Title: Shadowhunters S2.E07 “How Are Thou Fallen”
Released: 2017
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowhunter Downworlder of the Week: Simon

Previously: Jace moves in with Magnus; Izzy gets hooked on yin fen; Clary learns about the Soul-Sword from Luke’s sister and Iron Sister Cleo; and Cleo kills a fellow Iron Sister, activates her Circle rune, and flees the Citadel.

What Happened

Things are getting serious for Malec. After hesitation from both — sexual inexperience for Alec, emotional vulnerability for Magnus — they take their relationship to the next level. Whereas Jace and his libido are strictly thinking casual; basically, the boy is trying to bang his Clave troubles away. And he’s taken on a pupil in Simon, who wants pointers for wooing Maia. But SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SHANIA — that don’t impress her much, because Maia likes Simon’s nerdy self… although just as friends, because Simon is still so clearly in love with Clary.

Meanwhile, Izzy’s growing desperate from yin fen addiction: breaking into Aldertree’s office (unsuccessfully); extracting vampire venom straight from a source aka Simon (unsuccessfully); lying about being on a secret mission so that she can find the Night Children for her next fix (to be determined). OH IZZY, NO.

And finally, a wounded Cleo shows up at the Jade Moon with a story of escaping from Valentine after he infiltrated the Citadel and kidnapped her. Except Clary and Luke aren’t buying what she’s selling: Cleo’s been loyal to Valentine and the Circle (terrible band name, btw) all along. But Cleo changes her tune when she realizes that Clary’s been receiving runes and messages from an angel — Ithuriel, who’s being held captive for Valentine in preparation of activating the Soul-Sword’s Downworlder massacre capabilities. While Cleo and Luke deal with Valentine (who escapes, as he always does), Clary and Jace free Ithuriel, receiving an omnimous vision from him before he flies away.


  • EYES EMOJI at Jace hooking up with a rando at Magnus’. (Although this kind of scene is overdue for consistent characterization of him as a player. And I know this is not the main takeaway of Jace shirtlessness, but how useful are runes on your back if they’re difficult to reach for activating?)

  • Magnus asking Izzy “What’s up, beautiful?” in Spanish, if my faint recollection of high school Spanish is to be trusted. (Fun fact: Spanish was Harry Shum, Jr.’s first language! … which I had already known without needing to look it up.)

  • Simon showing up two hours early for his not-a-date date with Maia is pretty dang cute.

  • … and then Simon later making a mess with his bloody cocktail and Maia nonchalantly wiping the blood off. (Peculiar detail, I know, but it showed how familiar and easygoing they already are with each other.)

  • THE FULL NAME THING CAME INTO PLAY. I had just been thinking about how Magnus usually refers to the Lightwood sibs by their full first names (can’t recall him ever using Clary or Jace’s names), and then Clary susses out Cleo’s deception when Cleo calls her Clarissa, like Valentine does.

  • I worry it’s weird to list siblings talking about sex as a highlight, maybe? (Esp. on a show with romantic leads that turned out to be siblings… ) But Alec and Izzy’s convo definitely is one.

  • Valentine bringing up their parabatai bond so that Luke doesn’t shoot him, even if it’s dirty pool.

  • Jace + Maia = FRENEMIES 4EVER.


  • Holy shizz, THIS. (Clary’s phone alert from the Institute.)

  • LOLOLOL Jace complaining about someone else’s hair. (Even if Simon’s did look better after tousling.)

  • Rough week for the props department continues: Ithuriel’s wings look AWFUL. Seriously, you can probably buy better Cupid wings from the Valentine’s Day bargain bin.

Shadowhunter Downworlder of the Week

I was tempted to pick Clary (she’s come such a long way as a Shadowhunter, as evident in that fight), but I’ve managed to pick a different character for each episode of this season thus far, so I’ll keep this meaningless streak going. Simon’s at his most likeable yet — and not just because he flashed his abs — so of course he ended up with a renewed determination to confess his true feelings for Clary. (Sigh, let’s just do this already so I can stop dreading it.)

Say What?

Alec: “Why do they call it fatty tuna? I mean, that’s a little degrading.”

Magnus: “Well, I don’t think obese tuna sounds any better.”

Malec, on tuna shaming. 

Magnus: “Go do your job, Shadowhunter. I’m not going anywhere.”

MALEC SWOONINESS. And that’s not even counting the Marcus Flutie-esque dialogue!

Isabelle: “Staying out of trouble?”

Simon: “Well, I haven’t been kidnapped in a while.”

Izzy and Simon, catching up

Simon: “Is this the only bar in Brooklyn?”

Literally speaking my thoughts.

Simon: “Why are you here?”

Jace: “Book club.”

You jest, but this totally gave me Tom Haverford face#ShamelessSelfPromotion

Jace: “It looks like you’re low on fibre.”

Jace has critiques for Simon (as well as generally bad dating advice). 

Alec: “No, I don’t overthink things. Do I?”

Oh, Alec

Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert and co-host of The Parabatai Podcast, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her thoughts!

  • Alec’s gift and Magnus’ reaction was a very touching moment, and Magnus telling Maia about it was also very endearing.

  • Oh, Jace. He is not handling things well right now. However, his scene with Simon was my favorite of the episode. It showcased both the mostly antagonistic relationship they still have, which was very entertaining, and a snarky, cocky facet of Jace’s personality again, which was very attractive. In the middle of Jace acting out, he literally dropped everything to help Clary when Luke said she was in trouble, which I have a lot of feelings about.

  • I loved the show’s adaptation of Ithuriel, who is the center of a major plot point and a similar unchaining scene in City of Glass. Tied in with this was, in addition to the continued revelation of Clary’s ability to create new runes, the revelation that Clary can very unusually communicate with an angel.

  • On a related note, Magnus mentioning how his friend Jem struggled with yin fen made me kind of emotional since Jem is from the Infernal Devices series.  I’m also still very concerned about Izzy.

Burning Questions

  • Follow-up to the mystery of the characters’ ages: Maia serves Jace right after Simon mentions being perpetually underage, so her being a responsible bartender must mean Jace is at least 21. (And — unless I’m making the wrong assumption about New York liquor laws — Maia must be at least 21, too.) 

  • Can Maia stick around FOREVERRRR? I’m starting to love her. And I’m so hoping that Luke’s two surrogate daughters will get along, regardless of whatever happens with Simon.

  • Soooooo, not to be completely crass (but also to be completely crass): Malec did actually get it on offscreen, right?

  • Which wins in the battle of the bars: Hunter’s Moon for Downworlders, or Supergirl‘s Alien Bar? (Why Not Both Dot GIF)

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