Crayon drawing of Buffy standing over a beheaded and bloody monster


Title: Buffy S2.E17 “Passion” + S2.E18 “Killed by Death”
Released: 1998

Drinks Taken: 11
Vamps Dusted: 0

Last week, we mostly took a break from the whole Angelus thing, but the theme of cursed love continued with Oz becoming a Werewolf, then Xander messing with a love spell that OBVIOUSLY went terribly awry. 

But now Angelus is back front and center, and shizz is about to get really, really serious. Like, you’re-gonna-need-this-drinking-game-to-help-you-handle it-serious.

Buffy eagerly watching a pitcher of beer being poured into her glass.

The Buffy Season Two Drinking Game Rules

Drink once every time:

A vamp is dusted
A scene takes place in a cemetery
Cordelia says something cutting but true
Buffy and Angel share a romantic moment
Principal Snyder hates on students
Oz is ridiculously low-key cool
Drusilla says something nutty
Spike has mad swagger

Drink twice every time:

We see the entrance to Sunnydale High
We see a scene from the credits
Giles cleans his glasses
Jonathan appears in a scene
There’s an extremely outdated pop culture reference
A vampire is invited into a house

Get ready to pour one out for [spoiler redacted]!

Angel crouching over Buffy's bed while she's asleep

2.17 “Passion”

Just when you thought Angelus was fun in, like, an evil way, he goes full on Psycho Edward–gazing at an unsuspecting Buffy from a dark corner of the Bronze, then watching her through her window as she goes to bed, THEN sitting on the bed and stroking her face, all while he gives us a voiceover essay about “passion.” YEESH. And for that special touch, he leaves a drawing of a sleeping Buffy for her to find in the AM. GOOD MORNING.

While it’s clear that Angel, as Xander puts it, is taking the “nah nah nah naaah-nah” approach to battle, Buffy can’t help but be concerned about the safety of her loved ones, particularly Joyce. Giles tells her to chill and not let Angel goad her into doing something impulsive: “As the slayer, you don’t have the luxury of being a slave to your passions.” Remember that, class, because Giles will soon forget his own advice. 

Ms. Calendar is still in forgiveness mode, asking Willow to cover her computer class (Willow is STOKED) and then offering Giles a book with a spell that might keep Angel out of Buffy’s house (apparently, that whole vampire invite thing is permanent). Giles is still frosty towards her, but totally melts after she confesses that she’s fallen in love with him. However, he reminds her, it’s Buffy that she needs to make it up to. The Slayer actually makes it easy in the sweetest way: she tells Jenny that Giles misses her, and Buffy doesn’t want him to be lonely. That’s very generous of you, Buff! (And you’re about to be reeeeal glad you made amends.)

In an effort to protect Joyce from Angel, Buffy admits to her mom that she and Angel were dating but have now broken up. “Don’t tell me, he’s changed,” Joyce replies. “He’s not the same guy you fell for.” Um, NAILED IT. Buffy paints Angel as a heartbroken stalker and warns her mom not to let him in the house.

But turns out, he’s not at the Summers residence–he hit up Willow’s house instead, and killed all of her fish! Cool cool cool. “For the first time,” Willow tells Buffy, “I’m glad my parents didn’t let me have a puppy.” Circling back to the theme of the episode, Willow shares a revelation with Buffy that makes everything feel even more effed up: “You’re still the only thing he thinks about.” So true, and also GAH.

In an A+ effort to make amends, Jenny pays a visit to the magic shop (making its first appearance!) and buys an Orb of Thesulah, a key part of her spell to bring Angel’s soul back. Unfortunately, Dru has a vision of Ms. Calendar’s little shopping spree and later shows up at the store to buy a gift card get the scoop from the owner on what exactly Jenny purchased. 

Giles, meanwhile, finally figures out the way to pull the welcome mat out from under Angel, which involves nailing crosses above the doors and windows (which is gonna be tough for Willow to explain to her Jewish father). And it’s just in the nick of time, because Angel shows up on Buffy’s front lawn as Joyce pulls up then proceeds to tell her that they had sex. SUCH A DICK MOVE, ANGELUS. That’s like almost (almost) as bad as just killing Joyce right then and there. The silver lining is that Angel, attempting to follow Joyce into the house, discovers that his invite has been REVOKED.

