Title: Shadowhunters S1.E05 “Moo Shu To Go”
Released: 2016
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowwinner of the Week: Isabelle
Shadowloser of the Week:

Previously: Simon takes his chances on his own, everyone learns that Alec <3s Jace, and Valentine can communicate with (and threaten) Clary through Jocelyn’s necklace.

What Happened

Thanks to Jocelyn’s necklace, the Shadowhunters now at least know that she’s alive. But because the necklace is a portal shard that could allow Valentine to scope out the Institute, Alec locks it up — along with Clary’s only way to see her mother for the time being. (Valentine, of course, is still shacked up in UGH CHERNOBYL, where he apparently speaks Russian and experiments on mundanes with runes and (angel?) blood injections.)

Speaking of mothers, Mama Maryse Lightwood drops by the Institute from the Shadowhunter homeland, Idris Elba’s Bedroom. She assigns Jace and Izzy to look into why the Seelies have stopped communicating with the Clave. A visit with Meliorn reveals that the Fair Folk are in mourning over their scouts that were killed in the search for Valentine, and their allegiance is to whichever side will emerge victorious. It also hints at the inequality and politics between the different species of the Shadow Realms, which I’m def. interested for the show to explore.

Meanwhile, Alec’s been relegated to babysitting Clary at the Institute, which lasts for all of a phone call — and what a phone call it is, because MAGNUS IS CALLING TO ASK ALEC OUT EEEEEEE. But before Alec can set up a time, he has to chase down Clary, who sneaks away to the loft to look for anything that might help track Valentine. And Simon tags along, as he does with all things Clary, exhibiting some vampire athleticism and abilities that doesn’t strike neither Clary nor Alec as particularly odd, even knowing full well that he was JUST abducted by a bunch of vampires. Anyway, Alec ends up distracted and Clary and Simon arrested by Hot Luke’s precinct friend, Alaric…

…. except PSYCH! They’re all totally werewolves, disgruntled with the status quo and looking for the Mortal Cup themselves. And they hang out at the JADE WOLF RESTAURANT, omg this show sometimes. But their plans fall through when a werewolf successfully challenges the current alpha — and that werewolf turns out to be Hot Luke! However, Hot Luke has suffered deep wounds that “only a warlock’s magic will cure”, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ALEC GO WITH THEM. (Er — I mean, BOOOOOO POOR HOT LUKE. Yeees.)

Shadowwinner of the Week

Even though the quotes I saved mostly originate from another Lightwood, I’m giving this to Izzy for winning MY HEART. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but she did bond with Clary over Jocelyn, and she received some long overdue characterization with the introduction of Dan Scott Award hopeful, Maryse.

Shadowloser of the Week

UGH, Simon is really getting on my nerves, y’all. He just keeps beating that same ol’ drum of SHADOWHUNTERS CAN’T BE TRUSTED and I’LL PROTECT YOU, CLARY. Granted, his newly acquired abilities makes the protection idea more feasible than before, but I’ve started to yell “STUPID USELESS SIMON” whenever he appears.

Say What?

Isabelle: “Shadowhunters aren’t big huggers.”

Re: her mother… riiiight before Maryse hugs Jace AND Alec, oh shit.

Raphael [to Simon]: “Are you insane or just an idiot?”

Y’all know my stance on this.

Magnus: “Playing hard to get. I love a challenge.”

Right after Alec abruptly ends their phone call. I look forward to watching more of this challenge!

Alec [to Clary]: “What’s the point of an invisibility rune if you don’t silence your phone?”

V. important Shadowhunter lesson.

Clary: “Alec, just say it. You’ll feel better. You’re in love with Jace.”

Alec: “Forget it. You know what? You’re in love with Jace.”


Alec: “The world’s been ending for a thousand years. You get used to it.”

Ever the pragmatist. 

Alec: “You were engaged? I’m almost certain I don’t want to hear this story.”

Right before Simon cuts him off with more backstory. ILY, ALEC. (THE EYE ROLL.)

Isabelle: “I’m getting seriously tired of saving your life.”

Simon: “I am not!”

A moment of cuteness that I wouldn’t mind more of.

Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her take!

  • While I’m normally ambivalent toward all TV werewolves (the exception being the most ridiculous ones, for whatever reason), I liked seeing Luke become the werewolf alpha.  It was an interesting set up, and it brought him and Clary back on the same page.

  • Maryse was how I’d pictured her acting from the books, as well as the insight into why Isabelle dates Downworlders.

  • Alec stating “the law is hard, but it’s the law” is actually the Covenant motto in the books.

  • I just really want Alec and Magnus to go out for drinks now. I also liked that Alec’s response to Clary bringing up his Jace feelings was to bring up her own Jace feelings instead of threatening her like in the books.

  • The box of Jocelyn’s with the “JC” initials becomes an important book detail, and I’m curious how that’s going to play out.

Burning Questions

  • What’s the actual pronounciation of the name ‘Alaric’? Emphasizing the middle syllable (The Vampire Diaries) or not (Shadowhunters)?

  • Did the show’s special effects team discover the slo-mo feature this week? And were we supposed to be impressed by those scenes?

  • Is Jace really oblivious that Alec LOVES loves him? If so, then GEEZ, he’s dense. And OH GOD, they’re attractive together.

  • How much longer will we have to wait for Magnus and Alec’s first date?!

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