Title: Roswell, New Mexico S1.E10 “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”
Released: 2019


Previously: Max and Michael and Liz and Maria visit a faith healer in Texas that has powers suspiciously similar to Max’s; Kyle, Alex, and Cam join forces at Project Shepherd; and Isobel remains in the pod for the WHOLE EPISODE.


Max pulls Isobel from her pod, and Liz immediately stabs her with the antidote. It’s quickly obvious that the cure worked, and Isobel’s stable. While she goes home to check in with Noah, Max and Cam chat about the unexplained murders—no hilarious meetups with the disparate gangs are going to happen, sadly—Alex and Michael spill all of their secrets to each other, and Kyle goes looking for answers from his mom.

Michael shows Alex his bunker and what could very well be a ship’s control panel. Alex gets freaked out when he realizes Michael wants to leave the planet, and so heads to the Wild Pony. He and Maria share their mutual “history” with Michael before Kyle calls Alex to Project Shepherd to share his dad’s notes. They’re in code, but the piece of alien ship Alex found in the cabin—and subsequently hid from Michael—helps them crack it. A name mentioned more than once, Caulfield, turns out to be an old prison nearby.

Isobel’s meeting with Noah goes surprisingly well, aside from a scare with a newly purchased gun, and they’re heading out to a make-up picnic when Isobel has a flashback of spending time with Rosa before her death. They put the picnic on hold and head to the hospital to talk Liz into giving Isobel more of the antidote, in the hopes of triggering more memories. Liz’s micro-dose (with a giant-ass needle) is put on hold, however, when an active shooter starts shooting in the hospital. Noah gets grazed with a bullet, and Max arrives to shepherd them all to safety. He runs back in to track the shooter down, but not before the shooter trashes Liz’s lab. When Max does eventually find him, he has no memory of the incident, nor why he’d do it.

Max and Liz realize that Isobel might have been influenced by the fourth alien; that it wasn’t really her who killed Rosa, rather someone was acting through her body.

They’re proven right when Isobel has another memory, this time of the “person” in her body the night Rosa died.


– Noah gets shot!

– Blackouts are the avenue the fourth alien uses to be murdery! (There are SERIOUS consent issues here, particularly when you factor in the fact that Isobel felt like she wanted Rosa.)

– OF COURSE the fourth alien is a man. (See above worries about consent issues.)


– Poor Michael was on his own with shitty foster parents until he was 11.

– Kyle’s childhood nickname was … Magoo.


Maria. She didn’t do much this episode other than stand her ground (or attempt to) with Michael, but I feel bad that she’s the only one out of the loop.


“Are you serious? He’s still president?!”—Isobel

“I’ve known about alien stuff for months. I want to know about you.”—Alex

“Baby, I come in peace.”—Isobel

“They’re cowboys. And aliens. And cowboys and aliens!”—Noah

“I can’t believe I’ve literally been probed by an alien.”—Noah


– When is poor Maria gonna get looped in? EVERYONE knows now.

– Is no one who learns the truth at all freaked out? Everyone’s taken it really in stride.

– Why is the fourth alien such a creepy bastard?

– Who is the fourth alien? I feel more and more like we’ve met them already …

– There are only three episodes left this season. Are we going to resolve this season’s big bad (i.e., the fourth alien)? What do we think might be in store for season 2? (This is probably me getting ahead of us, but I like predictions.)

Next episode: “Champagne Supernova.” A fancy dress party leads to Isobel holding a gun on Max? We’ll see you back here April 9!


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