Title: Roswell, New Mexico S1.E02 “So Much For the Afterglow”
Released: 2019

Previously: Max Evans saves the life of Liz Parker Ortecho in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, and Liz learns that the boy she had a crush on in high school ten years prior is actually an alien from the infamous 1947 crash.


On the ten-year anniversary of Rosa’s accident, Liz re-opens an investigation into her sister Rosa’s death both through alien magic—watching Max’s memories that involved both Liz and Rosa—and science—looking at Rosa’s autopsy records thanks to Kyle. Liz is shocked to find out that Rosa’s “official” report is a fake, and she’s outright devastated to see an alien handprint over her dead sister’s mouth.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate in town, and some shitty racists—one of whom was responsible for shooting Liz—attack Arturo behind the Crashdown. Max saves Arturo, but Hulks out on the racists; Michael and Isobel stop him from going too far.

Liz’s blossoming feelings for Max are obviously dampened by her discovery, but she’s conflicted when she finds her dad beaten and learns that Max is the one who saved his life. Regardless, lies to Max when they meet for what was supposed to be a kiss, and tells him she’s staying in Roswell to “help,” when she’s obviously just working an angle to get to the truth.


– Who is this badass Jenna Cameron* woman?

– Liz has/had a fiancé?!

– Damn, Max. You need to blow off some steam, but not on someone’s face. Even if they are a shitty racist.

– OK, nevermind. Jenna’s a Tess. (Who’s totally being used, but still.)

*Had to look this one up on IMDB.


– This Max is kinda bowlegged?

– Last week, Isobel brought Max nail polish remover to get his strength back after saving Liz. This week, Michael added it to his booze. Nail polish remover’s apparently the new Tabasco. (And … yuck.)

– Maria and Alex’s relationship is as adorable as ever.


Kyle will likely get stuck in the friendzone, but I appreciate his willingness to help Liz and not keep secrets from her when she obviously needs to know the whole truth.


“It’ll be our secret.”—Max
“Another one.”—Liz

“You look like garbage, partner. Ruggedly handsome garbage, but garbage.”—Jenna

“I can totally do the cowboy thing. Grunt, stare off into the distance, talk about belt buckles as a metaphor for emotions.”—Noah

“Are you sassing Jesus?”—Max

“He did get kinda hot. In a sex in a truck, smells like a river, never introduce him to your mama kind of way, no?”—Maria

“I don’t want to be an experiment.”—Max


– Did Michael Trevino get work done, or did he just experience a glow up since his time on The Vampire Diaries? There’s something different about him.

– The alien handprint over Rosa’s mouth: evidence of murder, or someone trying to save her?

– What’s with the nasty burn scar on Michael’s hand, and how is it related to Alex? And what exactly happened between those two? There was a lot more hurt in Michael’s eyes during their end of episode chat than I expected.

– So does Kyle know that the alien that healed Liz was Max? She said his name at the end of the episode, and he was right there having just asked her who the alien was …

How are you feeling now that we’ve gotten past the pilot ep? I’m still on the fence. On the one hand, I’m glad it’s verging from the original show pretty drastically. On the other, it’s not really grabbing my attention …

Next episode: “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” There better be a boy band song or five amongst the angst and Isobel’s mind meddling.

P.S.—All of the released episode titles are the titles of songs from the 90s. I see what you did there, writers.


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