Title: Orphan Black Guide
Released: 2013
Series:  Orphan Black

Happy Friday, y’all! And the most happiest of Fridays in the True North Strong and Free, because Orphan Black is reairing in Canada! (It’s available in other countries too. But this is one of our few geographical advantages, so just let me enjoy this.)

So what the deuce is Orphan Black? Well, um… I don’t want to say. (Compelling argument, I know.) The show’s filled with so many good twists that I don’t want to give any of them away!

But trust — all the internet buzz (that you should stay away from) about the show is well-deserved. And as you’ll see, there’s much love for Orphan Black at FYA.

Mandy W.:  
I’m already thinking of TV things I want to write about — i.e. Orphan Black!


Mandy C.:
Woot Orphan Black!

Need more convincing? Here, I made a quiz for you!


  • Strong female characters
  • GREAT acting (like, seriously mind-blowing)
  • Exciting storylines
  • Surprises!
  • Hot people
  • Cusses and butts

If you answered yes to most of these, then you should definitely check out Orphan Black!

“But I don’t know anyone in it!”

Well, I can’t really be held responsible for your knowledge base, can I? But this is the first thing I’ve noticed the main cast being in, too. (And I promise that the main character doesn’t always use up a thing of eyeliner on each eye!) Though I have spotted some familiar faces among the guest stars — most notably, Sav from Degrassi and Lana’s ex Whitney from Smallville. So yeah, you might not know any of the actors, but that really works in the show’s favour anyway.

“But it’s sci-fi!”

When you watch the pilot — and you will watch it, right? — you can’t even really tell that it’s supposed to be sci-fi. The show does ease into more science-y stuff as it progresses. However, it does NOT do so in a mind-numbing way, nor does it get caught up in grandiose worldbuilding. Because y’all know that, as a nerd who thrives on logic, I would not stand for that shizz.

“But it’s Canadian!”

While there can be a certain, um, aesthetic associated with Canadian-made shows, Orphan Black has pretty decent production values (and score!). And even though the show’s not officially set in Toronto (but it so obviously is), the cast actually reflects the diverse makeup of a real major metropolitan city! 

“But you won’t tell me anything about this show!”

I didn’t know a whole lot, other than “Omg amazing, watch this IMMEDIATELY” and a few more tidbits from commercials, and I could have done with even less info going into it. So shield your eyes from the PVR synopses, skip the next episode previews, and save the reviews for after you finish Season 1 (which is only ten episodes!). Heck, donneven read the taglines on the posters and DVD covers. I swear, you’ll be happier for it.

Still on the fence? Just pretty please do me a favour and watch the entire first episode. If you’re not even the teensiest bit intrigued, then I’ll shut up about it. (Haha jk, I could never shut up about this show. Sorry not sorry.)

So what do you think? Will you give it a try? And for those of you who have already seen it, what do you think of the show? Let’s convo!

Mandy (she/her) lives in Edmonton, AB. When she’s not raiding the library for YA books, she enjoys eating ice cream (esp. in cold weather), learning fancy pole dance tricks, and stanning BTS. Mandy has been writing for FYA since 2012, and she oversaw all things FYA Book Club from 2013 to 2023.