Title: Skins S1.E09 “Everyone”
Released: 2007
Series:  Skins (2007)

Previous episode: “Effy”

We’ve finally made it to the end of series 1 of Skins. It’s been super angsty, anxiety inducing and annoying at times but here we are. The final episode of series one, “Everyone,” focuses on, well, the whole gang. We’re in the aftermath of the blacklight and weird drug addled night of Tony saving Effy and Sid and Cassie finally kissing. The episode opens with everyone in bed contemplating their teen lives—mourning their failed relationships/crushes/lust objects or as with Angie contemplating how dumb she is for continuing to sleep with Chris.

Some major shit goes down all while focusing around Anwar’s 17th birthday, so here’s what we learned about everyone.


He’s so ride or die for Anwar that it’s refreshing, even though Anwar doesn’t necessarily deserve it. But he continues to push Anwar to be truthful with his family that he’s gay and that he won’t go to Anwar’s birthday if he won’t say something. He just sits sadly outside Anwar’s party until Anwar gets him. He comes out to Anwar’s dad, who is lovely about it.


Well, we see Anwar naked. That’s something that happens! You can tell that he feels incredibly conflicted about what he should do about Maxxie and telling his family, which is made even more apparent by how caustic and extremely religious his father seems. He’s being particularly angsty about his birthday party until he gets to make out with a chick in the bathroom but he calls Maxxie because he needs him there. After Anwar’s dad doesn’t give a fuck about Maxxie’s sexuality, Anwar and Maxxie are super cute about being able to be besties.


Thank god he finally realizes how he feels about Cassie. Seriously, how did it take him this long? I don’t want to say Tony’s right, but Sid’s really quite bad at life things—like getting dressed or making a grand romantic gesture. When he goes to find Cassie at the institution, he manages to get himself locked up! How does that even happen? Thank god Tony and Effy come and save him. And he figures out where to find Cassie, finally, and doesn’t suck too much at the romantic gesture after all.


While Sid has realized his feelings, Cassie’s trying to bury hers before she has go to Scotland. She writes a letter to Sid that she can’t speak to him and that it’s too late. But she wants to deliver it to him, so she goes to his house to leave it. Thankfully the pair get it together in the end when Tony gives Cassie Sid’s letter and they meet at Cassie’s bench (where she attempted suicide) in the park.


Well, Chris gets a rude awakening about Angie in the form of her sort of ex-fiancé, Merve, who is a total douchebag. He’s rightfully hurt, which is made worse when he confronts Merve who informs him that he’s the love of Angie’s life and she gave him herpes. He does what many of us would—he snoops through Angie’s stuff to find out more about their relationship. He probably shouldn’t have stolen that engagement ring though. This brings Merve to Anwar’s birthday party, a huge fight to break out and Angie to end things with both of them.


She goes to see Effy, who is as always completely silent, to see how she is post-lost weekend. Michelle ends up blathering to Effy about Tony and how confused she is by him. And she sobs when he finally tells her how he feels and hears him get hit by the truck over the phone. Clearly not going to be traumatic at all.


You always suddenly want what you can’t have—so now Tony is completely sprung over Michelle which includes constantly calling her and crying over videos he has of her on his camera. Tony finally does something that’s not entirely selfish—he gives Cassie Sid’s love letter. And he tells Michelle that he’s the worst and that he’s in love with her. Then, he promptly gets hit by a truck.

Necessary Everyone Judgment


Random Observations

  • Everyone is in varying states of undress in this episode. Also, Sid might have a nice ass? I feel very confused about myself right now.

  • Do dudes read this? Would you accidentally add “stick my hand into your knickers” while writing a love letter to a lady?

  • Cassie’s roommate at the institution is the girl from the first episode!

  • I love how much Anwar’s dad likes Maxxie. And when he finds out that Maxxie’s gay and is incredibly accepting and says that nice speech, I cried. Cried a bunch.

  • Anwar’s uncle is that loud, teasing uncle that everyone has.

  • Respect how easily Cassie sneaks out of the institution.

  • Angie just has shitty taste in men.

  • “You haven’t got a soul yet, and if you’re lucky you don’t have herpes yet either.” Merve on 17 year olds.

  • Anwar’s birthday party sign is really depressing looking.

  • Michelle’s sheer bow-tie top is awful.

  • Cassie laying her head on Sid’s pillow destroyed me.

  • My gripe with this episode is that we get so little of Jal. But she does kick that guy in the balls which is cool.

  • Tony stole Sid’s dad’s car yet again.

  • So glad Effy breaks her silence to tell Tony that he’s being a wanker about Michelle.

  • Anwar’s INSANE roundhouse kick!

  • I completely forgot about this CRAZY singing ending! I have so many questions. Are they all actually singing? It’s incredibly disturbing to see Tony’s unconscious body singing.

Next week: I’m taking a break, but you’ll be stuck with me for Series Two in a week where all the really bleak, depressing shit happens! Let’s get ready to deal with it together!

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