Title: Pitch Perfect
Released: 2012

Good news, you guys. Pitch Perfect FINALLY comes out in limited release tomorrow and everywhere on October 5th, so we can FINALLY feast our eyeballs upon its magnificence! But some of you were lucky enough to win tickets to advance screenings, and when we asked for your feedback, y’all filled our inboxes with ACA-RAVES. So if you weren’t already spazzing about the movie, check out these gushing reviews below. (Based on these emails, I can already tell that the CD soundtrack alone is worth its weight in gold, nay, DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED PLATINUM.)

Katie S.


Predictable, but isn’t everything these days? I knew what was going to happen but didn’t care because I was having so much fun.

Quotability: 10

There are a TON of awesome quotes from this movie, most of which are from Fat Amy, with a few from the Asian girl (whose name I cannot recall and imdb isn’t being helpful. I thought it was Nikki SooHoo but she isn’t on the P.P. page) but you have to listen really closely to get those. I won’t spoiler any, though I really want to.

Audience Pre-movie Excitement:

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being Schindler’s List and 10 being Indiana Jones in IMAX, this movie gets a 10. Everyone was very excited.

Audience Participation: 10

There were so many moments where everyone was simultaneously cracking up and clapping, then to quiet down quickly to hear what came next.

Bonus Factor: Awesome Singing

My favorite being the a cappella version of ‘No Diggity’, a song I had forgotten was awesome.

Anti-Bonus Factor: VOMIT.

Vomit of the projectile variety, Exorcism-style. There were two instances of actual vomit (both from Mrs. Rev. Steve Newlin) and one of it on YouTube. Also people and things falling into the vomit. I really think people should be warned because I don’t want to be in a theater with someone who is so sensitive to it that they will vomit too. Gross.

Date Night:

Liz also said she thinks her husband (who normally is really into action and Sci Fi) would really enjoy Pitch Perfect. Yes, it’s a movie starring a bunch of ladies, but it’s funny in a universal way.

Things I Learned:

  • You can add ‘Aca-‘ to the beginning of any word and make it a new word!
  • Brittany Snow really needs to stop spray tanning.
  • Apparently I really love acapella and need more of it in my life.
  • Fat Amy is my hero.

Completely Unrelated But Still Funny:

The group sitting behind us, which were at least mostly over 21 years old, was kind of obnoxious, BUT this gem came out of it, so…win? At one point near the end of the movie Elizabeth Banks’ character (who plays an announcer at the competitions) calls her co-host a misogynist. One of the (over 21!) girls behind us said, AND I QUOTE, ‘What does misogynistic mean?’ facepalm.

In conclusion, this is definitely my favorite movie I’ve seen this year and I will definitely be seeing it at least two more times in theaters (once with more friends and once with my mother).

Alyssa L.

Five of us from the Twin Cities book club went, and we all loved it. Like I could just gush at you for several paragraphs here. We agreed that if they started it up again, we’d have stayed to watch. I definitely want to buy the soundtrack. I was beaming and dancing in my seat during the last half hour or so, during the final competition. It’s really, really funny (especially if you like Rebel Wilson, which I do, but even if you don’t, there’s plenty of other humor). Anna Kendrick is great–no surprise there! I will admit that the story is totally predictable, but honestly that didn’t take away from anything; they even sort of acknowledged it part way through. There are so many great a cappella puns (I suppose that’s a sentence that will put some people off…) and jokes. Jesse, the main dude, is cute and charming, and the big antagonist is such a great asshole. Also! Elizabeth Banks is hilarious. I don’t even know, I just loved every single thing about it, and I’m definitely going to bring my friends to see it again. 

Maggie L.

It’s like someone wrote a movie just for me and then made it real.

Tayla S.

1. Best.Movie.Ever. I was super pumped for this movie the moment I saw this trailer. If someone from the world of Inception went into my dreams, this movie would be the result of what they found.

2. The cast is awesome. I have been obsessed with Anna Kendrick since she was Fritzi in Camp. She actually has an amazing voice and she has won a Tony award so she is legit.

3. Obviously Rebel Wilson needs to be super famous right now.

4. The dude from Workaholics is great, his character is super douchey and amazing.

5. There is a weird sub-plot where one of the Bellas is a predatory lesbian which was incredibly awkward (or aca-akward as Anna Camp would say) and made me uncomfortable. It was the only part of the movie that I didn’t really like. It was very mean.

6. It was pure evil to see the movie weeks before the soundtrack is released. I NEED IT NOW.

7. Skylar Astin (the male lead) was in Spring Awakening (with Lea Michele) and he is delicious. Also, one time I had a conversation with his dad.

Chaya C.

Pitch Perfect is an excellent antidote for a long day at work, a 20-page research paper, or the aftermath of opening your credit card bill. It will transport you to a simpler time of singing, drinking, girl power, and watching The Breakfast Club with your cute neighbor from down the hall.

Joy H.


  • Elizabeth Banks! She needs a crown or scepter or something because she is that amazing!
  • Skylar Astin! What the who? Don’t know where he came from, but I suspect it was heaven!


  • Sexy Man Splits
  • Horizontal Running
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Awesome Puns (The Minstrel Cycles!)
  • Close Up Magic
  • The Breakfast Club


  • Vomiting Vomiting


Everything I’d hoped and oh so much more. So many quotes, so much harmony, cute boy(s) and The Breakfast Club

Alexis G.

Guys. Guys. GUYS. Pitch Perfect is so.very.crazy.good. SO GOOD. And SURPRISING, which is always the best part of a good funny story. Surprisingly good singing/vocal arrangements; surprising cameos; surprising abstention from formulaic plot points. Surprising…erm, projections. (I’ll let those moments themselves spoil you when you OBVIOUSLY EVENTUALLY SEE IT.) Thank you again, ye goddesses at FYA HQ, for showering big book club cities with Pitch Perfect screening love. And you’re welcome, Universal Pictures, for ALL OF THE MONEY I will be spending to see the movie again and again and again once it’s released for real.

P.S. Anyone want to start up an FYA a cappella group where we sing punny songs about YA lit? CONVO ME.

Sarah lives in Austin, and believes there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure, which is part of why she started FYA in 2009. Growing up, she thought she was a Mary Anne, but she's finally starting to accept the fact that she's actually a Kristy.