious soldiers follow him. He taunts them until they give chase and hold him down, and cut off his hand. It’s horrifying. After they leave, Jamie carries Fergus home, where Jenny is able to keep him from bleeding to death.

Jamie decides that the Redcoats aren’t going to stop until they find the Dunbonnet, so he decides that Jenny and Ian should turn him in for the reward money. Jenny is strongly opposed to the idea, but since he’s likely to be sentenced to prison time, instead of a hanging, she eventually agrees. Mary MacNab goes to the cave to visit Jamie, and give him a little parting gift of herself.

1949 Boston. In her own time, Claire fantasizes about a naked Jamie (and why shouldn’t she?) while laying next to a sleeping Frank. The next night, she does a little rekindling with Frank. Coincidence, I’m sure. They spend their days marveling over baby milestones, and having boring dinner parties with neighbor Millie and Jerry. And at night, Claire initiates the action, but Frank is onto the fact that she’s not thinking of him. Deciding there’s something more missing from her life, Claire enrolls in medical school, to a very chilly reception from the patriarchy. She makes friends with the other odd one out in their class, African American student, Joe Abernathy.

Kilt Drops: 3

I’m sorry, but who is here for the Frank sex scenes? Apparently, Frank wasn’t that into it, either, since they’re sleeping in twin beds by the end of the episode.

And then, Jamie finally gets some, and we don’t even get to see it, show? BOO.

Wit and Wordplay

Jenny: “You always look braw with a wee bairn in your arms. How long’s it been since you lain with a woman, Jamie?”

Jenny all up in Jamie’s sex life is so inappropriate and awkward, and so very Jenny Murray.

Fergus: “Madam has been most generous with the whiskey. Although, you know that I prefer the taste of French wine.”

Bless you, Fergus.

Jenny: “You gave me no choice, brother, and I’ll never forgive ye. Never!”



  • Mountain Man Jamie is not his best look. Will no one think of the thirsty ladies? Thank you Mary MacNab, for cleaning up that situation. I know we’re all missing Jamie’s kilt this season, and here’s a little historical background on that, courtesy of TV Guide. 

  • If I never live to see another child get his hand chopped off, THAT WILL BE OKAY.

  • Jenny and Jamie’s little act while turning him into the Redcoats KILLED me. They were both ridiculously good in this episode. When those two cry, I cry.

  • What did you think of Claire and Frank’s relationship? Was she being unfair, or is he expecting too much?

Next week: Jamie meets Lord John Grey, his prison warden. Claire and Frank’s marriage deteriorates further.


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