Poster for Yellowjackets, with a close-up on a desperate-looking girl's face. Her nose is bloody, and there is a yellowjacket on her cheek.


Title: Yellowjackets (Season #1)
Released: 2021

Hopefully I’m not the first person to ask you this BUT… are you watching Yellowjackets? Because I can’t. stop. talking. about it, and I need to widen the circle of people I can discuss it with otherwise my husband might divorce me. I am an addict, is what I’m saying, and that’s why I’m gonna try to get you hooked as well. (And if you’re already watching, pleeeeease join me in the comments so I can keep talking about it.)

First, here’s the trailer, because I don’t have time to write out the synopsis, I have to focus on selling this shizz!

Damn, that trailer is INTENSE! Maybe that’s all it took, and now you can stop reading this and immediately start binging the show!

JK, I still want to rave about it (did you not read the beginning of this post?) so here are the reasons why Yellowjackets has got me buzzin’. I’m not even sorry I made that joke, THAT’S what a fool I am for this series.

The Cast

The series jumps back and forth between 1996, when the main characters are in high school, and present day, when they’re middle aged women, and all I can say is, the casting director is a wizard. Not only do the younger actors resemble their older counterparts, they’ve got the talent necessary to share the screen with an incredible roster of women: Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey, and Tawny Cypress. It is SO exciting to see Juliette and Christina, two of my ’90s faves, back in the spotlight, and these roles are most deserving of their skills. While I haven’t watched much of Tawny’s work before, I find her to be super compelling, and then there’s Melanie, whom I have adored since Sweet Home Alabama (Also, if you haven’t experienced I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore., check it out stat. Like, after you watch Yellowjackets though). It is spine-tingling to watch these actors together—from the subtle shifts in posture that emote so much to the careening anxiety that steals across their faces. And, like I said, the younger cast is brilliant, especially in the way they feel like teenagers even as the weight of survival crushes them. Special shout-out to Sarah Desjardins, who plays Shauna’s daughter and was in the criminally underrated show, Impulse.

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci as Misty, with a bob of blonde curly hair and glasses, wearing scrubs and carrying a tray of pills

Sure, I already mentioned Christina Ricci, but it’s hilarious if you think I’m not gonna devote a whole separate section just to her because WOW. Girl, where have you been?! Okay, looking at your IMDB page, clearly I have been the one missing out so apologies, I have some catch-up to do, but regardless, I am so happy to see you!! And in the role of Misty, whom you have made BEYOND. I can’t think of another character who can equal the sublime mix of terror and adoration that you inspire in me. Like, I love Misty, but I’m also very very scared of her, and if you don’t win an Emmy* for this, I will follow your example and go coo coo bananas on those voters.

*Whoever made your wig should also win an award. It is perfection.

Absolutely Bonkers Shit

From the get-go, this show is NOT messing around. I will forgo details because no spoilers, but y’all there’s a lot of creepy, effed-up business going on! And most of the time I have no idea what it means! Or why! But I don’t care! Because it’s so awesomely weird! Which leads me to…

The Endless Opportunities for Wild Speculation

I never watched Lost*, but I imagine this is what fans felt like (at least in the early days) because there are so many mysteries to unravel, and it’s a total blast to try to figure out what the hell is happening (or happened, back in 1996). It’s not just a question of who survived (although that is THE question), it’s layers on layers of secrets and symbols and hidden agendas, and don’t even get me started on the potentially supernatural aspects. While I’m not nearly as good at picking up clues as the internet, I am constantly shouting out theories to the TV, which Henri (my husband) really appreciates, let me tell you.

*Not to compare them, because Yellowjackets is way better. Obviously it doesn’t take having seen Lost to know that.

The ’90s

Screenshot from Yellowjackets, with teenage Misty, with big bangs, wearing a cat sweatshirt and talking on a red lip phone

Having graduated from high school in 1997, I am l-o-v-i-n-g the fashion and cultural references in the teenage segments of the show. The wardrobe, though limited by the, um, whole plane crash thing, is spot-on without being exaggerated, and the overall time period vibe is pitch perfect.

The Soundtrack

Yeah, I could have filed this under the previous section, but when it comes to Yellowjackets, there are no rules, y’all! The song list is PACKED with jams, from top 40 songs like “Today,” “Firestarter,” and “Dreams” to more indie tracks from bands like Throwing Muses and Portishead. As someone who played Liz Phair’s “Supernova” on repeat via a mix tape I recorded from the radio, I immediately bonded with Shauna as she listened to it in her car.

Girls Girls Girls

This is obvious, but it’s still worth noting: Yellowjackets is a massively female-driven show. While there are a few male main characters, they are far outnumbered by the females, so suffice it to say, this series aces the Bechdel test. That might have juuust a little bit to do with the fact that this show was co-created by a women, and that many episodes were written and directed by women. (Karyn Kusama what’s up!) Not to get too Katnissy here, but it’s rad to watch these teen girls band together and toughen up in the face of disaster, though they might end up getting a little too tough, if that trailer gives you any indication.

So, have I convinced you? Will you join me in this rabbit hole of crazy theories and increasing dread? (And if you’re already down here with me, LET’S TALK in the comments.)

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