Too bad the school is still open to everyone, fang or no, because that’s where Angel finds Ms. Calendar, who has just decoded the spell to return his soul (which she saves on a disk, because you should ALWAYS back up your data, y’all). Angel destroys the orb, trashes the computer and then chases Jenny through the building (for a little too long, IMO) before catching her and… breaking her neck. It’s dramatic precisely because it happens so quickly and easily, and yet the weight of her death is absolutely crushing. 

Things go from awful to awkward as Joyce forces Buffy to talk about her sexual activity (CRINGEFEST 1998). But their convo ultimately lands Joyce the Mom of the Year award when she says, “Buffy, you can shut me out of your life, I’m pretty much used to that. But don’t expect me to ever stop caring about you, because it’s never gonna happen. I love you more than anything in the world.” Awww, yay! We really needed that, Joyce. 

Giles arrives home and finds a red rose in the door, opera playing in the background and wine on ice. Gotta admit, Angel really does have a nice touch for this sort of thing. Thinking that he’s about to get romantic with his lady, Giles looks so happy and it is SO HARD TO WATCH as he bops up the stairs and discovers Jenny… lying dead on his bed. GAH NEXT TIME I AM FAST FORWARDING THIS PART. The kicker is that Angel is now lurking outside of the Summers’ residence so he can watch Buffy and Willow get the call from Giles and react to the news. It’s truly gutwrenching, and I hate Angelus SO MUCH right now. 

Fueled by anger and loss, Giles shows up at the vamp’s crib and throws a fire bomb at Angel, Spike and Dru, then starts to beat the shizz out of Angel, which is AWESOME. We’re talking some Ripper action here. Angel gets the upper hand, unfortunately, but Buffy shows up and saves Giles while Angel escapes, and Giles is anything from grateful. 

Out of the many painful moments in this episode, this one breaks my heart the most.

The next day, Willow ends up having to teach Ms. Calendar’s class for a very different reason, which gives me the feels, while Buffy realizes that she is ready to kill Angel. GAME ON, ANGELUS.

How many times do I have to take a drink?


Vamps Dusted

0, unfortunately!

RIP Ms. Calendar

Ms. Calendar, a pretty brunette

Jenny, you were a whip-smart babe with a sassy sense of humor, which made you the perfect partner for Giles. You will be missed!

Stylish Yet Affordable Boots

Willow, smiling and wearing a yellow sweater with blue sleeves and a big blue butterfly on the front

Oh, Willow, when people talk about a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, this is NOT what they mean.

That One Time Students Actually Used the Library

This Episode Brought To You By Garlic

Willow and Buffy sitting on a bed in their pjs with a big string of garlic behind them

From a particularly pungent slumber party to the motherload in Cordelia’s car, garlic was pretty much the star of this episode.

Miss Sunshine, We Hardly Knew Ye

Drusilla holding a fluffy little white cat

Drusilla’s Happy-Meal-for-Spike-turned-sidekick was ADORABLE, and while her demise was most likely the opposite, at least we didn’t have to see it. 

A Kindestod, a demon with white eyes, gray hair, and huge gross teeth

2.18 “Killed by Death”

Although she’s sick with the flu, Buffy insists on patrolling, much to the dismay of the Scooby Gang, who thankfully find her in the cemetery (drink!) right before Angel does. They fight him off, but Buffy collapses and has to be rushed to the hospital, which, fun fact, is her most hated place! See, when she was eight, Buffy’s cousin Celia died in a hospital, and Buffy was the only one in the room. Yep, that’ll do it! While everyone is gathered outside of her room, Joyce takes the opportunity to tell Giles that she’s sorry about Jenny, and it’s both a sweet moment and a reminder that grief doesn’t end with the credits. 

That night, Buffy wakes up and sees a little boy in the hallway, followed by a REALLY fugly dude in a black bowler hat. She follows them and suddenly flashes back to her eight-year-old self, creeping towards Celia’s bed. The whole thing seems to be a dream, as Buffy wakes up back in bed, but then she overhears two doctors arguing over the death of a child patient and some kind of experimental treatment. A little boy (Ryan) walks up to Buffy and tells her, “He comes at night, and he’ll be back for us.” “Who?” Buffy asks. “Death.” Cool cool cool tight tight tight. 

