Title: Shadowhunters S2.E03 “Parabatai Lost”
Released: 2017
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowhunter of the Week: Jace

Previously: The Clave has declared Jace a traitor; Jocelyn tried to kill Jace (as all mothers do to their long-lost sons); Simon needs to find Camille, who has violated the Accords; Alec puts his life at risk to track Jace; and Clary and Jace escape from Valentine’s ship. 

What Happened

Part of Alec’s soul is trapped in the parabatai bond, which is conveniently replaying key moments of his relationship with Jace for us viewers: when they first met, and the lead-up to their parabatai ceremony, which Alec had been reconsidering due to his romantic feelings for Jace (that Izzy easily figured out). But, of course, they ultimately became parabatai anyway, with this bond of theirs being the only thing that can save Alec now.

And where is his parabatai? Jace has washed up onto a beach, sans stele and Clary — and alongside Werewolf Gretel’s (human) body, just in time for a mundane bystander to stumble upon the scene and alert the police. Luke and Alaric are on the case, police-wise and pack-wise — but the rest of the werewolves are looking to avenge their fallen friend.

Clary’s back at the Institute, but she’s faking a memory wipe to avoid telling Victor what happened on Valentine’s ship, which has been found abandoned. Also in missing parents news: Simon’s worried that his Jillian Michaels Mom has disappeared in an alcoholic relapse. With Clary’s help, he finds his mom, all right — with Raphael, posing as Simon’s band manager whom JMM unknowingly invites into her home and gives leverage to make Simon comply.

Meanwhile, Victor is keen on keeping Alec at the Institute as bait for Jace, so Izzy and Magnus have to smuggle Alec out of there. When Victor catches on, Izzy makes a deal with him to save both Alec and Jace. She intercepts the werewolves’ pursuit of Jace, laying down the Clave law to get them to stand down. Jace is able to revive Alec — but once he does, as per Izzy’s agreement, Victor and the Clave descend to sentence him to the City of Bones to await trial for high treason.


  • Call me petty, but I like how no one’s letting Jocelyn off the hook for being shitty. And thanks, Magnus, for the reminder that she had been wiping Clary’s memories for twelve years, holy shizz.

  • I had totally forgotten that Alec was once in love with Jace. Partly #BecauseMalec, but also because of how maturely Alec and Jace moved on with their friendship.

  • As much as I love Fun Magnus, I appreciate the rare glimpses of vulnerable Sad Magnus.

  • Yes, I am aware that all of my highlights somehow involve Magnus.


  • So, Dead Werewolf Gretel ended up on Valentine’s freighter because of Jace. As in JACE KIDNAPPED SOMEONE NAMED GRETEL, omg be more on the nose.

  • Continuing last week’s flashback weirdness, there are different actors playing slightly younger versions of Alec, Jace, and Izzy, when this couldn’t have been more than like 5 years ago. (Arriving at that number because Young Alec and Young Jace were at least 13-15, and all three were credited as teen versions. (Also, as per the credits of the tiniest versions, Jace is 1 year older than Alec.)) Basically, this show would work a lot better if the characters were the actors’ ages.

  • A laid-back week in more ways than one for Matthew Daddario, who literally had three lines all episode long. And received a Magnus kiss, I guess.

Shadowhunter of the Week

I was tempted to go with Izzy, who had another stellar episode, but poor Jace has been the epitome of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ lately. From Valentine’s clutches to the werewolves’ wrath and now at the Clave’s mercy, homeboy just can’t catch a break. (And I haven’t even mentioned his hair! Until now.)

Say What?

Young Jace: “See, it’s all about confidence.”

I’m sure aim and practice matter for archery too, Tiny Jace.

Magnus: “Oh, great. Clary’s safe. We can all go home now.”

Part 1…

Magnus [to Jocelyn]: “You were only trying to do what you always do. Manipulate people into helping fix problems that you created.”

… and Part 2 of Magnus delivering HOT TRUTH to Jocelyn.

Raphael: “We are your family now.”

He’d fit right into the Fast and Furious family.

Luke: “This is not a democracy.”

That’s right; IT’S A CHEER-OCRACY.

Jocelyn: “The Clave can be reasoned with. The wolves can’t.”

Wait — whaaaaaat? UM, JOCELYN — LUKE LOVES YOU, for reasons unknown. And yet that’s what you think of him and his pack?

Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert and co-host of The Parabatai Podcast, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her thoughts!

  • Even in the brief flashbacks, the younger versions of Jace, Alec, and Izzy were very true to form, and I enjoyed seeing the trio in moments of growing up, especially the parabatai ceremony.

  • Speaking of parabatai, this show has taken so many steps to explain the parabatai bond and its importance to Jace and Alec. We’ve seen how Jace and Alec act toward each other (ignoring certain non-parabatai-related subtexts, of course) and how they’re willing to risk everything for each other, which makes the first scene they share in present day more heartbreaking as a result of this groundwork.

  • The search for Simon’s mother did a great job of showing, not just telling, that Clary and Simon have been best friends for a very long time.

  • We met Maia this episode! Book!Maia is a great character, and I think TV!Maia is going to be equally great.

Burning Questions

  • Will there be a rift between the Lightwoods when Alec finds out that Izzy sold out Jace to save his life?

  • Who wore it better: the werewolves’ “Blood for Blood” motto, or The 100′s “Blood Must Have Blood”? 

  • Is, like, 90% of shadowhunting just tracking? The parabatai tracking may have been a holdover from last episode — itself a rehash of another tracking storyline — but it was also featured in Clary and Simon’s subplot. (Hello, Season 2 drinking game rules.)

  • Was there a deliberate casting choice to have so many Downworlders played actors of colour? Obvs, hooray for actors of colour getting work, and there are non-white Shadowhunters (and non-white actors playing white characters), but the Shadowhunters are still noticeably whiter than, say, the werewolves. I’m probably reading too much into this, but I can’t help feeling a little uncomfortable since Downworlders are considered to be inferior to Shadowhunters.

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