Title: Outlander S4.E08 “Wilmington”
Released: 2018
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 1

Previously on Outlander: Brianna went through the stones at Craigh na Dun and came out on the other side, where she immediately hurt herself and ended up staying with Loaghaire for a few days, until Loaghaire figured out who Brianna is and tried to have her hung for witchcraft. Loaghaire is N U T S, y’all. Meanwhile, Roger followed Brianna through the stones and ended up on a ship captained by Stephen Bonnet headed toward the Americas. 

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Claire & Jamie

Fergus and Marsali have had their baby, and Jamie and Claire have come to visit the wee bairn. At least, that’s the main reason for their visit, but while they’re in town, they’ve been invited to accompany Governor Tryon to the theater and meet a few of his higher ups. At the theater, they’re introduced to Reverend Fanning, one of Tryon’s associates, who is having some serious hernia probs. Claire’s like, “I can fix that for you, ya know,” but being a woman and all, the men just laugh and dismiss her to hang with the wives, but it actually works out because Tryon’s wife points out Colonel George Washington to her and Claire has a total fangirl moment and asks to be introduced.

As they take their seats, Tryon confides to Jamie that he has a spy among the Regulators, and has set a trap for them that evening. They plan to rob a carriage on the road outside of town, and he has the thing filled with his men, ready to arrest their leader Murtagh. Jamie is freaking, trying to come up with a plan to warn Murtagh. On his other side, Fanning’s hernia is clearly causing him a lot of pain, so, dick move, Jamie elbows him right in the stomach, causing an uproar. Jamie’s able to tell Claire about Murtagh, and she promises to operate on Fanning and give him as much time as he needs. Jamie runs outside and finds Col. Washington getting into his carriage. Washington offers Jamie a ride, and Jamie manages to get a message to Murtagh through Fergus in time to stop him. Jamie returns to the theater just as Claire is finishing a successful hernia surgery on Fanning, much to the indignation of the male surgeon who arrives late.

Later, in the carriage ride home, Tryon is trying to figure out who betrayed him and warned the Regulators. He only told Jamie and Fanning and Col. Washington. Jamie is like ::whistles innocently:: while the other guy in the carriage says he saw Washington leaving the play, so now Jamie has inadvertently caused a feud between Tryon and Washington! Oops!

Brianna & Roger

Meanwhile, Roger survived the wrath of Stephen Bonnet and made it to Wilmington, but he’s having no luck finding Brianna. Finally, while drinking dejectedly in the pub, he hears her voice, and the two are reunited. They argue about whether or not he should have followed her, but ultimately he drags her off to the room where he’s staying (I think?). Brianna’s servant Lizzie watches them go with a concerned look on her face. Once they’re inside by the fire, Brianna and Roger declare their love for one another, and being full of Great Ideas(TM) decide to do a hand-fasting ceremony, then spend the next twenty minutes having sex in front of the fire.

Afterward, Brianna is telling Roger about the dates in the obituary she found for Jamie and Claire, and he lets it slip that he knew about the obituary. Brianna is P I S S E D that he didn’t tell her, and that he confided to Fiona about it but not to her. She thinks Roger didn’t want her to come back at all, and he’s like, “Yeah, you’re right, I didn’t.” Then Shitty Roger rears his ugly head once again and he starts yelling that she’s his wife now and needs to listen to him. He thinks maybe this was all a mistake and that he should leave, and Brianna definitely doesn’t stop him, so he does.

Upset, Brianna returns to the tavern where Stephen Bonnet is playing a card game with his fellow degenerates. He stops her, asking her to blow on a ring for luck, but when she sees the ring, she recognizes it as Claire’s. She wants to buy it from Stephen, but he has other ideas. He drags her into a back room, locks the doors, and as the camera pans over the faces of the other card players ignoring Brianna’s screams, Stephen violently rapes her. After as Brianna’s nose bleeds, Stephen gives her Claire’s ring, tells her to send his regards to her mother, and Brianna staggers upstairs.

Kilt Drops: 1

Brianna and Roger spend, like, half this episode consummating their marriage, and it’s sweet…until it’s not.

Wit and Wordplay

Colonel George Washington: “I spent my youth in Virginia.”

Claire: “Chopping down cherry trees…..is what a young boy would do. Figure of speech.”

Surgeon: “You’ve butchered him, madam. All he needed was tobacco smoke up through the rear.”


  • Murtagh seemed pretty pissed that Jamie sent Fergus to warn him while he stayed at the theater. I feel tensions rising between these two and I dinna like!

  • Does anyone else get whiplash from Roger’s transformation into Shitty Roger? Maybe I should stop being surprised when he gets mad and possessive…

  • Shitty Roger aside, I was actually digging the no-beard-and-ponytail look. Am I alone here?

  • Do y’all think the bit where Lizzie watched Roger drag Brianna off will end up being Of Note?

  • Stephen Bonnet: rat bastard or rat f*ckin’ bastard? 

Next week: Lizzie is capital-C Concerned about Brianna, who cranks up the speed on her search for Claire. Stephen Bonnett is still a rat bastard. 


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