Title: Sherlock Special “The Abominable Bride”
Released: 2016
Series:  Sherlock

Previously on SherlockHolmes and Watson face off against Mr. Magnussen and bring series 3 to a close.

It’s been nearly two years (!) since we last joined Sherlock and Watson for an adventure, and big changes have occurred. Namely: The show now takes place in 1895. Sort of.

The Game Is On

In the late 1800s, Sherlock and Watson investigate the case of a revengeful bride who died by committing suicide. Husbands are being murdered across England, and supposedly by the bride. But Sherlock’s not convinced that anything paranormal is actually happening, and eventually discovers a group of suffragettes who are working together to right wrongs against their fellow ladies.

During the investigation, however, things get weird. Sherlock wakes up, in the “present,” on the plane we left him at the end of series 3. Turns out he’s been in his Mind Palace, trying to figure out how, exactly, Moriarty could have returned (after shooting himself in the head). Sherlock finally deduces that he didn’t, but also that he does have something planned, regardless.

Everybody Shut Up!

Realizing that we were actually watching what was going on in Sherlock’s Mind Palace, rather than just seeing a fun, wholly separate episode, was a fun surprise.

High-Functioning Sociopaths and Good-Old Fashioned Villains

Winner: Mary. I LOVE that she was working with Mycroft behind Sherlock’s back (in the past) and was, hilariously, so much quicker than him (in the present). She’s such a fantastic character, and I hope we get more from her in the next series.

Loser: Sherlock. Sure, he eventually figured out what Moriarty is up to, but he had to do some questionable things to get there. Plus, the guy really needs to realize that he’s part of a team. I think he started seeing that in the end, with John and Moriarty at the falls, but it’s going to be a long road.

From the Mind Palace

Sherlock: “I also play the violin and smoke a pipe. I presume that’s not a problem.”
John: “Er, no, well …”
Sherlock: “And you’re clearly acclimatized to never getting to the end of a sentence. We’ll get along splendidly.”

Mrs. Hudson: “I’m your landlady, not a plot device.”

Mary: “I don’t mind you going, my darling, I mind you leaving me behind.”
John: “But what could you do?!”
Mary: “Well, what do you do, except wander around taking notes, looking surprised?!”

Lestrade: “I thought you understood everything.”
Sherlock: “Of course not, that would be an appalling waste of brain space. I specialise.”

John: “But these enemies, how are we to defeat them if you won’t tell us about them?”
Mycroft: “We don’t defeat them. We most certainly lose to them.”
John: “Why?”
Mycroft: “Because they are right. And we are wrong.”

Sherlock: “You amaze me, Watson.”
John: “I do?”
Sherlock: “Since when have you had any kind of imagination?”
John: “Perhaps since I convinced the reading public that an unprincipled drug addict was some kind of gentleman hero.”
Sherlock: “Yes, now you come to mention it, that was quite impressive. You may, however, rest assured there are no ghosts in this world.”

John: “I’m taking Mary home.”
Mary: “You’re what?”
John: “Mary’s taking me home.”
Mary: “Better.”

Did You Miss Me?

  • Did we know that Sherlock was a drug user? (I think I’m getting my adaptations mixed up.)

  • What’s Mary’s true role in all of this? (I saw a theory online that posited she’s Moriarty, or related to Moriarty, and that she’s playing John/Sherlock for some reason …)


I know some people are complaining about the “mansplaining” Sherlock does to/at the Abominable Brides, but overall, I thought this was a really fantastic episode. I am not sure I quite understand what all went down, however, but hopefully some of it will be cleared up when the show returns for the next series.

What did you think of “The Abominable Bride?” Let’s discuss below!


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