Title: Skins S2.E03 “Sid”
Released: 2008
Series:  Skins (2007)

Previous episode: “Sketch”

You guys, so I forgot how supremely depressing series two of Skins is! And we haven’t even got that far yet. Before I started Sid’s episode, I was fully prepared for it to just be more of his angst and boner problems. Um, I was wrong.

While Sid’s boner problems and long distance relationship with Cassie do come up—the episode mainly focuses on Sid’s relationship with his parents and more specifically his dad. Here’s what we continue to learn about Sid.

1. His relationship with his dad finally gets better

Last time we saw Sid’s parents, Sid’s mom had left Sid’s dad, leaving the two to live in perpetual bachelorhood. She’s coming back though because they have to prepare the house for Sid dad’s nightmare of a father and brother to visit.

While Sid’s always seen his dad as a frantic man, I don’t think he was prepared to see how worked up he’d get over a visit from his father. I mean the man doesn’t even know what Sid’s dad even does for a living. And he’s just handing over the business to Sandy (Sid’s dad’s brother). I mean from the lecturing about having the mom taking him back to the complete ignorance about his life, it’s no wonder Sid’s dad is how he is.

This is something Sid finally sees when his dad explains his relationship with his father which is primarily based on his fear of both standing up to him and this mysterious illness the grandfather has. It is super satisfying when Sid’s dad finally tells his dad to fuck off and leave. In their brief conversation afterwards, you can see Sid’s facial expression soften towards his dad in a way we’ve never seen it before.

And Sid finds him dead in the morning.

2. Sid’s dealing with an unbearable tragedy

I completely forgot that Sid’s dad dies. Completely forgot. I was legitimately shocked when Sid goes and finds him downstairs, unashed cigarette in hand. He’s always complained about things not working out, but at least in the scope of the show, this is pretty much the next level.

Understandably, he’s completely numb. He goes to school to keep a sense of normalcy but can’t even function. His “Dad, what do I do?” before he calls his mom is just very sad.

3. He’s still crap at relationships

Even though he and Cassie are together, things aren’t much easier. They are trying to make long distance work which never does. So Sid unfortunately “catches” Cassie in a rather compromising looking position during a video chat where he sees her in her underwear in bed with a hot Scottish dude. In reality, he’s the other half of Cassie’s gay couple friends who are helping her choose underwear to surprise Sid with.

Of course Sid knows none of this, so he freaks out. And yeah, rightly so? Who wouldn’t freak upon seeing their person in a state of undress with someone else. But Cassie has no idea about this. And he won’t even let her explain herself, he just yells, because Sid. And he tells Cassie that he doesn’t trust her—that’s a BAD CALL DUDE.

Per usual, he and Cassie are star-crossed and end up on separate trains in opposite directions.

4. He still hasn’t dealt with Tony’s accident

Through Jal we learn that Sid was by Tony’s side for months while he was in the hospital, even reading him Anna Karenina.

Tony and Sid finally speak—and he talks about how badly the bus fucked Tony up and how he just couldn’t deal with it. Tony can sense though that something is going on with Sid and they go for a drink.

The weight of everything that has happened crushes Sid while they are listening to Crystal Castles. It’s totally heartbreaking. Add Sid crumpling into Tony and telling him what has happened to his dad while clawing at him is just…just…well I cried a lot. Can’t front.

I hate to question whether or not OG Tony would have gone back with Sid to his father’s body, but he’s here now and that’s what matters.

Necessary Sid Judgment

“I’m gonna need fucking therapy after this.”

Random Observations

  • Sid’s dad’s excuse for everything is “WELL WOMEN…” Ughhhhh, at least Sid calls him out on it.

  • Also, a Scottish rugby team has got to be hot as f right?

  • It’s so gross that Anwar brought Sketch over to Sid’s so he could bone her.

  • “Sex hasn’t been invented yet at my house. Due to the 2000+ years of religious tradition.”

  • What is it with all the moms on this show dating/marrying awful douchebaggy guys in weird tinted sunglasses?

  • “What kind of fucked up relationship is it if you have to jump each other every time you say goodbye?” “A good one?” – Well played Sid. And very true.

  • Sid’s dad really hates that the mom’s fling is German.

  • Sid’s mom is a boss bitch. She very effortlessly put together that vacuum.

  • Her joke upon catching Anwar and Sketch boning, “Make sure you come again soon, Anwar”, is hilarious.

  • Why is Sid’s grandfather wearing a suit?

  • Those ginger twins are so scary! Poor Sid!

  • Sid’s dad and mom arguing in the kitchen about their relationship is very sad, especially when she’s like “you’re not good for me.”

  • “How long does it take to strip down a shower unit? Minutes!” Sid’s grandfather is a crazy person.

  • Props for Sid’s dad on finally doing something—that being kissing his estranged wife.

  • “Nobody ever loves anybody properly.” This is an episode filled with devastating lines.

  • Is dude angst primarily based in breaking shit? Sid and his computer, the mom’s slampiece driving his car into the house.

  • Ew Chris, completely assuming that Jal’s not boning anyone.

  • Maxxie’s matching shirt/tie combination is amazing.

  • Angie isn’t coming back! But she does leave a coded message for Chris.

  • Ok, the learning about “Loss” thing is pretty heavy handed.

  • This loud club is not the place to go for a drink! Youths!

  • Abby is the worst! And you can sense Sid channeling his dad when he tells her to fuck off.

  • When Tony closes Sid’s dad’s eyes…oh man.

Next week: Michelle’s going to continue to have more angst about her mother’s misguided marriages!

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