Title: Roswell, New Mexico S1.E07 “I Saw The Sign”
Released: 2019

Previously: Isobel’s dark side—and the events of the night of Rosa’s death—are revealed.


In a flashback scene, we see Grandpa Manes being part of an autopsy on a Roswell alien after the crash. One of the alien’s organs glows, and they have a strange, crop circle-like brand on their hand.

In the present, we find out that Max has a tattoo that’s very similar to said brand.

Mimi DeLuca, Maria’s mom, shows up at the bar a little discombobulated. After some gentle prodding from Alex, Liz and he arrive, and Liz gets the low down on Mimi’s situation: No one really knows what’s wrong. The three try to give her a good night on the town, but Mimi keeps slipping into another reality, once in which Liz is Rosa (and Independence Day was real). She tells Alex that something “happened” to Jim Valenti, but doesn’t elaborate, and tells Rosa!Liz that Rosa knew Isobel’s secret, and that’s why Rosa was frightened of her/Isobel did what she did.

Max is being investigated for what happened at Green’s warehouse. Wyatt doesn’t remember anything, he says, but draws Max’s tattoo (without realizing he’s doing it) when Cam asks him to write down his statement. Noah warns Max off the case, or else Wyatt’s lawyer will go after Liz’s dad, but he can’t help his overprotective nature.

Cam confronts Max about his tattoo in the guise of being his friend, and doesn’t believe him when he says it’s just something he used to doodle. As part of her deal with Manes, to help Charlie (her sister), Cam tells Manes that he should investigate Max.

Meanwhile, Liz is trying to get revenge on Isobel with science. When Isobel finds out, she’s actually willing to get locked away. And Max actually thinks the serum that Liz created, one that could harm the aliens (or something) is a good idea, at least for Liz to have—just in case.


– Trying to create a weapon?!

– Michael and Maria sharing that sweet moment in the bar caused some major original series feels.


– Max has a tattoo that’s reminiscent of the brand on the dead alien’s hand.

– I appreciate that they’re keeping up with the questionable Maria hair choices.

– Maria comes by her kooky ways naturally, like OG Maria did. (Though OG Amy DeLuca was more revolutionary kooky than spiritual kooky, right?)


Alex. Way to be a good friend. Calling out Liz likely wasn’t easy, but it was what both she and Maria needed him to do. They just might not have realized it until he did it.


“We’ve never seen any of this before.”—Grandpa Manes

“I know this is an ‘any port in a storm’ situation. You’re a scratching post for me, too, Evans.”—Cam

“Liz Ortecho’s my hurricane.”—Max

“If you were the reason Alex went to war, I’d hate you.”—Michael

“Reality sucks. Why drag her into any of it?”—Liz

“It’s not so bad.”—Max
“I’ll make it fashion.”—Isobel


– What happened to Mimi to make her the way she is?

– What happened to Jim Valenti?

– What, exactly, is in that serum that Liz created? And is the the only person who works in that lab? Did no one question her testing Max’s samples and/or creating something that obviously wasn’t for what she’s actually supposed to be doing there?

– I know Cam already had her suspicions about Max, but did that leap from tattoo/Wyatt’s drawing to the electrical box seemed a stretch to anyone else?

– Where was Kyle this episode? I missed him.

Next episode: “Barely Breathing.” Something’s amiss with Isobel! (Trying to get us to care about her is like trying to make fetch happen, writers.)


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