Title: Shadowhunters S1.E11 “Blood Calls to Blood”
Released: 2016
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowhunter of the Week: Clary

Previously: Izzy is arrested for high treason against the Clave; Alec weakens the parabatai bond in an attempt to track Jace; Clary and Jace travel to an (awesome) alternate dimension to find a Portal that leads to Valentine, but Jace is injured in the process and the father they end up finding is his.

What Happened

Having been held captive by Valentine for the past ten years, Michael Wayland was privy to a lot of dirt — incl. the location of Valentine’s new base of operations where he’s taken Jocelyn, the abandoned Renwick hospital back in New York. Once he, Clary, and Jace portal back to NYC conveniently outside of the Jade Wolf, where Luke and Simon are. Jace’s injuries are beyond the capabilities of a healing rune, so Clary and Simon obtain some human blood from Hotel DuMort for a blood transfusion.

After Jace makes a quick recovery, it’s a father-child double date to Renwick’s for Clary, Jace, Luke, and Michael. They find Jocelyn, but they also get found by a bunch of demons. Clary tries to command them away using the Mortal Cup, with no avail, so Michael gives it a try. Except OH SNAP, Michael is really a glamoured Valentine, and now he has the Cup! Except OH SNAP BACK, Clary suspected as much, and the Cup has also been glamoured! Clary and Jace are ready to whoop some Valentine butt, except OH SNAP THE THIRD, Valentine has a Darth Vader moment with Jace because he’s his father! Jace can’t bring himself to kill Valentine, and Clary can’t bring herself to risk Jace’s life when Valentine uses him as a human shield, so Papa Morgenstern portals away. But at least he doesn’t have the Mortal Cup!

Over at the Institute, High Collar Cleav Inquisitor has arrived for Izzy’s day in court. Representing her is Magnus, who cuts through the bullshizz that is the Clave leveraging Izzy’s freedom in return for the Mortal Cup. He convinces Lydia to withdraw the charges — which the inquisitor promptly overturns, imposing a 24-hour deadline to turn over the Mortal Cup or Izzy will be exiled. Luckily, Clary and Jace return with just that (and a new case of incest angst), so Izzy is saved. Hooray!


  • Maybe ‘highlight’ isn’t the correct descriptor, but holy crap — that story about 8-year-old Jace stating he was ready to die.

  • The visual of Alec crouched down next to Izzy, or just any of the times they’re in the frame together. I know M. Daddario is a tall drink of water, but daaaaaayum and thanks for the reminder.

  • Magnus in a suit!

  • Clary glamouring a World’s Best Dad mug as the Mortal Cup. Well played!


  • Potential new drinking game rule: finish your drink whenever Raphael is blackmailed with his involvement in Simon’s human death into breaking the Accords.

  • Good riddance to the Chernobyl setting, but HMMMM the perfectly logical reasoning for Renwick’s being Valentine’s new base of operations (it’s close to the Institute and Shadowhunters can’t track over water) — gee, like the books had it all along? Why was it changed to Chernobyl at all, when literally NOTHING depended on the location being Chernobyl? (Speaking of which: the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster is next month, so fuck that even harder.)

  • OH DEAR GOD, Clary’s demon-commanding voice.

  • Simon being all amazed that Luke can simultaneously be a Downworlder and be in love with Jocelyn. Why is that surprising, you goof? Luke’s been doing both for the entire time that you’ve known him!

  • Ugh, Luke encouraging Simon’s unrequited crush on Clary. STOP ENABLING, LUKE.

  • SO. Your best friend was just had a confrontation with her evil long-lost father, was reunited with her still-comatose mom, and found out that her presumed-dead brother is both alive AND also the guy that she’s been dating. And your first thought is that there’s an opportunity to get into her pants again?!?! YOU ARE A TERRIBLE FRIEND, SIMON LEWIS.

Shadowhunter of the Week

It’s gotta be Clary! I unleashed a blood-curdling “NOOOOOO YOU IDIOTS” when she handed over the Mortal Cup, before it was quickly revealed to be a decoy. (Although, evidently, I still believe these characters capable of being that dumb.)

Say What?

Alec: “I have to ask you something.”

Magnus: “Will it take long? I have a life to live, and there’s not much for us to talk about.”

Alec is officially persona non grata to Magnus. </3

Magnus: “In fact, I’ll do you pro bono.”

… although that doesn’t stop the saucy lines from Magnus.

Michael: “Getting involved too deeply with any woman will only weaken your resolve.”

Hey hey hey — HOLD UP, Michalentine. If there’s any weakening of your resolve, that’s all your own doing. Get outta here with that ‘Bitches, amirite?’ attitude.

Inquisitor: “You’re out of order.”

Magnus: “No, this whole thing is out of order.”

You’re kidding me, right? (And this is the most dispassionate back-and-forth ever, between the inquisitor and Magnus.)

Valentine: “Think about it. Why are the two of you so drawn together? You are meant to be.”

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW — why would you tell your kids that, Tywin Lannister?!

Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her thoughts!

  • Despite my continued dislike of the marriage plot, I really like Lydia. The entire trial scene was really well done.

  • I was wondering if Valentine had disguised himself as Michael Wayland, and that reveal was great. It also showcased how Valentine is excellent at both pretending to be charming and actually being a villain.

  • The Renwick scenes paralleled the book nicely. Jace’s reactions to everything, and his subsequent feelings, killed me. 

  • While the movie took a way around it, I love that the show is going with the “Clary and Jace are siblings” book plot and look forward to those ramifications.  (I desperately want Season 2 to involve that Seelie Court scene, y’all.)

Burning Questions

  • So… do glamours alter olfaction as well? Because Luke was in awful close quarters with Michalentine and didn’t recognize his former parabatai’s scent at all. THEN WHY DO YOU EVEN WEREWOLF?

  • MALEC IN ONE WEEK omg omg omg how could it possibly be as great as I’m hoping it’ll be? (Or, cynical version: how could I possibly lower my expectations to minimize disappointment?)

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