Title: Shadowhunters S3.E04 “Thy Soul Instructed”
Released: 2018
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowhunter (?) of the Week: Kyle

Previously: Raphael has kept new vampire Heidi locked up and sedated, but she escapes; Simon moves out of the Jade Wolf boathouse; OWLFACE IS OWLJACE.

What Happened

Heidi is on the loose and causing chaos: ransacking a blood donation van, turning a mundane, and exacting revenge on Raphael for (unsuccessfully) experimenting on her to unlock the secret to becoming a Daylighter. Izzy and Clary kill the new vamp that Heidi sired and save Raphael before he burns in daylight. In exchange for Izzy not reporting Raphael to the Clave, she makes him GTFO of town. 

In need of a new place to live, Simon serendipitously runs into and befriends bike messenger Kyle, fellow musician and video gamer who’s looking for a roommate. The sitch sounds too good to be true because IT IS; Kyle’s secretly keeping tabs on Simon on behalf of someone (something?) called the Praetor.

Unable to account for his recent whereabouts, Jace worries that he’s losing his mind due to his family history of mental illness. But really, he’s been under Lilith’s control whenever he goes to sleep, doing her bidding as the Owl — incl. freeing mundane Morgan of demonic possession to erase their tracks — in her efforts to resurrect Jonathan.


  • A rare Jace and Luke scene — and one that has nothing to do with Clary.

  • OF COURSE Heidi’s revenge on Raphael requires stripping him down to his underoos. (Related: Raphael and Alec apparently share the same taste in black boxer briefs. Or the show just bought in bulk.)


  • Daaaaaamn, that’s a cold way to write someone off the show. See ya, Raphael. (Poor Magnus, though!)

  • The Institute’s new head of security is some white bread guy (Underhill?). Was that Raj‘s old job? If so, he really sucked at it because there were security breaches all the dang time.

  • In another case of indistinguishable side characters: the werewolf that Simon forehead deflected was Glen, not Rufus, as I had previously thought. But honestly, the show doesn’t care about its grownups who aren’t parents or parental units, so why should I?

  • Poor Jersey, getting shat on yet again in pop culture.


  • Not a full lowlight yet, but I’m apprehensive about Jace’s storyline combining hereditary mental illness and demonic control. (Especially since, y’know, literally demonizing mental illness doesn’t really help to destigmatize it.) I’ll reserve judgment until it finishes playing out, but the show’s treading a fine line.

  • I was feeling ready for the Shadowhunters to find out about Lilith, BUT NOT LIKE THIS.
Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) greeting Lilith at the door
Magnus: “Come on in.”
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Shadowhunter (?) of the Week

So what’s the deal with Kyle? Between his quick healing and Luke being in the know: wolf or nah? (And if the actor looks familiar, he played Ilian in The 100!)

Say What?

Luke: “How am I supposed to keep the pack from doing something stupid and getting themselves blown to pieces?”

Maia: “You tell them to stop acting like prejudiced dicks.”

A reminder of why Maia is a great second-in-command.

Simon: “Besides, I rose from the dead. I can find an apartment.”

Appreciate the optimism, although BRUH — this is New York real estate.

Alec: “Too pretty for your own good?”

Jace: “Are you jealous?”

Probably having their most honest conversation ever.

Isabelle: “I gave him my number to get him off my back.”

Clary: “You wouldn’t have given him your number in the first place if you weren’t a little interested.”

I know Izzy’s going to get involved with Dr. Mundane eventually anyway, but Clary/writers, don’t be so dismissive because women do have to do this!

Magnus: “Not to be an overeager warlock boyfriend, but need a hand?”

Alec: “You help me all the time. If I came to you every time I had a problem –“

Magnus: “We’ll spend more time together. UGH, torture.”

Malec being cuties.

Lilith: “I clearly underestimated the power of your love.”

Throwing a bone to Clace shippers.

Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert and co-host of The Parabatai Podcast, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her thoughts!

  • Owl!Jace is markedly different from regular Jace, down to how he stands, and Lilith’s reveal that she plans to destroy Jace as revenge for him nearly killing Sebastian raises the stakes even more. It’s super interesting that the thing that can break Jace from Lilith’s hold is his love for Clary, and it’s super problematic that Lilith now knows this and plans to “deal with her.”

  • We met Kyle! He and Simon have a similar friendship meet-cute in City of Fallen Angels, and they seem to be on the track of being fast friends. Luke being the one to report the developments with Simon to the Praetor is also an interesting twist from the books. (P.S.: Simon, hon, in what world did you think you could find an affordable solo apartment in NYC?)

  • I am loving Heidi as an original show character. She’s crafty, unpredictable, and ruthless, and I think she’s going to take a similar role to a book character that causes drama for Simon.

Burning Questions

  • Does Kyle have the same apartment as Sebastian? Not that I actually checked this, but the layout seemed similar enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if the show reused the same set.

  • Speaking of living situations: what’s up with Maia’s? She mentioned not being able to hook up at any place other than Simon’s, so do the werewolves actually live at the Jade Wolf? Does she not have her own place? Does she live with Luke?

  • HOW IS A NEW VAMP ABLE TO TAKE RAPHAEL DOWN? Pop culture vampire rules usually say that the older ones are much more powerful.

  • Is Heidi going to be sticking around as a regular? The show does desperately need more ladies, although I’m not really sure about this particular one yet. She does give a slight Caroline Forbes vibe (omg IF ONLY she could be that great), but that could just be superficial similarities.

  • I know it’s just convenient to have Magnus help out at the Institute with Morgan’s possession, but he really should not anymore, right? Since he’s no longer the High Warlock of Brooklyn? Becaus aside from his angst over losing the position, nothing has really changed yet. (MORE LORENZO!)


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