Title: Roswell, New Mexico S1.E11 “Champagne Supernova”
Released: 2019

Previously: Isobel’s cured, Alex freaks out at the thought of Michael leaving, and an active shooter situation leads to the realization that the fourth alien—whoever they might be—is a baddie who doesn’t understand the idea of consent.


The alien trio, Liz, and Noah make a plan to investigate the fourth alien without making things too obvious. Max and Cam get a tip from Wyatt that Maria got into a fight with Carla (the most recent death), so they look to her as a suspect. Liz gets ready for the UFO museum gala, and plans to meet Max there.

But then Michael is gassed in his bunker, and Max is hit over the head with a bottle, later waking up in the bunker, too. The guys have a heart to heart while they’re stuck there; the dust from the bomb neutralizes their powers.

At the gala, Cam tells Liz about Manes’s blackmail plot, and about Maria being a suspect. Liz can’t believe it, but when Maria steals a fake serum from Liz’s purse, she knows something’s up. Turns out, the fourth alien drugged Maria and used her to do their dirty work. Liz and Isobel find Maria sleeping off the drugs, and Liz heads to the bunker to find Max and Micahel.

When they get back to the gala, Michael offers to stay with Maria while the others show themselves, hoping it’ll make the fourth alien mad. When Liz’s dad mentions that Noah’s firm is a supporter of Ranchero Night, and Maria reveals to Max and Michael that the fight she got in with Carla was because Carla was leaving with Noah, everyone turns their suspicions toward him.

Isobel doesn’t want to believe it, but when she goes into his head, he turns the tables on her and forces her to attack her own brother. Just when you think he’s going to get away with it, a wild Liz appears and stabs him with the real serum. It kicks in just in the nick of time, saving Lixz and making it possible for Max to take him down.


– Michael’s so broken. It hurts my heart.

– No, Noah!


– Max Evans wears bolo ties?


Michael’s really growing on me. He’s a genuinely sweet dude who’s had a lot of bad shizz happen to him. And even when he wants to be the tough guy, his inner teddy bear shines through.

Honorable mention to Max for admitting that he feels shitty about Michael’s childhood, though.


“Your ballroom dancing skills improved since high school?”—Liz
“Oh, they have definitely gotten worse.”—Max

“Whoa. Easy, killer … I realize now that that was a bad choice of words.”—Noah

“And we spent 12 hours a day together and I never once thought, “Huh. He smells like intergalactic crime fighter today.”—Cam

“You make me feel like I’m teetering on the edge of a cliff … and I’m getting addicted to that feeling.”—Liz


– Why are they leaning so hard into an Alex-Maria-Michael love triangle? I realize it hearkens back to the original show, but I don’t love it. (Maria and Michael really do have great chemistry, though …) (But this also plays into the (terrible) stereotypes of bisexual people being “greedy”?)

– Why is Isobel such a BENCH?

– So, how old is Noah, exactly?

– And WHAT is he going to reveal in the next episode?

Next episode: “Creep.” Noah fills in some of the blanks the alien trio have had their whole lives. Only two more episodes left this season!


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