Title: Shadowhunters S3.E08 “A Heart of Darkness”
Released: 2018
Series:  Shadowhunters

Shadowhunter of the Week: Jace

Previously: Our Shadowhunters capture Jace before he can get to Valentine’s flesh for Jonathan’s resurrection; Clary portals everyone else away but gets caught by the Clave; and Simon accidentally vapourizes two of Lilith’s disciples with his Mark.

What Happened

With Magnus’ help, Alec and Izzy enter Jace’s mind to break him free of Lilith’s possession. They succeed, but just in time for Lilith to swoop in and abduct him.

With Maryse’s help, Luke discovers that Clary is on trial under the Soul Sword, so he’s off to find help from a pack of feral wolves to break her out of the Gard. But, uh, he better hurry because Clary totally ‘fessed up about using Raziel’s wish and now she’s been sentenced to death.

With Jordan’s help, Maia and Simon form a super awkward search party for Lilith and end up getting closer to the truth about the resurrection ritual instead. But being around Jordan is also putting Maia dangerously out of control, wolf-wise, so she’s stepping away for some much needed time and space.


  • Maryse and Luke!!! (But oh right, Jocelyn did just die since no time has passed on the show.)

  • From a direction standpoint, the room of dead Clarys was a good visualization of the horror that Lilith has been putting him through.


  • OK, FINE; we’re calling him Jordan, not Kyle. Everyone has too many damn names on this show.

  • Ummmm, someone called Jonathan Shadowhunter got name-dropped. JONATHAN SHADOWHUNTER, from whom all Shadowhunters were descended.

Shadowhunter of the Week

Oh, man. Jace has been put through quite the emotional gauntlet (and Dominic Sherwood got to flex his range): from sassy and possessed, to scared and vulnerable. His desperate pleas to Alec sadly couldn’t be answered, and now his greatest fear of Lilith regaining control has come true. Whichever Jace that we’ll see emerge on the other side will be definitely and maybe irreparably changed. (And DAMN — Lilith did make him kill his grandma!)

Say What?

Luke: Maryse, please. You’re my only hope.

The Star Wars quotes continue!

Jace: I’m no angel.

I only wanted to point this out because it reminded me of an old SNL skit in which a very pregnant Amy Poehler plays a character with that catchphrase.

Simon: I know you told me to leave you alone, but I’ve never been good at following instructions.

One person’s perseverance is another’s annoyance.

Swimfan Says

Here’s Shadowhunter Chronicles expert and co-host of The Parabatai Podcast, Meredith (@legallyblonde), with her thoughts!

  • This week’s book Easter Egg is the childhood song Izzy sings to tiny Jace, as referenced in City of Ashes. That scene, and the first memory that Alec and Izzy see upon entering Jace’s mind, were touching glimpses of the trio’s shared backstory. The scene between Alec and real Jace (as opposed to Owl!Jace or tiny Jace… so many iterations of Jace), which was later joined by Izzy, was heartbreaking on multiple levels, and Izzy evoking the “three go in” sentiment from their childhood was a perfect conclusion. At least, until everything went terribly wrong.

  • Jace’s prediction that the Clave would imprison Clary for life for using Raziel’s wish turned out to be a grave understatement. Between her actions and Maia’s continued insistence that Jordan stay to help Simon, it’s clear that both women understand sacrifice just fine, despite what Consul Penhallow may think.

Burning Questions

  • Did the Seelie Queen give Simon the Mark of Cain as a means to defeat Lilith?

  • Exactly how feral are the Broceline wolves, on a scale of Jacob Black to Fenrir Greyback?

  • And, like, how fearsome scary is Magnus’ father if even Lilith is afraid of pissing him off? When are we going to meet him?

  • Izzy uses Maryse’s lullaby to gain Imaginary Young Jace’s trust, but he was a preteen (or thereabouts) when he started living with the Lightwoods. So are we to think that Maryse was still singing the kids to sleep at that age? (No judgment, but think about your continuity, Show.)

  • Speaking of parenting choices: Lilith moves her entire lair but leaves Jonathan’s altar behind? And also really unguarded? That seems kind of careless, Lilith.

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