Title: Tomorrow, When The War Began
Released: 2010

Source Material

A while ago I reviewed a pretty cool book about Australia being invaded by a foreign nation and the group of teens who fight back gorilla-style against their country’s captures. This fall, Australia released a movie adaptation, but I could not find it anywhere. Because the United Stated hates foreign movies. Okay, okay, we like a few, but only if they’re super arty and we can only seem to handle liking about one at a time. Really, we’d rather just remake them. And when was the last like you saw an Australian film that didn’t involve Mel Gibson, Crocodile Dundee or Baz Luhrmann, hmmmm? Right. So I have mysteriously procured* a copy of Tomorrow, When The War Began and review it, just for you.

This movie was totally fun guys, you all should watch it!

Wait, that’s it? Okay, you want a more comprehensive explanation of why you should watch this?


Shootin’ shit.

BAM, there ya go. The movie stays remarkably true to the book. And it manages to be serious without being overly preachy and never devolves into the campy (I’m looking at you Red Dawn!) In fact, as far as movies about teens killing people do, this is top notch – really, Gary Ross should be taking notes.

And because what would a movie be around here without a little drank, I present to you:

The Official FYA Tomorrow, When The War Began Movie Drinking Game


  • every time a dog is on screen

Take a drink every time:

  • you see a car on fire
  • Homer makes a joke that no one laughs at
  • people are shot at

Take a shot:

  • at the Gandalf joke
  • at the line “How funny are dogs?”
  • every time someone gets shot

Finish your drink when:

  • the riding lawnmower becomes a bomb
  • the bridge goes down

* FYA doesn’t have an official policy on piracy, but if we did, I bet it would be something like along of the lines of Seriously guys, piracy is bad mmmkay and then we’d turn around, grab a drink and look the other way while you sit there, at your computer, not doing anything illegal.

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