Title: Skins S1.E05 “Sid”
Released: 2007
Series:  Skins (2007)

Previous episode: “Chris”

I’m going to try to not be super harsh on Sid, but as a human woman who has had to hear about dude boner problems for what feels like all time, I have very little sympathy for him.

Sid’s episode centers on him failing school. His parents are pretty upset and he needs to get his shit together or else he’s done but when you add an utter sociopath as your BFF and teen dude boner problems to the mix, I guess your imminent future is the last thing on your mind? Here’s what we’ve learned about Sid.

“Buh bye! See ya!”

1. He’s awful at school

Sid can barely write. He has no concentration skills unless it happens to be about jerking off. I’m honestly surprised that his hamster is alive. But, I guess his writing/masturbation/writing process is sort of familiar…

2. He’s completely and utterly dense

He doesn’t understand anything. He forgets about his date with Cassie which is devastating to watch. And then he forgets that she’s going stop by, so she’s waiting there for him when he gets home post-fight/choir concert. How does Sid not understand that Cassie is super in love with him?

3. He’ll follow Tony to the ends of the earth

Sid is so frustratingly passive especially when it comes to Tony’s sociopath whims. Tony plots an entire, awful way to embarrass Michelle publicly by kissing that blonde chick in front of his choir concert. And this is weirdly mostly to try to get Sid and Michelle together? Of course Sid totally screws up his chance, which just entertains Tony even more because he can watch Sid fail to get Michelle all over again. I mostly want to just go up to Sid and violently shake his shoulders screaming “STAY AWAY FROM TONY!”

4. His parents suck

I mean, this continues to be a rolling trend on the show, everyone has super shitty parents. But his dad is an awful abrasive yelling man, which explains a lot about how passive and quiet Sid is. What’s even sadder about how Sid’s dad treats him is how he is to Sid’s mom. The entire episode you can tell she’s just very over it. And she leaves. There are a lot of missing moms on this show!

5. He shows the beginnings of standing up for himself

By no means is he great at it but he calls his dad a dildo and tells him to figure his shit out with his mom. And he also ignores Tony’s phone call! So progress?

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Is Sid jerking off to Michelle’s picture incredibly creepy to anyone else? I mean, he has her picture under his pillow. I understand obsessive crushes as much as anyone but this feels uncomfortable.

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Random Observations

  • Sid’s dad is the next time lord on Doctor Who. Anyone got some weird crossover fan fic for that?

  • Sid’s teacher who is helping him out is doing so because he was Sid when he was a teen right?

  • Maxxie and Anwar’s devil/angel pairing is pretty perfect.

  • “I didn’t eat for three days so I could be lovely.” CASSIE OH MY GOD.

  • Of course Tony’s reading Nietzsche.

  • You know I’m a sucker for a good montage, so I loved the Sid t-shirt montage. But girl, go shopping, buy a clean shirt!

  • Michelle’s an IDIOT. C’mon girl have some more self-respect for yourself. How could she get back with Tony after that? It’s so messed up.  Also, maybe lay off the pleated mini-skirt, tube top, and shiny satin lewks.

  • Is Chris’s jacket #normcore?

  • The blonde chick Tony’s cheating on Michelle with is a crazy person. Legit crazy.

  • Tony’s hair in the choir scene is AWFUL. And I really hate that I still would.

  • I’m completely obsessed with the girl gang that Sid and Michelle fight. They are pretty much the best. I mean one of them appears to be wearing a Juicy Couture tracksuit while casually drinking rose in the middle of the street! International icons!

  • When Cassie tells Sid to “wake up” it’s the best advice anyone could give him.

  • Jal giving Sid much needed #realtalk is the best.

  • Tony describes Michelle as a “GIFT” for Sid. WHAT?! NOPE BYE TONY.

  • Is Tony angling for a Sid-Michelle-him three way? Cause that’s how I read that weird ending dance scene.

  • Basically sobbed during every Cassie scene this episode. Sid’s idiocy pretty much pushes her over the edge, so it’s SO upsetting when she tells him to fuck off. And her whole vodka water gun/pill overdose in the park is so sad.

  • But I have more than a few problems with it being her crush on Sid that’s the thing that pushes her to hurt herself.

Next week: we learn more about Maxxie and Anwar while the gang goes to Russia. All Skins fans know that when the group leaves the country something fucked up happens!

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