Because he can’t help himself, Angel shows up to visit Buffy and faces off with Xander, leading to this aggro exchange:

Angel: “You still love her. It must just eat you up that I got there first.”
Xander: “You’re gonna die, and I’m gonna be there.” 

Mmmkay, dudes. Let’s calm down with the machismo. 

In her room, Buffy shares the events of the previous night with the Scoobs, but everyone assumes that she’s just suffering from the effects of the drugs–and Cordelia, bless her, says it outright. (“Tact is not just saying true stuff. I’ll pass.” DRINK!) Giving Buffy the benefit of the doubt, as they should, Giles and Willow do some digging and find out that the male doctor, Dr. Backer, has faced a ton of lawsuits, but later snooping by Cordelia and Xander proves that Backer is actually helping the kids.

So if it’s not an evil doctor, who’s the dude with the skin and dental hygiene issues? It’s Kindestod, which is German for “child death.” Charming! This grotsky beastie feeds off of children, and Buffy realizes with horror that, as she watched Celia die, her cousin was fighting off an invisible Kindestod. And the only reason she could see him that night was because she had a fever, so naturally, she takes a few drops of the virus (now THAT is the most nightmarish part of this whole episode) and heads/stumbles towards the Children’s Wing, though the kids have already fled through… a basement access door? In their room? Interesting architectural choice, hospital! 

Herr Kindestod, having cornered the children, attacks Ryan by pinning him down–then his eyeballs come out and open up into claw-type suction cups that attach directly to Ryan’s forehead. I could insert a photo here to show you what I’m talking about but NOPE. Buffy arrives and fights Kindestod off while Xander helps the kids escape, but the sickly Slayer seems like she might be outmatched as the eyeball claws (STILL NOPE) get *this close* to her head. Thankfully Buffy is able to break his neck in the nick of time. What’s the German word for “BYEEEE”?

The episode closes with Joyce mothering/spoiling not just Buffy but Willow and Xander too. (I’m sure I found this cute in my 20s but now I’m just like, Joyce, why are you putting up with these lazy brats?)  

How many times do I have to take a drink?


Vamps Dusted


Giles for Life

Apparently, Giles doesn’t have high standards for artistic talent in his Slayer.

Cordelia + Xander

Once again, Cordelia and Xander get in a fight over his feelings for Buffy, but this time, Cordelia (who is on FIRE this entire episode) decides to take the high road and brings Xander donuts and coffee while he’s on Angel Watch in the hospital. It’s a small gesture but a big moment for this couple!


A balding white man in a security guard uniform

While snooping for medical files, Cordelia is discovered by a security guard, played by Willie Garson, aka Stanford Blatch from SATC! He is lower on the fun and higher on the creepy in this role, especially while Cordelia flirts her way out of his clutches.  

Nice Callback

While being chased by hospital security, Willow gives Buffy a window of escape and distracts the guards by pretending she’s covered in frogs, which we know is her greatest nightmare. Well played, Will. 

Kids Draw the Darnedest Things

A crayon drawing of Buffy standing over a beheaded and bloody monster

At the end of the episode, Buffy receives a letter from Ryan, which includes a drawing! “How nice,” Joyce says before she fully registers the gory glory of this crayon masterpiece. I really hope Buffy got this framed, even though Ryan gave her man shoulders. 

So, are y’all grieving the loss of Ms. Calendar or did the whole “I’m actually a part of the clan that cursed Angelus” thing kinda ruin her character for you? I remember watching this ep for the first time when it aired and feeling certain she was about to die–but her death still impacted me. And do you think, by this point, it makes sense that Buffy would be ready to kill Angel?

Join me for some convo (and ews over Child Death Dude) in the comments, then tune in next week when Kandis recaps “I Only Have Eyes For You” (one of my favorite Buffy episodes of all time) and “Go Fish” (one of… not my favorite Buffy episodes of all time). 

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