Title: Roswell, New Mexico S1.E08 “Barely Breathing”
Released: 2019

Previously: Maria reveals that her mama has some cognitive issues, Max is under investigation for what happened at Green’s warehouse, Liz is sneaking around creating serums that could take away Isobel’s powers, and Cam’s shady dealings with Manes put Max in the crosshairs.


As Manes is leaving the Project Shepherd bunker—post spying on Max—Alex attacks him. Alex is looking for the truth, and has been investigating his dad, aliens, and how they connect. While his dad’s tied up, Alex hacks into the system and finds that Michael’s been flagged as a “threat level red” terrorist. Alex doesn’t believe it’s anything more than his dad’s (HORRIBLE) prejudices and bigotry, and reveals that he knows that the project’s been shut down for eight years. He tells his dad to get out of town … and never come back, or else he’ll tell the Pentagon and ruin Manes’s reputation. Before Manes leaves, thought, he tasks Cam with being his eyes and ears, and now spying on Alex, too.

Meanwhile, Isobel’s going stir-crazy in the hospital, and Noah doesn’t understand why she’s there. She thinks she’s got a plan to get out (and not hurting people), and influences Kyle into stabbing her with Liz’s serum. (Right after he learns the truth about Rosa’s death, and Isobel’s part in it.) The serum seems to be working, but when she starts coughing up blood, and Max’s connection to her goes cold, they all know that something’s wrong. Liz talks Michael into working with her to figure out an antidote, but they need more time. Enter the pods the aliens woke up in, and the weird substance inside that evaporates upon contact with Earth’s atmosphere. While the boys are kidnapping Isobel from the hospital, Liz makes slime, which she wipes all over a naked Isobel before Isobel gets into the pod. When she’ll get out remains to be seen.

And true to form, Max goes home and cries on his mom’s shoulder.* (Hi Claudia Black! Your talents were severely underutilized in this episode.)

*Pretty much every episode so far has ended with Max crying or tearing up.


– Damn, Alex! Knocking your dad out with your crutch is hardcore.

– Damn, Kyle! (Although we later learn why, exactly, you stabbed Isobel, that was also pretty hardcore.)

– Dead by the end of the day?!


– The aliens once again never get sick.

– I’d sure like to be able to observe and learn a language without actually having to study it.

– Alex always has been good at computers.

– I LOVE that Michael’s a secret smarty.


You’re growing on me, Michael, and I appreciate how, even though you kinda hate her, you respect Liz’s intelligence enough to know that you need to work together. (You’re also a HUGE softy when it comes to Maria, even when you act all tough. It’s adorable.)


“What do you do when the evil you fear is inside your own mind? When there may be no way to kill it without killing yourself?”—Isobel(‘s weird voiceover)

“I just need one day of not talking about, thinking about, or drinking about aliens.”—Liz

“Just bring it by the bar. I’m not giving you my number.”—Maria

“If anything happens to Isobel … you’re gonna be getting revenge on the wrong person.”—Michael

“You’re the flaw, Dad.”—Alex

“I can’t let Max watch her die, alone.”—Michael
“I can’t let him watch her die at all.”—Liz

“How many times do I have to tell you that reading on the move is a dangerous hobby?”—Mama Evans

“You are not looking for justice. You are using this project to target people you hate. And it stops, right now.”—Alex


– Are Mama and Papa Evans really doing wonderful? Mama Evans seemed awfully cagey.

– What was Kyle going to say before he said Rosa was his friend? Rosa was his sister? (Wait. They were related! I’d forgotten.)

– How does Mama Evans not know who Michael is/how his childhood turned out? Max, Isobel and Michael obviously spent time together growing up …

– What defibrillator is Max talking about in Isobel’s hospital room?

– Did anyone else think Manes was going to shoot Alex when he gave him back the gun? (I got REAL nervous.)

– Exactly how much silver was Liz wearing to make that much goop?

– How are they going to explain where Isobel went?

Next episode: “Songs About Texas.” Those who are not in stasis in an alien pod continue their search for a fix of Isobel—and it maybe leads them to another alien? Directed by the one, the only, OG Liz: Shiri Appleby.


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