Title: Outlander S3.E05 “Freedom & Whisky”
Released: 2017
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 0

Previously on Outlander: Roger and Brianna helped Claire track Jamie in the past, and then they kissed, but Brianna and Claire headed back to Boston. Fiona gave Claire back the pearls that had belonged to Jamie’s mother, and Claire remembered Mrs. Graham had warned her not to spend her life chasing a ghost. Claire came face-to-face with Frank’s mistress.

This week’s episode focuses on the Randall ladies in Boston, December 1968. In her university history course, Brianna is only interested in the lecture when the professor mentions how legends can cause people to get erased from history. After class, her informs her that she’s failing his class – and apparently, all of her others. Her warns her that she has to turn things around, but she definitely doesn’t want to talk about what’s changed with her since the previous semester. Later, it’s more than obvious that Brianna is going through an existential crisis about what the new revelations about her history might mean about her.

Roger arrives for a surprise visit to Boston, and interrupts the fighting Randall women. Brianna has just announced that she’s leaving Harvard and moving out of the house, because she needs “a break.” (Apparently, free Harvard tuition isn’t a big enough break?) Brianna storms out, promising to hang out with Roger later. Meanwhile, Claire insists that Roger stay with her, instead of a hotel. He’s arrived, pretending that he wants to experience an American Christmas, but of course, he wants to see Brianna again, and he’s finally found Jamie again, in historical records. He found a dissident printer in Edinburgh in 1765, named Alexander Malcolm, who quoted a Robert Burns poem that hadn’t been written yet. Claire is freaked out enough to lash out at Roger for bringing her this news. He thought she’d want to know that she could go to Jamie now, but she doesn’t think she could leave Brianna, especially now.

Joe is examining some bones that were sent over from an archaeological find, when Claire pegs them as a 200 year-old murder victim. The bones were found in a cave in the Caribbean, with slave artifacts, but the bones indicate she was a white woman. (This may be relevant later.) Claire confesses to Joe that the man from her past that she had previously only vaguely alluded to, was Brianna’s father, and that she just told her about him over the summer. He urges Claire to take her shot at happiness, and that Brianna will adjust.

Frank’s former mistress has a near meltdown when confronting Claire at a reception honoring his work. But her words about Frank being the love of her life and how she’d give anything to have had more time with him, seem to resonate. Brianna observes the conversation, and later insists on the truth. Claire tells her that she was the mistress Frank planned to marry. She assures Brianna that neither she, nor Frank, ever resented Brianna for being a constant reminder of Jamie. When Claire tells her Roger’s news about Jamie, Brianna wants her to go, even if it means they may never see each other again.

Brianna and Roger help Claire prepare for her trip through the stones, with antique coins, and a time period appropriate traveling outfit, with secret pockets for her contraband from the future. Claire leaves Brianna the deed to their house, and Ellen Fraser’s pearls. Roger pours them all one last whiskey for the road, while they all try to keep up a brave front. After Claire leaves for the airport, Brianna surprises Roger with a Boston-themed Christmas meal, and he presents her with a copy of A Christmas Carol, for their new holiday tradition.

Claire arrives in 1766 Edinburgh, and heads for Jamie’s print shop. When she arrives, they’re both stunned to see each other again, but he’s the one who passes right the hell out.

Kilt Drops: 0

Something tells me they’ll be making up for that lack shortly.

Wit and Wordplay

Roger: “Those troglodytes wouldn’t understand the travails of the house of Collins.”

Roger addicted to Dark Shadows (and apparently all other TV) is the best.

Brianna: “You gave Jamie up for me. Now I have to give him back to you.”

That moment, straight from the book, is a heartbreaker.

Joe: “You’re a skinny white broad with too much hair but a great ass.”

Joe is such a solid BFF.

Brianna: “I wanted to get you a flashlight, but Roger said you’d end up in another witch trial.”



  • Do we really think Claire would have gone for such an obvious Jackie Kennedy cosplay?

  • She also spent a lot of time scrutinizing her appearance this week. Which? Wouldn’t you be wanting to look good for that fine man? But once she dyes her grey away, and ditches the heavy ‘60’s makeup, she looks like she hasn’t aged a day. Is the show not even gonna try anymore on that?

  • For the book readers: Why do you think they decided to send Brianna to Harvard, when book Brianna went to M.I.T.? Also, another change from the books I was curious about, Brianna and Roger were with Claire in Inverness when she went through the stones.

  • I was reeeally feeling Jamie’s absence this episode. How ’bout y’all?

In two weeks: The real (extended) reunion we’ve been waiting for.


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