Title: Skins S2.E01 “Tony and Maxxie”
Released: 2008
Series:  Skins (2007)

Previous episode: “Everyone”

It’s been a couple weeks since we ended Skins series one, does anyone have any idea what happened? Just kidding! Everyone is a horny teenager who is maybe poppin’ molly and being angsty about their crushes. This basically describes 75% of a music festival I went to over the weekend, so guess who feels old! Oh yeah, also Tony got in a horrific accident and we don’t know what happened to him…

The first episode of series two drops us in six months after Tony’s accident and how he’s been recovering. Unsurprisingly, the ever wonderful Maxxie has been the only one to really help Tony out. Here’s what we learn about Maxxie (more in this episode than in all of series one!) and Tony.

1. Tony’s not even remotely the same person

Tony’s accident was really bad. It’s totally screwed him up cognitively—so he can’t really talk, remember things or do some basic functions like writing. He also understandably has horrific PTSD which makes him freak out on the bus and at the crazy party.

From going to an incredibly narcissistic person to vulnerable against his will has obviously shifted him entirely. I mean, he has to ask Maxxie’s mom to help him pee. This is not the sociopath we were used to hating.

2. Tony’s incredibly angry

Of course he has every right to be. His friends and family are concealing things from him i.e. this party.  Both Sid and Michelle can’t handle what happened to him and won’t see him.  His fits of frustration and anger like the one where he destroys his bedroom or yelling at Maxxie when he’s trying to write his name really make a lot of sense.

3. Maxxie wants to dance

Maxxie wants to be a dancer! And he’s actually pretty good at it. We saw glimpses of this in series one, but now it’s a full blown interest as judged from the opening dance sequence in the church. Not sure why they’re in a church, but alright.

4. Maxxie may have the best parents on this show

This might not be apparent right off the bat, especially from Maxxie’s dad. His dad doesn’t approve of Maxxie being a dancer, mainly cause he wants to drop out of school but also because he thinks Maxxie should be an “educated builder” like him.

But unlike many of the other parents on this show, Maxxie’s dad’s misguided life goals are grounded in concern for Maxxie. You can tell how much he loves him when he stands up for him against the unoriginal bullies and you can even tell when he yells at him about being a dancer. And Maxxie’s dad also has some #realtalk with Tony’s dad over whiskeys which is really sweet.

Their last talk is really emotional especially because Maxxie’s dad tells him he approves of him dancing but only after he’s finished college.

5. Maxxie’s just the best

Maxxie’s just maybe the most genuine person on this show. He takes care of Tony when he needs it—cutting up his food, looking after him and helping him to write again. He’s even compassionate to generic bully who is super closeted. And makes out with him!

Necessary Tony Judgment

Necessary Maxxie Judgment

“That bitch turned it out.”

Random Observations

  • At first I thought the group of little girls who talk to Maxxie and Tony on the street were super cute but then they started talking about giving Maxxie a blow job. Then I just felt DEEP concern.

  • Maxxie’s mom used to clean Tony’s house.

  • Tony’s accident has shifted everyone in his family. His parents are completely and rightfully freaked out and Effy now talks.

  • Was Effy masturbating with the water jets on the toilet?

  • Maxxie’s dad looks like a David Lynch stock cowboy character.

  • The guys who bully Maxxie are so unoriginal in their homophobic bullying.

  • Was anyone else horrified when that one generic bully punches the really small boy?!

  • Michelle appears to be in full blown drunken breakdown.

  • Is the Chris and Jal banter already ramping up? Or am I just now anticipating too much already?

  • It’s hilarious that Chris and Jal think that Tony’s getting a blowie from Maxxie’s mom. Mainly because that’d be something OG Tony would probably try.

  • Why does Sid have a HUGE poster of Cassie on his wall? It’s totally creepy.

  • Cassie’s so adorable that she can’t even tell that these hot Scottish dudes are super into her in her dancing video for Sid.

  • How does Sid NOT realize that’s acid she’s sent him?

  • What is going on with Anwar’s um, makeover?

  • I really like that Tony’s mom tells a dirty joke at the dinner table.

  • Can that generic bully not spell? His cake he made for Maxxie says “sory” on it. It’s a very pretty cake though!

  • This whole party they are that makes me feel so old. There are so many glowsticks! So much white boy dancing!

  • I like that Effy decides to take Tony to the party—I guess. Also what is she wearing?

  • Love when Jal makes it clear that she’s into dancing with dudes just not the ones she’s with.

  • Sid is being emo as fuck. BYE.

“Buh-bye! See ya!”

  • Love that Tony doesn’t remember that annoying blonde girl AT all when they see her outside the party. She’s also still SO annoying.

  • Effy’s side eye is amazing.

  • Really hate that OG Tony called Michelle boring.

  • Sid and Michelle really need to get it together. When they are talking outside the party, they are both just such utter messes about Tony who overhears them talking albeit in the creepiest way possible.

  • Shirtless Maxxie!

  • “Do I have to gay you now?”  is by far the most OG Tony in the entire episode.

Next week: SKETCH. UGH I forgot about Sketch. I hate Sketch SO much y’all.

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