Title: Shadowhunters S1.E04 “Raising Hell”
Released: 2016
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowwinner of the Week: Magnus
Shadowloser of the Week: 

Previously: The Shadowhunters rescued Simon from the vampires (one of whom helped them out), but not without adverse effects for Simon; and a rift grows between Jace and Alec over Clary’s trustworthiness due to being Valentine’s daughter.

What Happened

Despite them having just risked their lives to save him, Simon still doesn’t trust Jace and Co. (but mainly Jace, duh), believing that everything bad only started after Clary met Jace. Simon heads home, where he’s greeted by BLOOD LUST and BLOOD LUST HALLUCINATIONS of Vampire HBIC Camille. He also receives a visit from Bandmate Maureen, who confesses her unrequited crush on him — but not without accidentally breaking a framed photo of Clary and Simon (natch) and cutting herself, inciting MOOOOAR BLOOD LUST for Simon that eventually leads him back to Hotel DuMort and the waiting arms of Camille.

Since the City of Bones trip was unsuccessful in recovering any lost memories about the Mortal Cup, Clary wants to go directly to the one who hid them in the first place: the high warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Mothercussin’ Bane! But to lure hedonistic Magnus out of hiding in such a risky time with Valentine after him, our Shadowhunters arrange a meet at a Downworlder rave with the promise of returning a demon-detecting necklace that Magnus once gave to his former lover, Camille, which had somehow also belonged to the Lightwood family for years. (Small (Shadow) world!)

Speaking of LOVAHHHHS (ick): Magnus meets Alec! And the rest of the Shadowhunters officially, but MALEC HAS ARRIVED. As per tradition, this show is not at all subtle about this coupling, but it bugs me far less than it has previously; partly because Magnus is so not one to be shy and bashful anyway, and partly because…

Gwen Stefani singing in the music video for "Hollaback Girl"
“Uh huh this my ship”

After a bit of convincing, Magnus helps the Shadowhunters retrieve Clary’s lost memories from the Valak demon that he had fed them to for safekeeping. But the summoning ceremony requires each of the participants to relinquish a “beloved memory of the one they love the most”: Alec for Izzy, Jocelyn for Clary, and… Jace for Alec! (THANK GOODNESS this should put an end to Izzy’s hinting about Alec being repressed.) Which causes Alec to flip shizz, breaking the spell before it’s completed. To prevent the demon from getting loose, Clary kills it — and the possibility of recovering those memories (… meaning that she, Izzy, and Alec gave up precious memories for nothing).

Back at the safety of the Institute, Clary’s purple jewel necklace (not to be confused with Magnus’ red jewel necklace; so many necklaces) gives her a vision of comatose Jocelyn with Valentine, who totally knows Clary can see him and demands the Mortal Cup from her!

Shadowwinner of the Week

Magnus, OBVIOUSLY. Please continue to regale us with ratings of Renaissance painters’ bedroom prowess. (Although being boink buddies with Michelangelo would put Magnus’ age at least two centuries older than the Shadowhunters’ estimate of 300ish years.) WELCOME BACK TO OUR SCREENS AND STAY THERE FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN.

Honourable mention to Maureen, for womaning up and pouring her heart out to Simon. Even though things didn’t work out in her favour, that still took major guts.

Shadowloser of the Week

Simon, for being too stubborn for his own good. He leaves the safety of trained demon fighter headquarters to… protect his family? HOW exactly? I know his animosity towards Jace is clouding his judgement, but dude — you’re supposed to be the smart one!

Say What?

Simon [to Jace]: “You don’t get to talk to me, Captain America.”

Committing a CRIMINAL INSULT against My Husband Chris Evans with that comparison.

Simon [to Jace]: “OK — COME AT ME, BRO!”

LOLOLOL SERIOUSLY? Does anyone use this phrase non-facetiously anymore?

Clary: “[Magnus] looks like the Downworld’s David Guettta.”

Isabelle: “Guetta’s already a Downworlder.”

This is crediting David Guetta with far too much sartorial awareness to put him in the same league as Magnus. (I’d have gone with the Downworld’s Adam Lambert instead. And I know the youths know who he is, maybe, since he was on that Halloween train ep of Pretty Little Liars.)

Luke: “Jerky?”

Alaric: “It’s not even 9.”

Luke: “It’s never too early for teriyaki.”

Luke and apparently Alaric, as IMDb had to tell me, in their literal only scene in the episode that contributes absolutely nothing except to remind us that they exist.

Isabelle [to Clary]: “You’re so lucky to have such a flat chest.”

Ouch, what a backhanded compliment. 

Clary: “Magnus, wait! You’re my only hope!”

Doing her best Princess Leia impression.

Clary: “This whole parabatai thing seems oddly intimate.”

Better chemistry: Jace/Clary or Jace/Alec?

Clary: “Is he going to be OK?”

Magnus: “I don’t know. Does he normally just lay like that without moving?”

Magnus, with the bedside manner of House.

Magnus: “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Alec.”

Alec: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Magnus: “You will.”


Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her take!

  • The episode wasn’t very similar to the books in the overall plot, but it got a lot of the little things right. There was dialogue straight from the book (“I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly,” for one), the mention of Tessa and the Spiral Labyrinth was a pleasant surprise, and the history of the ruby necklace was more than I’d actually expected from the show.  Jace’s reaction to seeing a dressed-up Clary, and the ensuing awkward scene, was also similar-but-not-similar in the way of the rest of the episode.

  • We finally meet Magnus, and he meets Alec, and it was fantastic.  TV!Magnus is already stronger than Movie!Magnus, and him throwing not-so-subtle flirty hints and looks at Alec made me laugh.  I’m looking forward to more of their interactions already.

Burning Questions

  • For book fans: whom do y’all think Jace and Magnus’ beloved memory would have been of? Would Jace’s have been of Jace? (I KID, I KID. Maybe.)

  • I’ve never been to a rave, buuuuut that was a pretty tame rave, right? That barely looked any different than a night at PanDEMONium.

  • Are the Shadowhunters terribly unlucky, or just plain terrible at executing a plan? Because the memory demon mishap is the second in four episodes to fail.

  • I’m digging the offbeat friendship forming between Clary and Izzy, but can they get a one-on-one scene without any mention of clothes or boys?

  • Based on what we’ve seen from Jace and Hot Hodge, do all the Institute guys train shirtless? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Related: sooooo, when does Alec get a training scene?


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