Title: Shadowhunters S3.E06 “A Window Into an Empty Room”
Released: 2018
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowhunter Downworlder of the Week: Heidi

Previously: Alec worries about the future of his relationship with Magnus; and Magnus unknowingly helps Lilith concoct an elixir to make Jace forget about his love for Clary.

What Happened

Heidi’s willing to do anything to get her sire all to herself, including taking out any perceived rivals, but Simon turns her into the Praetor Lupus for ‘rehabilitation’.

Maryse is in town for Lightwood family time, and she’s invited her children’s boyfriends along. Magnus declines, because Alec’s still Totes McMopes over the inevitable end of the relationship, but Charlie shows up — and narrowly misses being awakened as a Church of Talto disciple by Jace. Ollie, however, isn’t as lucky — AND she would be the last of the 33 needed to resurrect Jonathan.

Jace has been acting aloof around Clary, and she discovers why: he didn’t go to the Silent City for mental health treatment; Magnus’ elixir was used on him to make him forget their love; and — OH YEAH — JACE IS OWLFACE. (I mean, we knew, but our heroes didn’t.)


  • Magnus and Biscuit! Maryse and Luke! It’s like the writers have been reading my diary.

  • OH FORKING SHIZZ, my face melted off when Jace identified Charlie as a potential disciple. In retrospect, he and Ollie are the only two mundanes the show even cares about, so it shouldn’t be that surprising. But this was some darn good setup and execution.

  • I do like that Talto disciples aren’t predetermined — like, the 33 aren’t scattered across Earth like Dragon Balls and only those 33 will do. This also works better within the framework of the show, which barely leaves Toronto Brooklyn.

  • Alec and Jace ganging up for some brotherly teasing of Izzy.

  • The Lightwood siblings swapping places for who’s rebellious (Alec getting drunk) and obedient (Izzy threatening to report everyone and the mother to the Clave).

  • The empathy train is in full force: Maia relating to Heidi being abandoned during her transition into a Downworlder; Luke to Ollie needing to prioritize loved ones; Luke to Maryse being excommunicated by the Clave (Luke basically being a beacon of (mostly) sage advice this episode); and Simon to Izzy feeling helpless about her mother’s personal struggles. (Or old plot points are being recycled, if I’m feeling less generous.)

  • Look at this fluffy French toast!

  • Look at this fluffy Alec hair! (I capture the best screenshots, I know.)


  • FINALLY finding out where Maia’s been (“out of town”), only an episode too late.

  • OF COURSE there’s a reason for mouth-kissing between Jace and Lilith.

  • Didn’t Simon’s vision improve when he became a vampire?

  • Izzy drinking wine at the fam jam. So she’s not Clary and Simon’s age? I GIVE UP. (JK, my numbers-oriented mind will never let me give up.)

  • Everyone weirdly being on board with Charlie meeting the fam on his and Izzy’s SECOND DATE?!?!? Relationships on this show continue to be far too accelerated (see: last episode’s discussion about Malec).

  • Wait a minute: Charlie got a significant others invite to the Lightwood fam jam, but not CLARY? Jace might have been under a spell, but the rest of them weren’t.

  • Alec’s continued moping, as well as whatever the cuss is cooking between him and Underhill: CAN WE NOT?

  • Magnus felt something off about Lilith and HELPED HER ANYWAY? He definitely didn’t show any apprehension while it was happening, either.

  • Why is this show so obsessed with Chinese iconography? And it’s no longer contained to Jade Wolf scenes; Hunter’s Moon must have the most beautifully decorated alleyway in all of Brooklyn. (Are all the werewolf hangouts somehow Chinese? Do the wolves have, like, a fetish?)

Shadowhunter Downworlder of the Week

I was so ready to roll my eyes at this storyline — someone whose defining trait is being in love with Simon, gross — but my interest was piqued when Heidi became a stalker and Simon was forced to face the consequences of his actions. But the more we find out about Heidi, the more obvious it is that this woman’s life has been quite tragique. And she got drugged AGAIN! (Although does the sire bond make Heidi delusional about his music? Being obsessed with Simon Lewis is no way to live, even when you’re dead.)

Say What?

Simon [to Kyle]: I’ll bring you back a doggie bag.


Maryse: All I want right now is to spend some time with my wonderful children.

… so we can all agree that Max is not wonderful. (Have fun with Robert in L.A., kid.)

Heidi: The way you hesitated, I could tell that you didn’t want to hurt me.

Oh, honey, NO. Hesitation before hurting you doesn’t make up for him still hurting you.

Alec: Magnus and I had our first date here.

Duh, of course you did. It’s the only bar in Brooklyn, after all.

Underhill: Nephilim love once, fiercely.

WHAAAAAT? This is a bullshit existence.

Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert and co-host of The Parabatai Podcast, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her thoughts!

  • Confession: I didn’t think they’d go through with excommunicating Maryse, but I was clearly proven wrong. I loved the mother-daughter moment between Maryse and Izzy, and the Lightwood family dinner showed how relatable Shadowhunter family dynamics are, between Maryse being impressed about Izzy’s date being a doctor, and Alec and Jace’s very typical brotherly reactions to hearing about her date (even if Owl!Jace is technically only pretending to be Jace).

  • We met Brother Zachariah! He is Very Important in the books, and they did really well in casting his character. The scene had a lot of book callbacks (hey, Will Herondale, hey) and provided an integral piece of the Owl!Jace reveal. It was a great show-only moment that felt true to the spirit of the books, which is something Shadowhunters has consistently done well.

  • Speaking of that reveal, the truth about The Owl is out! I had expected Charlie to be the last victim, until Ollie walked into the bar and I became very concerned on her (and her partner’s) behalf. The fight between The Owl, Magnus, and Clary was intense, and while the demonic energy of The Owl must be bulletproof, Luke’s mundane approach did reveal his identity, so kudos to Luke! This reveal is going to have so many ramifications, and I’m looking forward to seeing that play out.

Burning Questions

  • Where tf was Izzy going when she found Heidi in the storage closet?

  • Does it mean anything to be a dormant disciple of Talto? Like, how worried should we be about Charlie? (Not for his sake, but Izzy’s.)

  • Ollie’s girlfriend (fiancée?), Sam: does she survive the next episode or nah? Does Ollie?


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