Title: Shadowhunters S1.E07 “Major Arcana”
Released: 2016
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters of the Week: Clary and Jace

Previously: Magnus (with help) saved Luke from a lethal alpha bite; Alec and Magnus grow closer; Clary learns of her parents’ Shadowhunter history; and she also figured out where Jocelyn hid the Mortal Cup.

A quick housekeeping note: I’ve tweaked the categories a little, because it’s getting harder to single out a Shadowloser that isn’t Simon (although I actually didn’t even hate Simon this episode, either!).

What Happened

Clary realizes that Jocelyn used her Angelic Powers to hide the Mortal Cup in her tarot cards, which are among some of the Fray/Fairchild/Fraychilds’ belongings that Luke had stored in his desk at the precinct for safekeeping. But when Luke goes to retrieve the cards, he’s intercepted by Internal Affairs Dick* Fisk, due to Luke’s connection to recent suspicious (demonic) activities. With Luke under investigation, Clary comes up with a plausible and fun (for her) plan to get her and Jace into the precinct: she’s looking for Luke’s spare key to the loft, and Jace is the scummy cheating ex who followed her there — and gets slapped in the face. All for naught, since everything from Luke’s desk has been confiscated, and some Shadowhunter stealthiness is required to steal the Mortal Cup tarot card out of the precinct vault. 

*What? ‘Dick’ is a word for detective! And also accurate of his personality.

Fresh out of his internal affairs interrogation, Luke finds a dead Captain Vargas in her office. Except she was also seen alive and kicking long after her corpse indicates, because a shapeshifter demon has been impersonating her. The shapeshifter and their demon pals have tracked down the Shadowhunters as they’re trying to vamoose with the Cup (Izzy and Alec arrived later as backup). The team splits up to better their chances of getting away… which means that Clary totally runs into a dead end, but she taps into her Angelic Power to pull the Mortal Cup from the card, saving herself by commanding the demons away with the Cup’s powers. After thwarting a fake shapeshifter Jace, Clary safely returns to the Institute, going for some major PDA with Jace as poor heartbroken Alec looks on.

Meanwhile, Simon’s been busy since we last saw him. And by that, I mean GETTIN’ BUSY with Maureen! But vampire hallucinations mixed with unrequited Clary feelings make for a shitty morning-after, as Simon Rosses by calling Maureen the wrong name, then freaks out and bolts. After researching vampire movies**  and walking into a family intervention for his erratic behaviour, Simon finds himself drawn back to Hotel DuMort. Vampire Camille expositions that the effects of vampire blood in his system will eventually fade. Unless, of course, he’s turned into a vampire, which seems to be a distinct possibility as Camille goes in to bite Simon.

**As opposed to consulting the demon experts that he knows, but OK. Even though it took said demon experts forever to notice what his mundane family picked up on right away.


  • AWWW YISS — Alec not waking up at Institute, because he spent the night at Magnus’!… except he did it out of exhaustion and nothing actually happened. (Darn! Although, obvs, the show would never deprive us of seeing Malec play out onscreen, or the fandom might REVOLT.)

  • Domestic violence is never cool, even if it was just an act, but I appreciate Clary’s flair for soap opera-level DRAMATICS.

  • Alec failing miserably at charming the female police officer, but looking so cute while doing it. 

  • Nice cut from Alec saying Jace and Clary wouldn’t be sleeping together to their intentionally racy-sounding convo about deglamouring, even if the misdirection didn’t fool anyone.

  • Speaking of not fooling anyone: the shapeshifter that Clary kills was so obviously not Jace, but the camera lingered a beat or two too enough to suggest doubt. Good fakeout, Show! And good instincts, Clary!

  • Clary and Jace’s first kiss so much better than it was in the movie with the Demi Lovato soundtrack. (#NoDisrespectToDemiLovato #IActuallyLikeSomeOfTheirLatestStuff)


  • Poor Maureen! Even if the show was unexpectedly and pleasantly nonchalant about its characters having sex.

  • … Then again, Simon thinks Fifty Shades sex is something to aspire to. BRO, NO.

  • Grown Up Izzy packing up her old clothes and professional headshot of Meliorn, and also picking up the slack on filing incident reports. OMG, the Clave sounds so boring.

  • Simon’s sister, Rebecca, referring to him “spazzing out”, Show? Really? I know this is more of a UK thing, but 1) the show is available on Netflix worldwide, and 2) that line could have been easily rephrased.

  • Andddd the show squanders some of its editing goodwill with the dramatic pasta drop when Simon’s family discover he’s gone. 

Shadowhunters of the Week

I couldn’t choose between these two — and since I make the rules of this recap, I don’t have to! Clary’s starting to get the hang of being a Shadowhunter, and homegirl just WENT FOR IT with that hug and kiss. And petulant Jace might be my fave Jace, esp. since that helps balance out his cocky, arrogant side. This episode made me like them a lot more individually, although jury’s still out on whether or not they can achieve parabatai hotness together.

Say What?

Magnus: “If Valentine started creating Shadowhunters or gained control of demons, it’d be like Beyonce riding on a dinosaur through Times Square. People would notice.”

Magnus, making the most out of his only scene. 

Clary: “Discreet? You look like something out of The Mummy movie.”

Clary to a bandaged Luke, which makes Magnus titter. LONG LIVE THIS FRIENDSHIP.

Jace: “It sounded boring anyway.”

Jace, pouting after Luke tells him to stay behind.

Jace: “I’m going to bring Alec with me next time. I don’t think he’s ever slapped me in the face.”

Jace, still not over Clary’s plan to infiltrate the precinct.

Clary: “[Alaric’s] on our side.”

Jace: “You sure? Isn’t that the line he used when he kidnapped you?”

Clary: “Good point.”

Clary and Jace, exhibiting a refreshing amount of common sense for this show.

Jace: “This will take all day.”

Jace, when Clary takes her time going through Luke’s belongings. 

Elaine: “I’ve never heard him this quiet around pasta before.”

Simon’s mom making Simon the most likeable he’s been to me in ages.

Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her thoughts!

  • In the book, there’s a scene where Jace says he was 90% sure Clary was a Shadowhunter when he did her first rune, and she slaps him, hard, for “the other 10%.”  Their scene in the police department was so entertaining, and not just because that bit was worked in. 

  • Speaking of distractions, Alec attempting to distract the officer at the front desk area was adorably awkward, and I also liked Isabelle’s version of a pep talk. (I have a lot of feelings about TV!Alec, y’all.)

  • I would be a terrible Clace shipper if I did not mention THE KISS. While the movie version was very much how I’d pictured the scene, the overly loud cheesy song (sorry, Demi Lovato) overshadowed the moment. I liked how they did it, especially with Clary taking initiative to kiss Jace.  I’m also curious to see how it affects Alec and Jace.

Burning Question

  • Will the vampire arc finally be over by next episode’s end? PLEASE OH PLEASE, it’s dragged on long enough.

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