Title: Outlander S4.E09 “The Birds & The Bees”
Released: 2018
Series:  Outlander

Kilt Drops: 0

Previously on Outlander: Roger found Brianna in Wilmington, married her, bedded her, and pissed her the hell off. Then Brianna encountered Stephen Bonnet, tried to buy her mother’s ring from him, and was brutally raped instead. There’s a special place in hell for Stephen Bonnet.

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Brianna returns to her room at the inn, obviously brutalized, to the dismay of Lizzie, who saw her dragged away by Roger. Lizzie offers to help Brianna undress, but she won’t let her, and she refuses to talk about it.

The next morning, Roger goes looking for Brianna at the inn and encounters revolting Bonnet having breakfast. Bonnet expects Roger to accompany the ship to Philadelphia, whether that was his plan or not. The crew forces him to the docks, and he tells the man at the inn to tell Brianna he’d been there. When she awakes long afternoon, she finds the Gloriana gone, and poor Brianna thinks he left willingly. Before she can even recover from that, Lizzie brings her news of the previous night’s impromptu surgery at the theater, which Brianna correctly guesses sounds just like Claire, and realizes her parents are in Wilmington, too. Lizzie takes her off to the last place Jamie was spotted.

Brianna follows the directions to “a tall red-headed man” and finds Jamie relieving himself in an alley. When he asks what she wants, she says “you,” which is understandably a little forward. And Jamie Fraser, who is used to the ladies hitting on him, tells her that he’s “a marrit man.” Once she actually introduces herself, he’s overjoyed to see her, and they have a lovely reunion. He tells her that her mother will be mad with joy to see her. I’d say it’s a bit more shocked to death. Brianna quickly shows her parents the newspaper clipping about them dying in a fire, and Jamie is extremely judgey of the printer who smudged the date and left them all in the dark. They all agree that she and Lizzie will be accompanying them to Fraser’s Ridge. On the boat trip on the way home, Lizzie immediately develops a crush on Ian (and Rollo, I’m sure) while belowdecks, Brianna confesses the Roger mess to Claire. She believes Roger is headed back to Scotland and through the stones, since she didn’t stop him. Claire thinks that’s a bit of an overreaction over one fight. Later, Young Ian tells Brianna about their last journey down the river and the awful bastard who robbed them blind, slit their friend’s throat and stole her mother’s wedding ring, which is is just a bit upsetting. Soon enough though, Brianna is enjoying being around the family table at Fraser’s Ridge, with Murtagh telling embarrassing stories from Jamie’s youth. But Jamie and Claire can tell that she’s not alright, but they mostly attribute it to heartbreak over Roger. The next morning, Brianna tells Claire that she remembered seeing the newspaper obituary on Frank’s desk years ago, that he knew she went back to Jamie.

Brianna spends time, getting to know her new family, and helping out on the Ridge, including Jamie’s bootleg whiskey distillery. As Jamie and Brianna tiptoe around eachother a bit on the Frank front, Claire encourages him to take his daughter hunting, so they can spend some time alone. The spend a nice day together, in pursuit of a beehive.

Some time later, while picking herbs with her mother, Claire is able to deduce that Brianna is in some turmoil, and it’s because she’s pregnant. She tells Claire about Roger and the rape, and how she doesn’t know who the father is. That night, Claire tells Jamie about the rape, but not about the lingering fatherhood question. When collecting Brianna’s laundry, Claire finds her rings and confronts Brianna, who didn’t want to tell her it was Bonnet and make it worse and make Jamie go after him. She makes Claire promise not to tell him.

Roger finished out his voyage in Philadelphia, and promptly heads back to Wilmington, but not before asking that Bonnet pay him in small gems, instead of coins (assuming he’s planning their future passage through the stones). He makes his way to Fraser’s Ridge, where he’s spotted by Lizzie, while she and Ian are out in the fields. They promptly run to tell Jamie, with Lizzie giving her version of the events in Wilmington, having seen Roger drag Brianna away, and Brianna returned the next morning, bruised and bloody. Lizzie is unnecessarily graphic. Jamie heads straight for Roger, and beats the holy hell out of him, and then sends Ian off with the unconscious body, to do what with, he doesna care.

Kilt Drops: 0


Wit and Wordplay

Lizzie: “Ye have my hand here, and my ear if ye need it.”

Sweet Lizzie killed me.

Young Ian: “When it comes to you, Auntie Claire, I’ve learned it’s better not to ask too many questions.”


  • I know Jamie lost the photos of Brianna, but did he honestly forget what she looked like enough to not even recognize her in broad daylight?

  • Isn’t Murtagh’s unexpected reaction to Brianna delightful? Just like everything that’s happened since he was resurrected from the dead.

  • Jamie gazing fondly at his long-lost daughter, could you just die?

  • Don’t you think that if Brianna grew up with an avid botanist like Claire, she’d already know all about which flowers the bees love? Or is that just my mom? Also, WOW, those birds and bees metaphors were not even subtle, were they?

  • I know they say the first year of marriage is rough, but Brianna and Roger just gotta be extra about it, don’t they?

Next week: Roger vows to return to his wife. Claire and Brianna demand to know what Jamie has done. I’m sure this will all be sorted out calmly. 


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